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So ive been playing for a few days now (admittedly lots of crashes and Dc etc etc) but that stress test for you....but today i find that i cannot get past login anymore,i cant get through updater and everything fine but when i get to login it simply says ive disconnected every time...very odd.


Anyone else experiancing these issues today at all....also just today as i have managed to get in game before.

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Instead of creating new threads like there's no tommorow, I recommend you to join discod.
You'll get news/status updates there as much as possible.


"@everyone We're aware about the current "login" issue, it seems like that's not exactly as what we were thinking, and clearly not linked to the update we've send you, we're looking at it and see what we can do (we may restart our servers!)" - @InsaneHawk 14.09.2018 23:41

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