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New Orbs and Factions (and lore stuffs)

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Will the developers add new orbs like the storm orb (for wind and lighting) and light orb and the faction for them like wind, lighting and light elements and what about an angle race, for example, it would be great if they talk about them and give for more information of the lore of the skylords    

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"Will you be adding additional content to the game?
Will you be fixing/balancing cards, maps, strategies etc?
Will you add new campaigns/maps?

Will you continue the Amii faction/Will you add Fire/Frost?
We don't know. I intend to and would love to, but right now we should really focus on getting the old game as we know it up and running, then we will see whether we will be involved in any of the above.

" (Sauce: Dude trust me & 



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