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Need help - rPvE shadow deck?

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With the old BF I played a not pure, but focused on, shadow deck in rPvE. But I cannot remember which were all the good cards....

So far, I figured there are:

T1: Motivate, Forsaken, Soul Splicer (green)

T2: Shadow Phoenix (+Embalmers) or as alternative: Shadow Mages + Virida, what about Darkelf Assassins? "Fun" cards: Undead Army and Resource Booster

T3: Soulshatter, Ashbone Pyro and Infect

T4: Either Deathray (with healing), in general: other splash units like Lost Souls Spirit Ship, Bloodhorn (because of stampede) ... ?

What are core cards for shadow deck in your opinion? Post your decks! Edit: forgot to mention they should be able to do rPvE9


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I play rpve with shadow, shadow, fire and nature.

At T2 is Shadow Phoenix (+Embalmers) most effective. Harvster is also good.

And i recommend Nether Warp to beam whole armys across lanes and into camps(next to the spawnbuidlings) that speed the things really up.
With nether warp you can also use a army of slow units like constructs and still be as fast as the other players. This is really one of the most usefull spells.

Resource Booster is full upgraded at your first spott usefull.

At T3 i use the bandit harvester(i cant remember the name) his skill kills whole waves of enemies. And makes your Shadowskills still useable. War shrine is one of the most powerfull cards. Use it to help your team.

At T4 are riflemen good. Thier Grenades kill entire spots. And remember its a skill so you get 100% back in the void pool.

Tornado is also one of the most powerfull rpve spells. also a good option.





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Hey guys

I think, there is no point in playing pure shadow in rPvE, cause the Worms arent that good.

So you have some options to go. Either you go 3 Shadow 1 Nature with Deathray, which are very strong and you have heals.
Or you can go 1 frost and 1 nature with LSS and heals. Or 1 fire and 1 nature and Bloodhorn..

But there are some key cards I think.

- Ressource Booster
- Frenetic Assault
- FoF and Cultist Master (if you don't play fire, if you do play fire -> Shrine of War)
- If you play nature take Healing Gardens with you
- Incredible Mo can also be usefull

I dont recommand to use Rifle Culists, only in combination with Offering Green to use more T4 Units.

So its up to you, what you'd like to play and if you'd like to hear some more infos about the deck, feel free to ask.


Cheers, DNY

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