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Hey so a friend of mine got me into the game and learned me the basics and helped me out with my deck.

and now i've made my own deck and would like to know what you guys think about it and what i should change.

It's a full fire deck ( minus 2 legends )


T1 : Nomads Green , Mine , Fire , Sunstriders

T2 : Ravage , scythe fiends , Rallying banner , enforcer , skyfire drake , firedancer

T3 : Juggernaut , Amii monument , Mo , spitfire

T4 : Batariel Red , Batariel Purple , Moloch , Fireworm , fire dragon , cluster explosion , magma fiend



i place down 1-3 Nomads and place a mine to bait out enemy troops and i repeat this until i find my second orb.

when i get my second orb i make an army mostly out of enforcers , fire dancers  , skyfire drake and get my third orb.

when i get my third orb i wait until i can rush amii monument and get my fourth orb easily and proceed to clear all camps with my T4 units and provide them with enough tankiness from my T3 units and to easily clear out enemy camps with spitfire?


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Not bad but a bit too much units if you ask me.

For T1 i would take: Nomad green, sunstriders, eruption and mine

T2 sounds good so far, i would Kick scythe fiends. Cause you did not mention it on your strategy. You could take lavafield or wildfire instead.

T3 im not an fan of legendary Cards ( just an personal prefernce)

from your strategy it sounds like you would not use your t3 cards beside amii monument.

Sure amii monument is handy in 1 player missions, but its risky with more Players cause it can only be build one time for only 1 player.

So for t3 i would kick amii monument and take backlash or shrine of war instead. To use the void energy

Would also kick mo cause you have juggernaut which has the same role but can be casted more then once. 

Would add unity green instead of Mo, for some healing.

And i think i would take one more t3 card. Inferno if you want one more damge spell. Or tower of flames if you want an tower for defense.

T4 i would choose batariel red, fire dragon, Cluster explosion, earthshaker and one t4 card you like.

My suggestions: comet catcher, bloodthirst, volcano or an unit

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