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2 - Only some units could attack "boss" at the end of 2P random game

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  • LOCATION: 2-player level 5 map (we chose map of the week, but that from what I heard doesn't work)
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: At the moment it's pretty hard to repeat due to constant disconnects. Also if weekly random maps doesn't work, then it may be quite hard to reproduce.
  • DESCRIPTION: During the final fight with Viridya/Moon-type (not sure which) boss, only part of our creatures were attacking her. From the group of Juggernauts, Magma Hurlers, Windweavers, Drones and Giant Wyrms only Hurlers and Wyrms were attacking. The rest was walking around and doing nothing against her, even when ordered to attack (but a second ago and later they were properly attacking other units/buildings)
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