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Various Crashes/Freezes 1

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  • SEVERITY: 1, these are all bugs that prevent you from playing the game
  • LOCATION: 2player pve, pvp lobbys
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: Always repeatable in given area
  • DESCRIPTION: One bug is when two players in a group do 2 player randomly generated pve, it loads, then gets stuck on waiting for players and never leaves that screen, the other bug is in pvp, occasionally when people join a pvp lobby, the client crashes, and last bug is if you go make a pvp lobby, someone joins then leaves and you try going back to main map, the game freezes.
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Its just frozen lol, cant screenshot something that is frozen because its just a regular looking screen
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Dont know your code or structure so its up to you guys to fix it
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