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[quote='ladadoos' pid='2960' dateline='1436018300']
Wish granted, but you would find out that it will still take afew years...

I wish i could marry Dawn

Wish granted, but now you are married to Dawn.

I wish nice weather.

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**How is being married to Dawn a downside :O?**

WIsh granted, but you would only get nice weather for afew days and then 35 degrees celcius/95degrees Fahrenheit all the other days o.o

I wish my name was colored o.o

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[quote='Drayze' pid='3159' dateline='1436132529']
Wish granted. But you will drive the USA directly into the inflation.

I wish i was rich.

Which granted , but that money come all from inflation :troll:

I wish that you didnt beat me in Hearthstone

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[quote='ladadoos' pid='3162' dateline='1436132645']
Wish granted, but only for 1 minute...

I wish that it wouldnt be so warm right now...
Granted but it would be glaciar-cold

I wish you didnt get ninja'd hehehe

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[quote='ladadoos' pid='3204' dateline='1436181098']
Wish granted, but it was a very small car

I wish i had Superpowers.
Wish granted but intead of kriptonyte you get weakned by iron.

I wish i was from the illuminati

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