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3 - Full screen causes the click boxes to be inaccurate with an incorrect resolution set.

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NAME: Full screen causes the click boxes to be slightly shifted from the location the buttons are displayed when the resolution setting does not match the resolution of the screen.

  • LOCATION:  Definitely at the login screen. I could not test elsewhere.
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: 2/3, sometimes it suddenly corrects itself.
  • DESCRIPTION: Start battleforge, change the resolution to something that is not your screen size. Restart, the buttons no longer exactly match the click boxes, although they are just shifted. This is slightly inconvenient when the default resolution does not match your screen size and you set it to full screen.
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: I cannot screenshot the cursor so this doesn't work. The click box for "options" is just slightly shifted from where it is displayed.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Suggestion for fix: Upon installation, set the resolution to that of the screen. Unless they change it or have multiple screens, no one will run into the issue again when changing to full screen.
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