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Wish granted but everytime you have to fart you also get the urge to pee I wish i wouldnt have depression

Wish granted, but cars in your country can only drive at 60mp/h max speed. I wish I had an endless amount of wealth.

Wish granted, but you get assassinated by someone who is jealous of your infinite wealth. I wish for world peace, because why not!

Wish granted, but your single extra voice in the anti-capitalist movement tips it over the edge, shutting down all businesses around the world. EA and all their studios will never exist, and nobody will ever have played or ever be able to play Battleforge.

I wish I was finished taking exams, I'm 34 for crying out loud!

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Granted, you got his attention but hawk didn’t know what your question was.

I wish our devs the best of luck in finding the remaining bugs and being able to push skylords reborn to open beta. (Who is gonna corrupt it now? :kappa:)

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