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3 - Splash Damage dealing 0 damage to S-Units in some cases

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Ok so it is just hilarous... It isn't important, but it could probably be repair someway...

Look at this https://imgur.com/a/ylQIKww It could be worst... BUt it did it : some immortal ennemies units : Probably when they are too much far away from one other. 

So here the receipt : You need Lost Spirit Ship then you spawn some Twillight Slayers until they are far away enought one of another and then they probably become invincible.

It isn't urgent to deal with this cause it isn't repeatable probably out of the forge, but it could be a good thing to do... 

If not it could be a good idea to check if it doesn't active or trigger this bug on maps... I should be surprised of yes, but we never know. 

Finaly, I think than it is easy to reproduce, but it is tricky and couldn't be with any units. 

  • NAME: Immortality
  • LOCATION: In forge and appently in all sort of pve
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: Anytime, but they have specific conditions.
  • DESCRIPTION: There are some units too far away to be killed by some Aoe some times. So, because of that, the dommages are 0. Only on same units when they are too far away from each others Information from : Mephistos and MrxLink
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I only produced it on the forge, but the bug could happens everywhere apperently. Works with any units in the game as they are squads. This info is from Treim
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It's to do with the AI not dividing damage numbers between every individual unit (hence why BattleForge knows so many AoE attacks). Normally, an AoE splash would deal enough damage in an area to hit everyone and kill off a squad, but if the squad is too separated, the AoE damage will only hit a single unit, and the AI will then not know what to do with that damage as it can't kill off any other units. There is 0 damage on the AoE but the initial impact damage can't be hitting the full squad either, and that causes immunity. It's really weird and frustrating, but not a part of the server, just BattleForge's core mechanics. 

This is not a [1] issue, more like a [2] or [3]. As you said, it isn't urgent and can be easily resolved by going back and forth.

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It also works the other way around. You could make your own squad unit immortal by pressing hold (near a well) if it gets attacked by specific enemy units.

For example in rpve lost souls level 10, if you get attacked by a wave with a lost dancer you can kill all units of the wave except the dancer and just let it pound at a squad unit. If you press hold it will just bounce around a single unit of the squad without killing it. No new attack wave will appear because the dancer is still alive.

@Treim might know some more tricks to exploit this 'bug'.

Btw, please use the bug report template next time @DDrazard. For more info take a look at:

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I don‘t have mich to add. It should be generally applicable to every unit with ranged splash damage in the game. I don‘t think there was another way to really abuse it. In theory it should be possible with stuff like PVE versions of Twilight Hag and Crystal fiend even though you will generally have a few squad members in range to attack it so it is a time linited freeze unless you use melee squads.


Works with every squad unit in the game

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When units with blast damage and knock-back attempt to kill a 6 unit squad, sometimes the squad will separate in such way which will cause them to become invulnerable to blast damage.

Specific case:
Bandit drake (2 orbs) attempting to kill any 6 unit squad.

It won't occur in 100% of the cases, just randomly depending on the positioning of the defending unit.

Suggestion for solution:
Make it so squads under certain % HP will share health points. 

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Name : Bandit steelguards cannot be executed(final damage) by Lost Spirit Ship

Severity : Happens every RPVE when we go against Bandits.So its a 2 

Location : RPVE in game.


Description : In Rpve,when you go against bandits, there is a ranged anti-range unit called Bandit Steelguards.Lost spirit ships sends missiles to kill enemies  and knockbacks small and medium units.But against this unit when they go below 10-6 health Lost spirit ships continues to attack but doesnt do any damage and doesnt knockbacks this small units.

Screenshot-Video  : Im currently on my laptop and i cant access to the game atm.




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It happens on quite a variety of different units sadly we believe it is caused by squad units being too far from each other and having too low health, so they can not take any more damage to a single squad unit and splash damage doesn't have a big enough radius to hit all of them. However, our devs will take a look and see what they can do about it!

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NAME: Immortal small enemy units
DESCRIPTION: All dragons have this problem. If i have only drakes im unable to kill enemy units because when they got knockback and scatter around area they stand up and attack my drakes but i cant kill them.
REPRODUCIBILITY: Always happens.
SCREENSHOT: Movie will be better: 

LOG: Not nesesery.

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On 8/13/2020 at 10:54 AM, LEBOVIN said:

Yeah, if it happens u can just fly away with your dragons. When they then follow you, they group up again and then 1 hit will kill them.


On 8/13/2020 at 9:14 PM, MephistoRoss said:

It also works the other way around, you can trap enemy waves with a lost dancer for example by letting the dancer attack a squad unit near a building and press hold so they stay out of formation when begin scattered by the knockback. 

Yes i know. Also when enemy is attacking your archers for example they sometimes scatter and then have almost full hp cause enemy is attacking 1 guy from formation of 6.


Just reporting a bug cause its quite annoying...

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