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The legendary forum game "count"

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2 hours ago, xsissel said:

Treim how many shameless counts have you done on this topic just to boost your posts number?


Off-Topic posts do not count towards your post counter in your profile. Also i am just posting here since recently. i doubt you find more than 25 posts in the first 90 pages of tis thread

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__________        ___________      __________       ___________
|                   |      |                    |                         /      |                      |
                    |      |                    |                       /        |                      |
  _________|      |__________|                     /          |                      |
 |                         |                    |                   /            |                      |
 |                         |                    |                 /              |                      |
 |_________       |__________|               /                |___________|

Edited by Treim

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