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[Kubik] 2 - (PVP) Unable to perform any action


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  • SERVER: This was on the Kubik server
  • NAME: Unable to perform any action for units or structures or card use
  • LOCATION: Happened in a 1v1 PVP match that was started on a randomly generated 2v2 map. After about 15 minutes of play without warning I was unable to do anything but watch as the battle continued.
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: I was unable to reproduce this as I saw no clear indicator of what could have triggered it, Opposing player did mention it said I had "left the group" as if I was disconnected
  • DESCRIPTION: Cannot do anything except watch, like being disconnected without being kicked. The match was still playable for the opposing player and it was watchable as if I was spectating. Errors suggested a disconnect, but this is disproven as I wasn't disconnected or lagging out.
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Nothing of note to screenshot, was not able to capture video.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: No additional info.
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@Gromek999 so basically you haven't even read the rules or my pinned Discord message. You have to be able to reproduce a bug at least 3 out of 5 times, which it seems you haven't. Here's what my pinned discord message says: "Also, there are freezes during the matches still happening and we aren't able to catch any problems reported by servers, so this needs more thorough investigation and possible future fixing (if you encounter this, you don't need to report it as we're aware of this problem). Sometimes, when frozen in a match, you could wait for 2 minutes and the match may actually, but rarely continue (a.k.a. unfreeze)." 

Not your first time not reading pinned Discord messages, as once I said that no one should start PvP Battlegrounds, and you were the first one to create a lobby for it 1 minute after I said that.

Be more careful and read our rules/instructions!

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