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Rpve Difficulty 10 snow map Solo help

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Don't know if this is the right place to post this but how am i supposed to beat this? My t2 orb immediately gets bombarded by a t3 tower that itself is surrounded by bandit walkers, air units with stun and more towers, i tried going the other way in hopes of finding a less guarded orb but it was the same deal there too and i didn't find any replays in the replays sticky for that map either.

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having those bases on lvl 10 is pretty common. Though they generally are not that close to your t2 that the towers can shoot it right away. On random maps and with a non specialized deck for those situations you have only really one way to beat those maps:

When only the towers attack you, wait for a bunch of power before you get t2 and then just spawn all the t2 units you need right away and attack to at least take out the spawn building and preferably the towers aswell. You can then generally take yur t2 without any pressure before you can clean up the rest.

If the whole base attacks your t2 right away you can only build a pretty big t1 army and then wait for a bunch of power before building t2. use your t1 army as a meat shield until t2 is up and then clear the spawn building and towers first and preferably the ranged units after that as those are generally the ones that are responsible for the whole base attacking you.

Tbh though - unless it is map of the month (which is as to date not available yet) - just restart upon seeing it. Clearing until t2 of a different map is generally way more time efficient and those maps are not that common.

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