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Will be accounts reseted?

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Direct quote from the topic you should read before installing/playing the game:


Will I keep any cards, BFP, gold, rewards, ranks, etc. that I earn during Open Stress Testing?
Will there be account resets?

You will NOT carry over any account progression or rewards from the game's beta stage onto its release. During the Open Stress Test, your accounts may be reset several times, resulting in a permanent loss of cards, BFP, gold, etc. Account resets can occur at any time. We will try out best to limit the amount of account resets to 1-3 times across the entire transition to Release. Once the project has finished its beta stage in full (or we state otherwise), there will be no more account resets. We can't emphasise enough that your late-night grinding sessions will not end up in the release build of Skylords Reborn, so mind that while scheduling your playtime!


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