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Progress rate too slow + other concerns

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If you would lower the amount of BFP gain/booster gain you either need to re-introduce special Booster packs (like that 1 bfp common card for example). In general, a couple more different booster pack types wouldn't hurt. Like "get a single rare card for 50 bfp".

The main problem that I see with BF is another however. Right now you get good access to boosters, but 80% of the time the rare card is just worthless. There are so many rare and ultra rare cards (especially buidlings) that are just so crappy that you can't even sell them for 10 bfp - which makes the grinding for cards unsatisfying alot of times. You spend time just to get worthless stuff.

It's like 1 out of 10 boosters is actually worth it. I've grinded permanently for the last 2 months, getting boosters and at least 50% of the daily quest rewards every day. And there were so many boosters with no worth inside. Ofc I also had some boosters with a fire dancer inside, or an Avatar of Frost, Motivate etc. But that doesn't really cut it.

If there weren't so many useless cards the grinding aspect would be much less of a problem. It's a joke that there are common cards like Sunstriders worth more than Rocket Towers etc.

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On 11/7/2018 at 9:39 PM, Nahath said:

While I don't find it too slow at all, I do agree that the daily rewards are too front-loaded: EXTREME rewards for playing 15 minutes, big rewards for playing 60-90 minutes, and no rewards (at least in cards/bfp) for playing after that.

I'm hoping that the final rewards system levels this off a bit (not entirely, just less extreme than current). Especially for people like me who would rather have a long session 2-3 times per week than a brief daily game or two.

I don't agree with your opinion. You can get vast amounts of gold consistently as this is not bound to quests. So while you may not get any more cards after 60-90min you will still be able to further your progress in upgrading your decks.
The idea with quests and BFP actually was to make them front-loaded for the beta. It speeds up the progress immensely for casual players and the hardcore players still get the same as they would have otherwise (+ additional gold).

It is however true that gold income is not really balanced when looking at rPvE and normal PvE maps. But as the latter give "bought" upgrades it evens out a bit. I would like an option to convert the upgrades into gold though, so one can play the mode they prefer without being hindered in their progress.

On 11/8/2018 at 8:24 AM, fiki574 said:

We just introduced quests/achievements system month and something ago. Give us time, of course it won't stay like this until end, much more and different is planned.

Don't be so hard on yourselves. IMO the quest system works incredibly well apart from an economy that is not able to hold up with it's own speed in some areas. Though this will stabilize by it's own as I presume. Just give it some time and look if the unbalanced market prices stabilize or not (best example right now is "Regrowth" for 100-150BFP). And there aren't many downsides to it.

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The points we receive are fine!   If we get them too fast, it will allow players to get good decks too fast and we will have nothing to strive for.

I believe the point system is about right.  Many people in this world want everything NOW!  Patience has gone out the window, no one wants to work for anything.

The last thing we want is to get everything get bored and then stop playing.  

Take the challenge and work to progress your skills and your decks!  :thinking:

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