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Natur / Frost Nature / Ice

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Schaut mal das ist mein aktuelles Deck. Habe es für PVE zusammen gestellt. Bis PVE 7 komme ich gut klar. Ab Stufe wird es schleppend.

Was kann man man verbessern? Oder kennt jemand ein schnelleres Deck, egal welches Element?


Look, this is my current deck. I put it together for PVE. Until PVE 7, I'm fine. At lvl 8 i got problem.

What can i make better? Or does someone know a faster deck, no matter which element?




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Ich persönlich spiele auch mit Amii Monument und benutze es um Stufe 4 Karten von komplett anderen Farben zu benutzen. Ich spiele Lost Souls und baue dann mit dem Amii Monument Natur um Heal und andere Zauber zu bekommen. Wenn du noch andere T4 Karten über hast, könntest du es ja ausprobieren.

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1. Tower weg, ist auf der Map nicht zu gebrauchen (insbesondere der Stonekintower den du da hast).

2. Nimm das Lilane Juwelenaug (NICHT das grüne!), der Schaden sieht zwar nicht so stark aus aber das ist die stärkste Stonekin Karte die es gibt, da der indirekte Giftschaden über Zeit enorm ist.

3. Empfehle ich Grinder als Kanonenfutter (vor dem Juwelenauge), davon auch nur 3 bis 4 beschwören, der Hauptschaden kommt vom Juwelenauge (am Besten so viele wie möglich).

4. Schmeiß die anderen T4 Kreaturen raus, die sind schlechter als die von 2. und 3.

5. Rad der Gaben hilft für etwas mehr Schaden und andere Leute freut der Bonus auch.

6. Wenn du etwas für T3 brauchst nimm den Steinkrieger blau (NICHT grün!), seine Fähigkeit macht fett Schaden (erfordert aber einen Freezezauber).

7. Für T2 macht die Klingenbestie recht gut Schaden ist aber schwer zu spielen.

8. Aggressor ist nur semi-gut, er macht halt zu wenig Schaden für zu viel Energie.

9. Pack Schadenszauber wie Giftwolke oder den Gewitterzaueber rein (früh einsetze, da beide gegen Massen enorm Damage machen aber gegen einzelne Gegner fast nutzlos sind).

10. Mach nicht den selben Fehler wie gefühlt 99% aller Frost Spieler und vermeide es Gegner einzufrieren, da sie dadurch 40% oder 50% Schadensreduktion bekommen, was insbesondere Schadensfähigkeiten und Zauber fast nutzlos macht (da freuen sich Feuer und Schatten Spieler immer so richtig...)

11. Flugeinheiten sind hier bis auf ein paar Ausnahmen eher mittelgut bis schlecht.

Insgesamt musst du um schnell und effektiv zu sein bei Stonekin auf Massenschaden über Zeit gehen was recht gut funktioniert.


Wenn es dir aber um Geschwindigkeit geht, dann funktioniert fast jede andere Farbe besser (bis auf rein Natur und rein Frost), jedoch kann man mit den Tipps und wenn man es richtig spielt, recht gut mit Stonekin mithalten (war eines meiner 3 Lieblingsdecks mit denen ich sogar Stufe 10 gemacht habe).


English Translation (Google):


1. Tower away, is not on the map to use (especially the Stonekintower you have there).

2. Take the Lilane Jewel Eye (NOT the green one!), The damage does not look that strong, but this is the strongest stonekin card available, as the indirect poison damage over time is enormous.

3. I recommend grinders as cannon fodder (in front of the Jewel Eye), of which only summon 3 to 4, the main damage comes from the Jewel Eye (preferably as many as possible).

4. Blow out the other T4 creatures, which are worse than the 2nd and 3rd.

5. Wheel of Gifts helps for a little more damage and other people are happy about the bonus as well.

6. If you need something for T3, take the Stone Warrior blue (NOT green!), His ability will do heavy damage (but requires a freeze spell).

7. For T2, the blade beast does a pretty good job of damage, but it's hard to play.

8. Aggressor is only semi-good, he does too little damage for too much energy.

9. Pack damage spells such as poison cloud or the thunderstorm over (use early, as both cause enormous damage to masses but are almost useless against individual enemies).

10. Do not make the same mistake as feeling 99% of all Frost players and avoid freezing enemies as they will get 40% or 50% damage reduction, which makes damage and spells almost useless (Fire and Shadow players are always happy ...)

11. Flight units are here except for a few exceptions medium to bad.

Overall, in order to be fast and effective, Stonekin requires you to do mass damage over time, which works quite well.

But if you're concerned with speed, then almost every other color works better (except for pure nature and freezing), but with the tips and if you play it right, you can quite well keep up with Stonekin (was one of my 3 favorite decks with which I even made level 10).


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5 monuments are too much imo for rPvE for all kind of decks you'd like to play.

I would change many cards out of your deck. Let me make a deck I would play for rPvE 9 so you can pick some ideas out. (if the Cardbase would work).
I'll come back to this topic once the Cardbase works again.

Thats the way i would build a Stonekin deck atm.



And thats the deck i would recommand you to play, its a little bit easier to play:


I would also recommand to use Shrine of Memory, cause of the void power manipulation. Probably instead of Matter Mastery.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.


Cheers, DNY

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For t4 in a stonekin deck, Grinder or Jewel Eye with regrowth are almost all you need even for lvl 10. So skip Tempest (worst t4 unit ever imo), skip colossus (Grinder is a better version) and skip the dragon (Jewel Eye does the same job but better). Worldbreaker gun can be viable but more in a pure frost deck, same with construct. As a spell I would recommend Maelstorm or Ice tornado and of cause Regrowth.

In t3 I like to use XL units so something like deepfang or deepcoil worm would be my choice. But more typical stronekin units like Rageflame and Stone warrior are also okay. However towers like hammerfall, canon tower and primal defender are almost never a good choice in rpve.

T1 is missing dryade (blue). I think she's a very important part of nature t1 in pve because of her passive dmg reduction. And therefore she's even usefull in t2.

With Windweavers, Dryade and Shaman you don't really need much in t2. I would only add crystal fiend. It's a better shaman and with that your windweavers shouldn't have any problems against stronger units even in t2.

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Windweavers, Shaman, Dryade (blue) and Surge of Light is everything you need in T1 to rush until T4 Camp. Ensnaring Roots and Hurricane are nice to have but just needed against Lost/twilight Souls.


For T2 you have to decide what you wanna play. Do you wanna play Creeping Paralysis and/or Deep One? Get a second Nature Orb and go for Frost in T3 + T4. Wanna have Coldsnap on T2? Build Frost and get your second Nature Orb on T3.

Usefull cards for t2 are Breeding Grounds, Coldsnap, Creeping Paralysis, Curse of Oink, Deep One, Matter Mastery (green), Burrower, Shrine of Memory and Stone Tempest. Aggressor is just a bad and expensive Version of Magma Hurler. Dont spend BFP on it.



Get Swamp Drake! He dosnt have that mach Lifepoints but he can do a lot of Damage, has an CC Ability and cant be attacked by Units without Ranged Attacks. Rageflame is nice too but expensive in the AH and you need to be (PvE)Level 8 to fully upgrade it. Stone Warrior is a cheap Replacement but your best Option for a Ground Unit would be Deepcoil Worm.

Deepfang or Fathom Lord are ok but i recommend Deepcoil Worm. Or a big neutral Creature like Mo. And get Wheel of Gifts if you have some Space for it in your Deck.



Grinder, Gemeye (purple) and Regrowth is all you need in T4. And you dont even need Regrowth most of the Time with enough Grinders and the Gemeyes safe in their Back. The Grinders will heal themself with their Ability if you have enough of them close to each other and the Gemeye Range is huge. Grinder is just an awesome Card. The Healing Passive, tanky, does good Damage and can one or twohit every Building because of their Siege Passive.


Dont let anyone tell you that CC Cards like Coldsnap, Creeping Paralysis or else are bad. Sure, you will do reduced Damage on some CCed Enemy but what do you prefer? Doing reduced Damage on Enemys that wont do Damage to your Units for up to 15 Seconds or watch your Units die under the concentrated Fire of your Enemys? A well placed CC on the Key Enemys in a Camp often decides between finishing the Map or not. Especially on Dif 9 or 10.





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Only freezes lead to reduced damage and most frost players use them inflationary without brain and thats the problem with them especially if you or a teammate uses damage spells / abilities (especially spell caster decks). In such situations freezes do even much more harm than any good, because those decks rely on killing before getting hit hard. If you freeze in that moment, it isnt possible to kill fast enough which also leads to increased damage you take yourself after the freeze disappears, wasted energy on your (and your teammates side) and also a pretty bad slow down and maybe even to own dead units because of a brainless freeze of a frost player...

Freezes are fine if used with brain and in some situations like the combination with stone warrior they are even really strong!

All other CCs are almost always fine.

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I wouldn't say it is better. I usually take both. Both have their situations where they are good. The green "stunns" your enemys which is quite nice, but with small/easy monsters you do not problems if allready at T4 and with Gemeyes you do have at least a single green orb, thus having heals available. In rPvE you focus on bigger units first (especially with the long range of the gemeye), so stunning a big unit which should die fast anyways is not that benefit anymore. So the plus of the green one is only minor. The purple one does area damage. This is something which can be negelcted on big units, but it delivers the killing blow to all the small units. With Gemeye you usually have Grinder with you. And now just imagine that Grinder is distracted because it has to hit a (anywas allready dead) squad 5 times more just to kill each member of those six single units. That takes time. In that time you could walk on to the next camp or kill enemies which really do matter. That is why a purple Gemeye is better in rPvE, especilly when focussing fire.

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I personally like the purple one more, cause of the (I guess 35) dmg each second. So you can aim for next target even if the last target has 100-200 HP left over. The DOT dmg will handle the rest of it. And if you're playing Gemeye, like Flrbb said, you have a green and a frost orb with many stuns. Including Curse of Oink, Roots, Maelstrom etc.. So no need for an extra Stun. I usually do 4 Gemeye purple first, before I cast the green ones.

Side - fact: If a S - Unit has 5 members left with 5 HP, a L / XL Unit can just walk over / through it. The S - Unit dies by the unit walking through it. So no need to hit the unit 5 more times, takes just tooooo long. ;-) 

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13 hours ago, Szain said:

One question. Why is the purple aff gemeye is better than the green? :)

1. Purple does almost twice the damage.

2. The additional damage is able to kill almost dead enemies (especially if they get an ice shield) by its own so you can focus the next shot on another enemy.

3. Nature / Frost has pretty much CC, you dont need an additional one, especially because they get ineffective the more you have.

4. Stonekin dont have a problem with surviability (CC, heal, damage reduction), so you dont need an additional CC.

5. Stonekins biggest problem is the little damage, so everything that increses it is good!

Also I dont recommend to take both in your deck, because you could use the deck slot for much better stuff.

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19 hours ago, Kilian Dermoth said:

Also I dont recommend to take both in your deck, because you could use the deck slot for much better stuff. 

Do you think of another T4 unit or have something completely different in mind? If it is a T4 unit, other than Grinder and Gemeye(purple) which one?

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I have both Gemeyes in my Deck and i summon 1 right after i summoned 3 Grinder. The Damage of the purple Gemeye is way better than the green one but the free Creeping Paralysis helps a lot in the early Lategame. You need less Voidpower for CC, cced Units means less Damage on your Grinders and less Voidpower for Heals like Regrowth. And that means that you can summon purple Gemeyes earlier.

Bandit Maps are easy but it happens a lot that Camps have 3 to 4 Swamp Drakes in it and getting free CC on them and finishing them off while they are paralysed is nice. And dont forget the Souls Maps with Church of Negations in Camps. It is almost impossible to destroy the Churches on Time to CC the Key Enemys or save your Grinders with a Heal.

Get as many purple Gemeyes as possible but 1 or 2 green Gemeyes in your Backline too are good too in many Situations.

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