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3 - Entering Fullscreen via Alt+Enter causes graphical glitches


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SERVER: Kubik server

NAME: Texture aren't properly showed


LOCATION: Forge, Deck creation


DESCRIPTION: I was in the forge. I started creating my stonekins deck but when I put my first card the texture become suddently glitchy.




ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I don't know where the bug came from but it's not the highest bug to fix.

When I left the fullscreen mode it was mostly fixed. The left mouse click make the texture strange again.

Restarting the game make the bug disapearing.

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SERVER: Kubik's server
NAME: Unit models dissapearing
SEVERITY: 2, It is pretty annoying and game breaking but can be avoided if you know how to.
REPROCUBILITY: I can reproduce it, need others to test if they can aswell
DESCRIPTION: When I start the game up windowed, everything works fine untill I try to full screen using alt + enter,  all the unit models dissapear of screen, I am still able to move them and you can see the HP bar, green/red circles and the shadows. I'm assuming this is because an old game like this isn't used to a full screen hotkey and it requires the game to be restarted to full screen via options.

SCREENSHOT: Not able to screenshot in full screen

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I had same issue, May be worth noting that i changed the graphics setting at the login screen before logging in. A simple close and reopen fixed this issue for me.


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oke so i noticed when you play the game windowd it's fine, and when you play it full screen it's fine aswell.
but when you switch from windowed to full screen using Alt + Enter, the units dissapear. you still see the shadow and the outline of the units tho.

i saw that alot of poeple had this problem but this is the way how it's happening.


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