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Wish granted but everytime you have to fart you also get the urge to pee I wish i wouldnt have depression

Wish granted, but cars in your country can only drive at 60mp/h max speed. I wish I had an endless amount of wealth.

Wish granted, but you get assassinated by someone who is jealous of your infinite wealth. I wish for world peace, because why not!

[quote='veryhasted' pid='2212' dateline='1435353452']
Wish granted but you got allergic to electricity so everyone but you can play it.

I wish I had a bigger penis.

Wish granted, but it doesnt fit in the V :kappa:

I wish I was better in everything

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[quote='WatcherOfSky' pid='2218' dateline='1435354104']
Granted, but you got so good that everybody started to hate you and isolate you. So you became a lonely little hobo, who at least knew how to do everything better.

I wish people would start posting in threads more often.

Granted, but just in offtopic :kappa:

I wish to visit another galaxy

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[quote='Pucchin' pid='2226' dateline='1435356197']
Granted, but you visit it without space suit.

I wish i could play Dark Souls without fps drops.

Wish granted , but game is just too hard for you and you go back to grass simulator :troll:

I wish i didnt need to wish

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[quote='MephistoRoss' pid='2284' dateline='1435429736']
[quote='Alendorf' pid='2283' dateline='1435429571']
wish granted but you don't have water around you too and you die...

I wish i have a husky (dog) =D

Granted, but you will get 101 of them.

I wish I wasn't bored.

Granted, but you're so busy you never get to play BF again.

I wish no-one would corrupt my wish...

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Wish granted, but they aren't [color=#ff9933] t[/color][color=#ffcc33]h[/color][color=#33cc33]e[/color][color=#3333ff]y[/color] [color=#cc33cc]ar[/color]en't e[color=#33cc33]d[/color]ibl[color=#33cc33]e[/color].

I wish I could ride a [color=#ff3333]dragon.[/color]

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