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2 - Grim Bahir causes crashes on Ocean

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Name - Grim Bahir causing flat out crash when it kills something over the "ocean"/water/impassable no-land area on Ocean map.

Severity - 2, It crashes every single time it happens, but can be worked around by simply either not using Grim Bahir... or making sure it doesn't kill anything out on the "ocean"

Location - Well uh, already explained in Name but it happens whenever Grim Bahir scores a kill on the Ocean map when it's kill is over the ocean/water/impassable areas of the map.

Reproducibility - Happens every single time you try to do the above.

Description - Well, as far as I can tell it happens when Grim Bahir's ability to spawn lil bugs on kill triggers on a kill, and the bugs themselves can't find a nice lil spot to spawn in the great no-land-allowed ocean so it just says "screw you game' and crashes.

Sadly I don't have a screenshot.. or video of this issue... This is one I encountered a long time ago and shrugged it off as a "Devs already know about this" issue and have long since sold my Grim Bahir I had. But a discord member had the same issue today so, here's the bug report.


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