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With each rank from PvE give a bonus booster

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Just a thought. If I am not mistaken, the development of the PvE rank (these red, grey, yellow dots under the shield on the name tag) is unrelated to "making progress" in the game. With making progress I mean the give away of free boosters and bfp. It would be great, when a "level up" feels special. Either you get to chose a single free card or - probably easier to implement - get a booster (or even some gold) per mail.

Disclaimer: maybe there exists a connection between the rank and some bonus materials, but I did not notice. In that case a bigger hint to point this out (at least for me :D) would be nice.

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If it gets implemented you‘d definetly have to scale it towards higher rewards for higher ranks. 

I think similar achievements in my quest and achievement suggestions megathread were already mentioned. 

Will check later today and add them otherwise.

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