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Real Life Card game

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Hi guys!

I am making a real life trading card game for battleforge but i need to make stats more simplier. so if someone can give me the card which has the biggest stat line i will appreace his/her help :D 

It will be easy to learn but hard to master. It will be like MTG or HS you need to destroy your enemies base (which will be monuments) power gained auto but u can ramp as well. Max Power is 15, but with turns you only can reach 10. You need power support cards which will expand your power to 15 or use spells to make it there. Each monument has 10Health you get 1 at the start and its cost 3 power to build a new one so u get the next orb so you can play more cards. Your hand contains 8 cards at the start and you can mulligan up to 3 cards. Each round you draw a card theres no hand limitation. Your deck is maxed at 25 cards but you can play with 20 too. Each round you automaticly gain 1 power, but you can use 3 power to gain +1 additional power to your next round (ramping) If you are overhelmed by the enemy dont worry you can use your monuments to defend it costs you 2 power to deal 1 damage to an enemy creature (can attack flying too) So if you have nothing to play you can still defend yourself. The card combat is very easy you can choose what to attack. You can go straight to the monuments or buildings and deal "FLAT" damage to them. Or you can attack other creatures and they fights back with their own stats.

For example a card has like M(edium) 1 Attack and S(mall) 2 Health that means he will deal 1 damage to an enemy creature. But here comes the "FLAT" damage which is based on your size. You can deal 1 minimum up to 4 maximum damage to a building (except sige creatures, they do +1more) So Small deals 1, Medium 2, Large 3, ExtraLarge 4.

So this creature is Medium sized so it can deal 2 damage to your monument. Its by the way Small so its easy to get rid of with stunning spells or bigger creatures. You can block the incoming damage with your units as well if you want or if you can. In the attacking phase your enemy also can play spells if he/she has enough power to play a card, if he plays a creature in your attacking phase to defend his buildings the unit will spawn with half health to defend!

Please let me know if you are intrested in my project  i will make it with photoshop, and a website will print it for me. If you want the game as well you can print it too with a small amount of price just to support me, it will be purchaseable at the website where i will print it. I dont make this for mOny dont misunderstand me! i just want to make this game real so i can play with my friends :D but if you are intrested you can get it for yourself too :D i will make all the cards abilities functioning like swift can be like Rush/ or charge and abilities will be used when you tap your card and so on.

I hope you like my topic and you have some ideas to improve this game :D

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2 hours ago, Eddio said:

Reminds me of this thread :D 


And maybe this thread could be usefull:


wow thanks the link what LetsEinfallslos002 made that really helped me :D At first i tought the same like MrXLink. Print them and just have fun with the cards. But i really love the arts on these cards why not make an enjoyable real card game :D anyway i will update the post as i can update my progress.

2 hours ago, BurningWorld said:

Will I get a copy for free, since I upvoted your post? :thinking:

I would like to give you as well but whos knows :D maybe you get it for free maybe you have to pay more than avarage :DD jk jk. I still has nothing to share just thoughts. xD

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