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Closed Beta Applications

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Hey there,

I started my Battleforge experience in the good old days and played it till it got shut downed. D: I played mostly PvE and a bit of PvP.

At the moment I'm constantly watching the Streams from your testers, because i look so much forward to play it again myself.

On weekdays i can spend around 2 hours playing Battleforge and on the weekend at least 4 hours.

Why you should take my you ask? I can invest a lot of time in the game, because it makes so much fun to play for me(I'm wont get bored playing it), i have experience in playing it and i would like to stream the game if i get the chance to play it and share my game time with people how want to look at it and want to ask questions.

I hope you could get a good picture out of me and i will be the happiest person if you would choose me.

In best regards Horus (Discrod: Horus#3082)


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Alright, so Closed Beta is reopening their doors and everyone seems to be jumping in that occasion, so good luck reading all these serious paragraphs @InsaneHawk.

Seriously though, I really wished to become a Beta testers, I have been attentive to the forums and on for a while now, right until the "last" recruitment. It might have took me some time to join Discord, but my excitement for Battleforge is still alive, fighting throught my impatience and pessimism. As it stands, I have a fairly great amount of free time as of now (I still have not found a summer job yet), but even if I did had one, I would still be able do dedicate 1 or 2 hours per day at least. I already imagined a bunch of decks that I want to try ingame, which will probably take some effort. To go into more details, I was mostly a PvE player, I did not got far enough into PvP or rPvE, so you can be sure I will try to experiment a bit. If you want some testing in areas like the lore section, I would be happy to oblige, even if @fiki574 and @Kubik seems to be almost done with that part.

My brother and I used to play at lot of this game when we were but innocent child. I introduced him to the game as did a friend beforehand, and I will probably tell him about this topic later. If I am not chosen, at least do it for @MadMax.

I wish good luck and fortune to all administrators, developers and members of the community as a whole. Don't stress it out, take your time, and hopefully, I will see you all in the Forge later !



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Hello My name is Marcel Graf

I am a sixteen year old German BattleForge / Skylords fan and the game has influenced me a lot in my childhood.

When EA closed the game I was devastated because I played the game day and night.

And even now I hope every day that i could play it again soon ...

And when I saw the trailer a few months ago that the game is coming back, I was just about to cry ...

But let's come to the things that are required for the players:

why should you take me?

You could say Skylords is a meaning to life for me. Not only did I play with this game every time I did not feel well. I have a group of people I play with and talk to every day for hours. And they too know how much I care. I also have my own YouTube channel and I would love to be able to bring what is really my dream content. (if anyone cares: name: MG_zockt)


How much free time can you dedicate?

My daily routine is really just school and gaming (or video cutting). So I would play this game for at least 5-6 hours every day (most of the weekends I spend about 9-12 hours on the PC so I could play a little more :)) and also (if you want it) every day or so every week write a report with things that I noticed (eg buggs).


What's your experience with Battleforge, PVP, PVE etc.?

I've always played as far as I can remember and that's what BattleForge is responsible for. The first game I played was Battleforge and I played it at 10 (or 11) years old. And that every day for several hours. When it was closed, I was as long as with games like minecraft PUBG Csgo Fortnite, etc busy but nothing has made as much fun as BattleForge. That was always the reason why I had no desire for some games from one day to the next. And I am sorry but my english is not good enough to explain how much I miss this game ...


My Discord: MG #4692

Thank you for reading and a thousand thanks for making one of my dreams come true.

Your Skything <3

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Hey, my name is Aske.

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, and i first started playing the game back around 2010, when i was still in primary school. Battleforge was exactly my kind of game, mixing RTS and card collecting in the same game. Although i was not a very active user, i still have very fond memories of the game, playing throughout the premade and randomly generated PVE maps.

I had a long break from the game, and came back just about 1 month before EA closed the game. I have followed this project ever since i heard of it, and i would love to first of all play the game again, but also help you guys create the good old Battleforge we all loved. I already have a bit of experience testing for bugs and actually know a bit of coding myself. This is the perfect time for me to get testing, as i'm about to finish this yeah of college. The next couple of weeks in particular i have a lot of free time (4-8 hours a day) to test and play. 

I think you should pick me, since i first of all have a lot of spare time to spend testing. I am also very good at explaining the bugs that i might find, and im very thorough in my method of testing. 

Other than that i am just a dedicated gamer that spends way too much time on video games and i think i would be a good addition to the testing team.

Cittasnaf #6294

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Hello, I would like to help (play) with the beta.

My name is Marcel, and I´m from bavaria. 

Right now I go to school, but i just wrote my exams so I have plenty of time to spare till september. I can play a few hours per day at the evening.

Hope it was enought info.

My Discord name is: darkwolf147#0355

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I played BattleForge for a really long time after a week it released and i was in love with it. Also paid a pretty good sum out of hype too. I never was a skilled PVP player in any game still tried my best but i adored campaigns with other players and constantly played those. I am on my computer more than 12 hours a day easily. I've been tracking Skylords' development for a long time since i was pretty devastated when i heard the shutting down of it's servers and always wanted to get back into it somehow. I try to get into any alpha or beta of a video game since i like seeing it grow better in ways. I usually report bugs and glitches in any game i play even if it wasn't asked of. I kinda like those stuff. My Discord name is ----> Komodian#3022

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Hi, you did a really great job with this nostalgic game!
I've been playing in Battleforge about two years, but not too active. Basically PVP 2x2, sometimes PVP 1x1 and PVE maps for opening all the upgrades. I was really an average player who did not buy the game and did not buy the currency. I did not play with rare and expensive cards, but I did not despair and played in PVP again and again, hoping to be dragged by usual and unusual cards (sometimes even it turned out, lol).
For the passage of PVE maps, I have the necessary persistence, so I am ready to go through the same map again and again, identifying errors (bugs) or for making a stable passage for other testers (or testing insane decks).
I think that it is necessary to take me, because I found that extremely amazing experience of growth from scratch. Playing with weak cards and pulling out complex PVE cards and PVP matches by just perseverance and choosing the right strategy. And any rare card was very important to me. I knew in what situation it could come in handy and worth it to buy (I also had quite a lot of experience of other card games).
I'm ready to dedicate the game 2 hours on weekdays and 4-6 hours on weekends. The reasons for this schedule are quite a long work. As a bonus, I can record (or stream) all games with an attached text report.
Thanks for the old game! I really love you and your work!
My discord is Lenskuro # 1486

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to start of this is a great idea , to start i would be able/happy to test/play for at least 3 hours a day up to 8 , i wish it could be more like the old days but sadly a lot of us got older and got jobs :p

I mostly played pve, but i was ok at pvp as well but pve with a group is where its at , i played a lot of different decks so i would test a lot of different combos . Im very open to communication i can be on discord for communication at least in terms of text even when im at my job so i could give some info without 2 much delays i guess .

If anybody besides the staff is reading these and has applied for it good luck to you.

Matejob#1826 for the discord info

P.S. i dont have a "special" reason to be picked over anybody else so might as well give it to somebody with more free time i guess 

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I am Hirooo (or Tzinjo#9117) and was one of the best PvP players back in the good old days. To get there I spend a tremendous amount of time playing BattleForge. While I enjoyed the PvE part of Battle Forge I enjoyed competing in PvP even more. I loved crafting decks and figuring out how to optimize every color combination. Testing around with different cards or adjusting decks to watch list changes excited me. So with a reborn BattleForge as a possibility I spend a good amount of time talking about the game and planning what decks to play. Trying to remember how everything worked. As a result RadicalX, whom I played many matches with back in the days, and I wrote this PvP guide covering every single match up.

I am a student and as such can create free time as needed. I am highly motivated to test and play BattleForge and will stick around as an active member. While reading the analysis of @Ultrakools gameplay by @ImperatorSK is fun some replays to analyze where he does not have to scream power management might be fun too. ^_^



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Hello my name Maksim I think I would be able to participate in the test

what you most need for tests is the loading of units on the card, the PVP test, checking the PVE for bugs?

and how much you need free people or you need more fans of the game

I remember how I came to this project 2 years ago or 3 I do not remember), how many impressions I received when I read the articles from you, talked to people together, burned with desire, waited for the announcement then another announcement, then the transfer, and so until the present moment

I constantly read your blogs with bug fixes and I'm glad that maybe the announcement is close

Monday to Friday from 1-3 hours

from Saturday to Sunday from 3-12

played 2 years in the flesh before closing to the holes studied PVE composers in the PVP did not readily play

The only way to play with pleasure is to participate in beta

Discord Name 5M3R7N1K#0586

Well, at last I will tell good luck to those who could get on the test, and developers that they quickly showed everyone their creation


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Finally something I can do,

I might not be the best writer here or the best battleforge player but one thing I do have is an addicition for gaming and lots of time.
Highlights being League of legends with over 4000+ hours, Path of exile 1800 hours, Terraria 640 hours, Dota 2 460 hours in about a 4 year span.
In weekends I can easily play up to 8 hours and on other days it kinda depends, but usually still above 3 hours.
In about 4 to 5 weeks I'll have even more amounts of time I'll be able to play upto 12 hours a day consistently.

Also another reason to pick me is I'm not just trying to get access so I can play the game like some people but also TEST the game and try to break it in as many ways as possible, I will try to seek out and report as many bugs as possible

Would love to also play with fellow Battleforge members which I've met over the past few years.

Like the rest of us it's been quite a while since I've played but I do recall playing a bit of everything, especially lots of 2v2 pvp's (Which at the time I sucked at, not sure about now) and the campaign.

Even if I won't get picked already happy to see another big step in the release of skylords :)

Discord: shadowxxs7#5464
Edit: Also good luck to the one having to read all of these :P

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Greetings Skyfolks!

I played BF back in the days a lot and loved it so much and are following this whole thing a long time, lurking^^

And now i see my chance to be able to play it again and so i would love to be part of the closed beta!

Why me?

I am 26 years old dude from Germany and play video games since about 12 years on a daily basis.

In the time between i have studied gamedesign and got teached by one of the environment artists of BF. (portfolio: maxwittig.carbonmade.com )

i would offer 2-4 hours in this game, daily and also would love to stream it the whole time playing it. (my livestream: twitch.tv/slinfane )

I played a lot PvE when it was playable and would continue this path, but i can imagine trying some PvP with my experience from Starcraft 2.

(My old youtube playlist of videos i made:

You reach me in Discord: SlinFane / Max#7901 )


Please.. please let me play :'C


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On 5/28/2018 at 11:12 AM, InsaneHawk said:

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys are fine, in our end, we're really proud of all the progress that has been made since the past days, weeks, months, and we're really getting closer.
We're now in the phase where we need to stress-test our systems. So that's why we're starting again inviting people, but this time will be different.

If you guys did read our recent announcement on the dev-platform (http://dev.skylords.eu/) we've said that we've been kicking inactive testers. We did that because as you can guess, it's pretty hard to stress test a server if all players are "testing" league of legends all day, or fortnite whatsoever.

So we're starting applications from now on.

What does that mean exactly?

That mean everyone can apply here, we're in need of active people, that have a lot of free time to invest into the testing, debugging of our systems etc..
We need serious and involved people. (being an active member on the forum doesn't increase your chances being selected)

Hey but that's me! I'm active and want to dedicate some time into it, how do we apply to the closed beta then?

Well, that's pretty easy, all you have to do is answer to that topic with your application.  BUT BE CAREFUL

We expect:

  • More than just a line of text, if you really can dedicate some time in testing the game, then you can dedicate some making a real application. (a good paragraph)
  • We want you to explain to us, why we should take you and not another one, what makes you so special.
  • How much free time can you dedicate, it must be clearly explained
  • What's your experience with BattleForge, PVP, PVE etc..
  • Your Discord user (ex: InsaneHawk#0279)


and that's it! We're waiting for your applications everyone! :)

Hi, my name is Michiel

I was there in the very beginning. I was really happy when my brother told me about the revival and instantly wanted to play it. 

I have some time to play (test) after school and in the weekends, I can probably play at least two hours each day. In weekends i have more time to play.

When I played it, I mostly played PVE since this was the mode I enjoyed the most. I especially enjoyed battlegrounds of level 9 since level 10 was a bit too difficult to play when I was alone. PVP on the other hand was very fun but I wasn't very good at it.

Thank you for giving the community a chance at playing this beautiful game once more and investing all this time and effort in to this project. I really appreciate it!

Discord ID: Tesseurminator#7398

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Hello Insanehawk (i assume it's Insanehawk who replies)

The name is Bo and I am a young man of the age of 17 (nearly 18)

So why to take me? well, first of all, I've been following this project for quite and I have read every single of your dev posts since the very start of the project. 

When it comes to free time I've practically got it all with close to 12 hours a day. I attend school but due to a singular upcoming exam, the 22nd of June we have time off for self-study and up till then and after I have about 4-5 months where I have free all day long, which is time that I am willing to spend on Battleforge. I am a huge fan of the game which I first started playing about 10 years ago and up till it shut down, and I clearly remember how sad it made me back 4, nearly 5 years ago. I am looking forward to the beta and seeing this project finished and if it is possible I would love to help the project out in any way. I know the game's ins and outs and therefore I can instantly tell if anything does not seem right. and when it does come to bug reporting I've been beta testing a lot of games and I am easily capable of explaining myself. and apparently, I am really good at finding bugs while fooling around (the last bug I found was in the current main city of World of Warcraft xD) 

I have later noticed the experience with earlier testing, hopefully not too late :/

when it comes to testing games I do have some experience. the last game I tested was the closed alpha of The Crew 2 (can't tell you much about it due to their NDA) I have also tested various Blizzard games, such as HOTS and Hearthstone. i've also beta tested in dauntless and currently am testing it in the open beta, it does have a lot of annoying bugs tho xD. I also tested a game made by a friend of mine to troubleshoot the problems with that game, and make it work, to begin with. therefore I am easily able to describe the problem or issue that I am encountering. 

a short explanation of my situation and dedication to assist you guys :) can't write much more to my resume since I properly would just end up repeating myself :/

My Discord name: Bo#3946


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Hello I'm NejiFist#2626 on the discord,
I used to play battleforge everyday back when it was live under EA an loved every moment of it. would love to be in the closed beta to test/play the game because i still haven't found another game to replace what this game had LoL,Dota, ect ect none of moba or other games i can find just have the fun this game had. I have had experience testing alot of games in closed beta over the pass 8 years some triple A titles an alot of the bigger MMO an shooters out now giving my feedback for those games. I can play the game every day during my breaks from work an after work which is 9pm-2am est.

Also thank you all for working so hard to bring this game back to us it means so much more than you can imagine.

Edited by NejiFist

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Hi, I'm Dr. Geldahnung (Discord Dr.Geldahnung#7136) and i would love to test with you.
I played BattleForge a lot (mostly PvE) the howl BattleForge lifetime.
I could spend monday and friday from 2pm to (open end)
                     tuesday and wednesday from 5pm to (open end)
                     thursday from 4pm to (open end)
                     and at the weekend it's all open.
Tested betas / alphas like Cloud Pirates, DayZ (hihi) and some others but i cant remember the name.
Also I'm a content creator and i could record bugs (and more) and send the video to you. :)

Love the genre, love the game, love you, goodbye 
your Dr. Geldahnung 
Edited by DrGeldahnung
other betas / alphas

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Yo my Discord is Dema#1107

so why choose me well that’s simple because I would really appreciate it. I’m not special in any real way but I’d love to show this game to my husband. I constantly speak of this strange rts card game that had micro transactions long before it was cool. I had played both pve and  pvp back when I was in college and honestly it’s been a long time so I don’t remember about the specifics. 

As a boring adult with infinite free time I literally could play 8+ per day but that’s slightly unrealistic as I probably would leave it on in the background and actively play a few hrs at a time in between matches of league so 21~ hrs a week actively playing.

thank you for taking the time to read my application even if I don’t get a chance to test I really hope everything goes well having this project succeed willput a smile on my face regardless.

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My name is Noam and I really hope you will choose me to try the game. I and a few other friends would play hours a day in this game and while it was closed we waited for someone to open it. We always said which decks were correct and just wanted the game to come out. I could play the game between 3-4 hours. My name on discord is: noamsultan # 2360 

I really hope you will choose me

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Oh man i am so hyped,

I would love to apply for an account to the beta. I am in the last semester of my university and i am pretty finished with it all so i got 2-3 hours a day for the game atleast.

I used to play quite a lot back in the day for atleast 2 years. Battleforge was the first online game i ever played and it was amazing.

Thanks for the effort guys!


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Hello, I'm IceFiire also named as Ice 25yo from France.

I played a lot BF before they closed the server. At the moment i have a lot of time for playing because I finished schools then i can help you for the stress test server. I'm playing GW2 and PUBG but i can play 2-4hours per days.

I did a lot of Alpha & Beta Test for mobile game like Prison Life RPG ( I'm in the credit for translation and debug ), League of Legends Beta ( 2009 ), Overwatch PTR, and PUBG server Test.

I know how to develop in C,C++,C# & javascript.


My discord name is : IceFiire#1494

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Duncan here, from Germany,  I've played Battleforge back when it was still kicking, spending most of my time on the computer in the vacation playing Battleforge with two of my friends, trading ourselves up to build high quality decks. I'm looking forward to streaming Battleforge once it's back, showing others what a cool and fun combination of genres this is even today, 9 years later I can't really think of anything similar, atleast not as polished as this game.

About my free time, I finished school recently and I am now in a waiting semester for my university, so apart from a few things I'm doing here and there, like helping my parents renovating their house the rest of the days until the end of next summer are free time for me split between preparing a bit for University and enjoy this last year of free time before I'm stuck working for the rest of my life (y), so naturally I'll be trying ot have the most fun possible, that's why I decded to start streaming whilst I can still muster 6 hours of uninterrupted gameplay, sometimes more. (Mainly grand strategy like Europa Universalis 4) so on the avarage day Im looking at around 12 hours of free time minimum.

As I said above I've played Battleforge before for around ~3 years going so far to do their promotional stuff for Lord cyrian etc. with 5€ spent I went from a standard deck to a pretty expensive one by trading up BP in the market. I love to theorycraft in game and come up wih the less conventional ways to win, I'm a dedicated MTG EDHREC Jank player, hating the metaslaves and instead trying out all the other ways to get something done before having to do what everyone else does.
At that time I put my focus on PvE as I wasn't really that competitive, but in the years I've changed quite a bit and looking at league and CS I'm pretty sure I can give PvP a go in Battleforge and maybe find the mode to be as enjoyable as PvE.

My Discord tag is: Crusade#3336


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I would love to apply for the beta opportunity, because: I have been part of this project for a few years already and have been following all updates, logs, and alot of streams. I have many many memories in battleforge and even more in skylords reborn now. 

I have also been beta tester of a few other games like elder scroll online and others.

I would also love to be chosen because I want (same as devs) that all bugs will be fixed so every1 can fully enjoy the game.

The community is also awesome and you don't see that alot, which is very special but also positive. With good staff keeping order and making the game, not like EA xD

My exams have already been finished and I need to be at school for 15 hours/a week. Meaning that I will be able to spend many hours per day into testing, count around between 3pm amd 2am daily or so that's usually my range when I game


My experience with battleforge has always been great, learned to know alot of ppl and so on, i finished all pve maps in the past aswell as alot of player made maps that are unranked and etc, in pvp i don't have much experience but I'm always willing to learn :) I aalso tested like moat of the cards of every color. I also have experience in the auction house and etc to sell/trade cards.


My discord tag is Equinox#6342

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Im a German guy with a normal job so i should have about 2 h per day time to test the game. (weekend may be 4h)
I work as a programmer so I’m used to test software, not only the way it meant to be. I also test if there are problems, which are only appearing under special circumstances. (and some times searching for security gaps)

I was one of the ALPHA-Tester of BF back in the days (with all the bugs and crashes) and have played the game till the very end.

I was one of the top 100 PVP Player and love the story missions, so most of my testing time would go to this aspect. (The random maps doesn’t catch as hard as the story missions)

Discord: t1421 #9706


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Hi there,
been looking forward to playing this again, used to be my favorite rts game back in the day especially the 2v2s were a lot of fun

I played mostly 1v1s in the higher ranks (fire,fire,fire ;D) and would love to again
I have time to play and look for problems, also think the game has potential on twitch and personally i would love a weekly tournamet maybe via discord in the style dota added theirs last year.

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Hello. If you allow me to participate to the closed beta I would be really happy.

I am 23 years old, and I am from Canada. I am not at school right now and not at works so my free time is... Excessive. (Like more than 6 hours each day or maybe less for some times)

I was a true player of Battleforge before it closes. I mean than I plaid alot at this game and put alot of money on it. I have to admit than I was really yough this time. 
Let say than I play for almost all the day except if I have an event or something. Sometimes I can do some research for works or dirrection to take in my life... But if not, I am just not available the Thursday at late afternoon. I plaid alot PVE, but less PVP. It is cause I have skills of softcore gamer but with time of Hardcore gamer. I plaid sometimes on PVP but nothing big like a tournement for exemple. 
If not, I finished all missions of story... I had plenty of decks too. 
I play alot of games on the moment : Phantasy Star Online 2, Warframe, Path of Exile, even some which are less known like Reassembly or Chaos Reborn... But nothing close of this prestigious game than you are reviving (I passed alot).

If not, my Discord name is : Ombreverte#0512

I wish to be pick cause I never being on a closed beta before, and that could add to my experience.

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