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hi i em the new member i have read this game its in open beta and i need only account off your site for play now i have account but wohe its the download button or have i missunderstand anything ?


MFG: Paingood

and sorry for my bad englich

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I'm sorry, but you misunderstood. It is in "closed beta". Open beta will be in the near future.

If you read above the chat box on the home page, it says the status for a future reference.

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Listen, the community horse is here to help you.


First of all You can NOT play the game yet, unless you're participating in the Closed Beta, which you can't right now. Wait until the devs/staff announce new givaways for Closed Beta Access.

As Tazermarks already mentioned the current status of the beta is closed, it is in Closed Beta. The Open Beta has NOT got a release date yet. Open Beta means everyone who owns a Forum Account can play / test the game. 

To sum it up you have to wait a little bit longer until you can play. Because there are no current giveaways and the applications for Closed Beta are over right now afaik ;)

BUT you can already pre-download the game Client here:
Keep in mind that you can NOT start the BattleForge.exe without the Launcher, which you only get with Open Beta, Full Release or Closed Beta Access.

And for the end, don't worry about your english. You speak good and we can understand you! ;) About 80% of the Forum Users are Krauts (Germans, me included) so the least people here actually speak proper english. Just look at my poor english skillz and lack of grammar etc. ;) 

I hope I haven't forgotten anything, if you got any questions left feel free to ask but I'd highly recommend you to read all of the Posts in the Announcement section for more information! :)



Just read the Orange marked words if you don't wanna read my whole roman I wrote. 



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ah okay first i thank for the fast answors and i wait abit more for my favourite game 

So more anticipation 


i miss mo ,harvester und co ;)




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