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Upgrade not showing up

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NAME: Second time the upgrade did not show up first t1 now t3
LOCATION:  Forge / Card upgrade screen
DESCRIPTION: Well the upgrades show up on the left side but not on my upgrade screen i can buy the same upgrade i own again , right now its just the nightguard but i havent started upgrading a lot of cards.
SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/a/SO8X4Wv

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Got the same Problem. The gold went away but nothing other happen.

Maybe also interesting is that upgrading creates a failure. but just for the charging upgrade.

The Problem remains after a relogg

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I don´t have this problem anymore. I tried the suggestion from another tread and then it was gone. Put the card in the ah and then cancel the auction to get it back via mail.

That worked with every card i had the problem


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the problems are specific cards that get bugged, the source bug is fixed, but the problem is bugged cards are still there and there is many of them. The trick with auction work only when the bugged card was not upgraded. Bugged card that was upgraded can not be put to auction :(

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