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1- Error: "Upgrade combine failed"

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Severity: 1

Collection / Upgrade panel / Trade 

Have yet to be able to reproduce on a new card. However bug is attached to card and would appreciate card being destroyed / replaced.

As I bought a Werebeasts (via direct trade), I was experiencing lag and constant server freezes / server drop-outs.
I received the card (my second copy) and the trade was successful. However I was unable to use the second copy of the card to charge my werebeasts in the upgrade panel. and received the "error: Upgrade combine failed" Detailed in attachment

I contacted a friend, If I could give him the card and have him give it back to me.
As he received the card, It deleted 3 of his charge cards from his werebeast and he lost his upgrades

the card in question has the bug attached to it and cannot be placed in the auction house, sent via mail or trade and is stuck in my friend's inventory

Friend's In game name is iiFlukee, who can be reached on discord at
" iiFlukee#4143 "
My in game name is Ragenarok. I can also be reached on discord at 
" Ragenarok#1599 "

I am part of the Discord Moderator team




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I am having the same issue with Giant Wyrm. I upgraded to level 3 and now can't charge the upgrades. Keeps giving me the "Upgrade Combine Failed" message.

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idk if it has anything to do with the card bug or not, but ever since i got that card i dont gain rewards at all from rPvE(BattleGrounds)

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Posted (edited)

NAME: Upgrade Combine Failed on unowned card Tremor
LOCATION: Upgrade Screen
DESCRIPTION: I don't own Tremor. However, I own upgrade 1 for tremor. The game will allow me to enter the upgrade screen instead of greying out the "Upgrade" option when I right click the upgrade card on the Upgrades tab.

This only happens with Tremor, no other cards. The other ones have the "upgrade" option greyed out when I own the upgrade but not the card, as it should be.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I have played a game with the tutorial deck. Not sure if that caused it. Heard somebody mention something about tremor preventing upgrade drops? I don't get any upgrades/gold from games. I doubt that's the actual issue. I purchased Tremor on the AH and the upgrade applied. Still no post-game loot. :(

Edited by vonmew

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Posted (edited)


  • LOCATION:  The forge
  • DESCRIPTION: Unable to Charge upgrade card [add another one]
    Other cards can be added
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: add222.thumb.png.636c9598bc081c8ec38f898686720c7e.png





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SEVERITY: 1, I can't upgrade it but it doesn't matter
DESCRIPTION: I cannot charge upgrade the juggernaut, I have the other one but I cannot. I tried relogging and such.

SCREENSHOT: I linked it in the uploaded images.


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Hey there,
i have the same problem vonmew but in my case its northguard.
(I Have Upgrade 1-3 can access the Upgrade screen, but don´t own the card)

I don´t know if that is the case, but it could by connected to the tutorial deck.
In that deck every user have tremor, northguards, etc. maybe that is the reason why the game thinks you can apply the upgrade.






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Hello Kiwi,

yes still the same "problem".
BF give me the opportunity to upgrade my northguards, even if i down own them in my collection.
Result: Upgrade failed.

MFG Ultralord


UPDATE ( 1h later)
The lord of boosters were merciful and granted me some northguards.
--> The result: nothing changes. Im still unable to upgrade them.

Edited by T1421

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