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Closed Beta Applications

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hi im edgar

im from the netherlands i spend gaming 5 hours everyday which i want to use on battleforge like 2 hours most just play the game and just trying be compettive in , i play battleforge much before it was shut down and wanna play it again.

im playing at the moment much league of legends and counter strike global offensive and always checking the forum to see how far the beta status is and i have seen the beta is delayed many times.

i want to start recording the game (if i can) and just make all sorts gameplay for it . also sorry for my bad english :(

discord name: koelkit Эдгар#3202

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Hello, I would like to spend some of my free time during this summer to test this game.

I am a 20 year old student in game design in the University of Skövde, Sweden. As summer is approaching I will have a significant increase in free time that I would like among other things to test this great game that I grew up with. As I have a background within software design I think that I could benefit from experiencing Q&A in a semi-professional capacity and aswell my knowledge within software design could help approximate, and better provide information that could help to pinpoint the issues that I discover.

On my free time I usually do not play many games if not my friends are involved as i find it more fun and beneficial for me to spend time in unity or other game engines prototyping potential game ideas and furthering my knowledge in the subject, however I can spend a decent ammount of time throughtout the upcomming months specifically testing Skyforge in the hope of getting experience in game testing and methods of finding bugs.

Specifically I think that I could be able to provide the equivalent of aprox 16-18 hours per week to bugtest, during the peroid of 06/01 - 08/29.

I played battleforge alot durings its prime, however I never played it to a high skill level as I was quite young and unexperienced with RTS games.

My Discord name is Morgeth#8925


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Hey there, 

My name is Itay and I'm 18 years old and i'm from israel. i would love to test your progress and the game itself.

I'm still in school but about to finish and since I'm at the end of the year i got plenty of free time to test the game.

I played Battleforge years ago about a year when it got closed. and loved this game. this is the main reason why i would love to test the game itself.

Another reason that i want to see is that i want to see the progress and to help when i can. 

At the moment i quit league of legends and fortnite since it got boring.

I'm Active aswell at Discord.

feel free to contact me at discord.

My Discord Name is: Sape.

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I played this game since it released and bought the CD for it. I played till the end even if i had to play some maps solo.
I play mostly PVE and was at a very high rank (Think one of max, if there was a max because i never saw someone over that XD).
I love this game and even infected my whole family with it. Even as the game came to the end i looked every month if they will be a Battleforge 2 or somethink.
My study beginns in ca. 3 month and i have literlie nothing to do. So how much time can i invest: i would say min. 4 hours to the whole day ^^.
Im from Germany so sorry for my misspelling

My Discord name is: Wer ist Baba Saad?#5173

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   Hello pals,

   I have played the game almost since its launch until its bitter end. I played a lot of PvE back then. Although I am a huge Co-op enthusiast, I enjoy testing my skills against other players from time to time.

   This week I have a project to do in real life but I can manage playing 1 hour a day. When I finish the project I will be able to play a lot more than that. Roughly 3-4 hours a day. Of course I will dedicate more time playing whenever I have free time. BattleForge is my all-time favourite game so I would be more than glad to play it once again and help the developers towards the game's improvement.

   My Discord name is Hiradaira#4772. Hope we see each other in the Forge.

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I would be glad to help I played Battleforge from the beggining and loved every minute I spent playing. Both PvP and PvE, but mostly PvP 

I can spend 8-12 hours every day

My Discord name is:Dean

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I'm 20, and I've played battleforge for 2 years when I was 13. I spent a lot of time in there, like 4/5 hours a day. It was the first game I spent my money in :D. I will never forget those years. 

I used to play much pve but pvp with friends as well. Some years ago one of my firend told me aboud Skylord, and I let you imagine my reaction. Now we're here, whit this big opportunity for me to help you people in making battleforge legacy. 

Talking about commitment, I go to university, so I've a lot of free time when there are no tests. In fact at the moment I'm usually playing like 4 hours a day, and now summer is coming so... more time.

I would be honored to take part of this beta.

Discord: Horygnis#0910

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Hello there,

I found Battleforge around 2 years before it was ended by EA. I spend a lot of time playing this game with my cousin and we had a good time. We always loved playing PVP and got quite good in a matter of time. But we were also played PVE more in the beginning than the end, since PVP was just more fun. But nonetheless it was still great. Because of the nostalgia this experience provided and to feel these glorious times again i want to test it again.

I am quite fond of the story and would love to explore it again and even more to help you guys to erase the remaining and appearing bugs.

I can play 1 to 4 hours on workdays, while on weekends it depends on how occupied i am with my family but usually probably around 2 hours.

My discord name is: Konsalor#9957

Really looking forward to it!

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I play roughly 8-10 hours a day i used to play BattleForge back in the day sadly came back from holiday itching to play to find the game had been shut down.

The feeling when you got that upgrade card you were grinding for has never been filled by other games

The last beta/alpha testing i have been involved in was for Ark survival of the fittest.

I have no commitments that's one special thing

Discord name Ouchywouchy#7126

Good luck to everyone <3

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Hello staff, 

Atm i have no work and no school for around 2-3 months so i have alot of free time to spend ingame, even if i had a job 4 hours a day would be easy to manage. 

My experience with battleforge is mostly PVE i played like 2-3 years. I just loved playing the game with new decks to create on my own. PVP wasn't my thing to play but if needed i would like to try it out now because in those years i've been improving in pvp games so i would like to give it a try.

I've had some experience in beta games and the most commen thing to do is finding bugs. Not only finding them when just playing but also testing stuf out that's for me atleast.

Why you should pick me? That's a great question. I think i would do a good job at finding bugs and issue's. Also in my opinion i'm not toxic at all so only positive comments :) (P.S i've got a steady internet connection)

Hope u pick the right guy(s) even if it isn't me :)

discord: IQG_Aqua#3914


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Hey guys,

I played Battleforge when I was young and enjoyed it alot. I mainly played PvP on a high rank but also enjoyed the PvE Aspect of the game. Stoped playing some months before closure.

I have experience in testing mechanics, finding bugs and unintenional occuring effects. A loved game of mine called "Age of Reckoning" was shut down by the publisher. Some years later a Community project was started (similiar to what you guys are doing right now) called "Return of Reckoning". Back then I was chosen early to play the game and had to find errors and bugs and report them. I dedicated alot of time into this and nowadays the Project is really good and can be called finished with about 1k players peak (servers only allow 1400). Found alot of unintended things like Skills which dont apply effects like slows which they should or others which apply debuffs from another skill. Also things like quest bugs where you get stuck in progress and the cause of that. Also found alot of causes for game crashes and so on...

I was happy when I discovered this since I dont really have a main game right now besides Path of Exile. I have more then 10 hours a day for gaming since I finished my exams and dropped my part time job. Used to play alot of Dawn of war 2 a strategy game which is similiar to battleforge(without cards) because you need to capture Ressource points with small amount of units(which forces smart decisions) and need to make the other player have a ressource lackage before you can push. Iam not working right now so I need something to fullfill me. I would like to become a part of this since I loved the game back then and support your guys hard work and hopefully contribute to make the game better for everyone here. Iam also really suprised how many guys are here makes me kinda happy and stoked to play and enjoy the game with all of you.

I think I didnt structure this good enough but I hope you liked it and are convinced that I would be a good addition to your CB Pool. I want to become a part of this game and the community and hopefully see it grow.  Didnt have a Forum Account till now but when I realised this is a thing and saw the Closed Beta application I instantly knew what to do. Again big props to the team for your determination and for sacrificing your spare time to make us play a game which we love again and also thanks to the guy/s who actually reads through all of this.

After seeing the amunt of Applications I Hope alot of you guys get picked for the Closed Beta. At the end of the day all of us want to play the game again:)

***Excuse my mediocre english***


My Discord: Bizza#7814

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I play that game since it was beta by EA.I  got high experience for both PVP and PVE and i believe its the best game on the world.I 'd like to help fix the game even if i help as  close beta tester.My first priority is to find and report all bugs  and play both PVP and PVE.When i was playing the game most of my time i spend it to pvp around 90%. I got plenty of time i can spend 10+ hours to the game each day to help you fix it faster.Why me and not the others?Because  i got high experience to the game ,time and will to help for fixing fast the game.I'm also cooperative and kind person.I believe in team efforts.

My Discord:Simigr#1329

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I will also give it a go.

You may remember me from Discord also under the name Varonth#9140. I would also like to help test the game and the server. My knowledge in Battleforge is probably a bit rusty, but I would like to play it again. But the main motivation why I joined the discord some time ago, was because I am interested in testing and server programming in general.

For that matter, I already did some volunteering gametesting for 2 mayor companies as what could be described "external intern". I could name one of those 2 in private, while the other one is still under a very harsh NDA.

Which is also the reason why I think you should consider me. I know that gametesting isn't primarily about fun. It is often doing very repetitive actions just to pinpoint the exact problem. It's about finding creative ways to break things and documentation of how to break it. Besides that I have knowledge in linux, networking and database design, and while not used as much anymore, I also know my way around in C/C++, and the more popular IDE's especially Visual Studio for Windows and Code::Blocks. With the above mentioned gametesting also game knowledge in bugtracking software, mainly Jira.

I'm living in europe, and my work consists of weekly changing shifts. I have different amounts of free time per week, and those hours that are free will regulary change between the european early and late hours.

That's about it.

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Hello, it's ya boy wheelz here.

It would be quite adequate if I could receive the opportunity to beta test Battleforge. The reason i'm so fond of this game is because it was one of the games in my childhood who made me love video games even more. Since the game was a card based RTS with a progression system, I did an Ash Ketchum and wanted to be the best. That meant countless hours each day after school, building the best deck I could possibly build. The pure nature deck was one of my favorites. When I didn't jump into a match, I just play tested different decks and cards in the forge.

When EA announced that they would shut down Battleforge, I was as disappointed as any other player who dedicated their time as I did in the game. Years went by and I occasionally searched ''Battleforge'' to see if the game ever came back. Last year I stumbled upon this forum and I got to know the community and the project. It gave me hope that one day I could play the game I loved once more.

I was never good or interested in the PVP aspect of the game and played mostly PVE and the campaign, but that was just because I was a kid who just played for fun. Now if I am able to play the game again I would apply my experience from playing other competitive games throughout the years to Battleforge. I would play the game as much as possible and relearn a few mechanics that I remember from back in the days. Thats one of the reasons I fell in love with Battleforge because it's not like your typical RTS game where u establish a base and slowly build your army. It offers a different play-style which makes it both fast-paced/competitive or just simply fun. 

I want you to consider me because like everybody else I want to play this game again more or less and when the Open Beta is available for everybody I will invite some of my friends who love RTS games. They were skeptical at first because Battleforge isn't a Starcraft 2 or a Warcraft 3 RTS game, but a card based RTS game. 

Thanks for reading my bible passage. Discord: Lil Magic#6181

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I used to play this game all the time, my favorite part was trading and fast runs in PvE. really loving what you guys are doing here, and I have been following the progress for about a year, even tho I never said anything in forums. 

Earlier I have been a beta tester for multiple Blizzard games, such as World of Warcraft and Hearthstone.

I have no job nor studies to do atm. That means I have a lot of spare time.

my Discord: korantos#6893

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Started playing BattleForge so incredibly long ago, and the day it shut down was a sad day indeed. I have been following the development of Skylords Reborn since the start and have waited patiently throughout the whole process. You guys are doing gods work and being able to participate in the Beta to help out would mean alot. I remember creating lots of custom maps for the game and the thought of being able to once again do that brings a tear to my eye.
I believe I would be a good choice as I personally believe I have alot of knowledge regarding the game and could bring valuable feedback.

Whenever I am not in school doing education stuff or homework, I can play games, which gives me plenty of time to test/play/give feedback. This means it's atleast 3+ hours a day.

My experience with the game is vast when it comes to all the modes, I especially like PVP in a competetive sense. I also frequently played PVE, but I personally prefer PVP.

EDIT: adding some more info here.
I have quite alot of experience when it comes to logging bugs and changes, I have tested out other games and projects for developers before. I also own a Youtube channel and have a decent following, including twitter (although I don't know if that would mean anything for this beta picking process).

My Discord name is "Gromek999#2248"

Thank you for your consideration and keep up the great work. We all appreciate it.

Edited by Gromek999

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Hi im Shifty,

i have been playin games for over 13 years now and most of it being on the PC, i have always been passionate about gaming in all kinds of genres mostly FPS and MMO's, i was already a part of the original Battleforge Closed/Open Beta and loved the full Game where i have been playing both PVP and PVE so i would really love to try and help you guys revive this insanly cool game again. Also i could dedicate about 7-9 hours per day to this Beta and over 11 on weekends that beeing in the CET +1 Timezone.


My Discord ID: Shifty#3537

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Hi my discord is: elchamaquito11#2503

I would like to help out with finding bugs in-game and help you guys that work so hard till this point to bring a game that a lot of people enjoyed when it came out in 2009. Although I didn't play when it came out that year I did started playing in 2010 and I loved the game it was so fun playing PVE with other players and sometimes when you wanted a challenge you would go to PVP to show the other Lords your skills. If giving the opportunity I can spend from 4 to 6 hours playing the game since I finish school and planning to take a break this Summer I got a lot of free time. There will be days that I will be AFK because of real life things that must be done but I do promise that it won't stop me from playing and reporting anything that I detect in the game since of my long time experience playing this game, also I just wanted to add the fact that I'm, studying Computer Engineering and right now I don't have enough experience with programing but when I do I would be interested in helping you guys program this game and if something in the future came up I could help out as well.

"Thank you all for giving us gamers the hope of playing this great game and special thanks to the hard working development team." 

By elchamaquito11

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Hi gentlemen,

I'm going to pass my final exam in one week and the next step of my education will foremost start in february 2019. So in the abstract I'll have a shitload of time. But down to earth, to be honest with you, I'm a quite active person in RL. That means I will definitely (don't scroll away, yet) not be able to play every single day.

Treading carefully I can assure you an average of 10h a week. I will play more like five to six hours in one piece, when I get a free evening (what happens one to three times a week), but playing two hours every day.

I studied Engineering, physics and computer-science (for teaching) what, I guess, is a quite good base for testing games.

I'm a communicative adult, have a fair spoken and good written command of the English language and some experience of life. In addition some experience of gaming, since the release of Pokemon, blue edition '96 :D.

I played battleforge since it was released in 2009 or sth. like that. I played mainly 1v1 PVP (80% Bandits, + some shadow and fire), but I've never been a really good player. But I think this could change, now that I'm older. I'm looking forward to test the game and work together with you.

Well, as you see I don't have more time, more skill, more anything than others, but if you need a rational casual gamer with some IT background knowledge, don't hesitate to message me (I just stand out of the mass of applicants, due to my native modesty and sanity ;))

Discord: Luki#3997

thanks for reading. good luck everyone.

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I would be glad to help you guys out.
Back when the BattleForge servers were run by EA, I was a very dedicated BF-player. I started with the demo right at release and purchased the game 3 days later which was 50€ if I recall correctly.

Got beta experince from the following games: Overwatch, Diablo 3, Global Agenda, Warframe. I've been using bug-report features in the past several times already, because I always want my favorite games to thrive and improve.

I began playing with pure frost, but soon I started to explore all the other colors, shadow, nature and then fire. I've spend lots of money and I believe I did never before invest so much into any game. Over the course of my BF-career, I've owned pretty much all of the cards via the help of the auction house - I know how each card should work properly. Also I played all color combinations actively in PvE and PvP. That's why I could help to detect bugs since I know all the maps and cards. I loved playing the 4-Player PvE maps.

I'm available to lend you a hand with bug- and Play-testing on all weekdays since I got a part-time job with more free time in my hands. 3-6 hours per day.

I'd be honoured and excited to be part of the Beta-Tester team.
Thank you for this opportunity once again

Discord Tri#8668

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Hello my name is Kai, im 20 years old, and just finished my school 2 weeks ago, therefore i have 4 months of spare time ahead of me, after that period probably around 9pm to like midnight everyday, depending on how busy i will be during my university occupation.

I played Battleforge back then a lot (really a lot) tho ONLY PVE, i wasn´t that good in pvp nore i had the nerves to play pvp, nevertheless i played pvp pretty often with or against friends, i am waiting for the game for a long time actually and i think i could help a lot through testing, i really enjoyed the atmosphere of the game and helping with recreating is the perfect opportunity for me in my opinion, im looking forward to the game whether i can play the beta or not. Again i was and would really focus on playing pve only as i was highest pve rank etc and just played bad harvest solos in the end for my entertainment. Anyway thanks for your time reading this.

Yours sincerely 


Discord:       사랑CaraY#3957

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  • We want you to explain to us, why we should take you and not another one, what makes you so special. + What's your experience with BattleForge, PVP, PVE etc..


-I was active in Battleforge from the very beginning (Beta), until the bitter end. Had all Cards in Battleforge even Promos so alot of Knowledge about Card stats, Card interaction, and all kind of maps
-Alot of PVE tournament/speedrun experience, and i was a pretty good pvp player, so i can test both modes on a pretty high level.
-I already helped in other games to find exploides and bugs in beta stages.

- I have no other games to play

- I have still an old video about building a Battleforge trainer on my pc, so maybe usefull to find and close or prevent cheating weakspots.


Why me and no other one?:

-Way more experience than the most other players, alot of free time and no other games that can distract me.


  • How much free time can you dedicate, it must be clearly explained

Until 02.06. not much. 

After that i have always at 5 pm free time, until about 2am (UTC +01:00) when I go to sleep.

Playing about 4-5 Hours per day. Sometimes way longer.

On weekend about 10 Hours.


  • Your Discord user (ex: InsaneHawk#0279)


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Hello I would love to help you guys with this game.

Why I wanna do it?

Becouse it's game from my childhood.It was my favorite game and minecraft too.Sadly I was young and unexperienced with games and only play pve and cooperation.As time went I started playing more minecraft and I got my disk format.After 2 years i remembered this game from one of my best childhood computer games and I was like ,,I wanna play it again :D" I searched for it like 2 weeks but i gave up after 4 years I started searching for it again still I failed and finally after 5-6 years I found it only 1 photo on google i wrote ,,strategy card game" or something like that first time i went on 50 pages on google.I found out a name and discovered its deleted game i was sad but later i found out Its getting remastered and that is why I wanna help my childhood game become one of the best strategy card game of 2019 :)

What is special about me?

Nothing,just kidding I like strategy and card games and I think I m quite good at them.When the game will be out I will try to be one of the best players :)

What I do in free time?

Play minion masters to remember this game :D

How much time I can spend?
Couple of hours per day,In weeks maybe more and almost all holidays (soon):D


Discord user: Deadi#5755

thanks for reading this and write to me on discord if you need anything thanks!!! (And sorry for taking your time :<)



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Okay, for starting I will make a little notes, my english is not so good ;( I studied english for 6 months (Last year) when i was studying this I could understand more what you (SkyLords Team) was saying in the streams on Twitch but not so much things I tried always to understand but was difficult.

First Point: In the past in spent a lot of time playing BattleForge with my friends when I was 14 or 15, I couldn't buy any card on the game because my parents didn't like to spend any money on the games online, I played everytime trying to find the best deck to PvE and PvP, when my friend gave to me BattleForge Points this day I was so happy, I could buy a few cards to create a Shadow Deck ( I love too much Shadow Deck ), After that I just spend whole my life playing with shadow deck but... a certain time when you play with the same time all days changing nothing this start to be boring and I was starting to play less...and less BattleForge, one time when I want to play again I knew one thing, BattleForge Servers are going to close I didn't believe on that because a great game in 2010 to 2012 with a potential to grow was throw this in the rubbish, and after that I started to play more League of Legends for 6 years but actually I stopped to play because the game is starting to begin boring.

Second Point: Why me ? I told for a lot of friends about this game, about this project, and always talking about to them "Hey, Skylords open beta is tomorrow" but problem happens, I never stopped to believe on SkyLords Team, always reading the DevPosts on monday (and trying to put a flag from brazil emote on the posts on discord XD) I created a group for who speak portuguese (BR) to help with anything about the game or new news, If I was selected to play SkyLords Reborn, I will try my best to share this game for every friends and increase the players from Brazil.


Third Point: How much time can i spend ? Actually I'm playing nothing just studying and learning Japanese on my own, If I start to play SkyLords I will just play SkyLords because I don't have other game to play (Fortnite don't works well on my PC, and LoL I told in the first point) I could spend all my time in the morning before and after gym (08:00 AM to 10:00 | 13:00PM to 16:00PM | 23:00PM to 01:00AM) Next week will be my tests on my college so If I recruited to play this week I will play less but after to pass all my tests.... IT'S TIME TO PLAY BOIIIIIIIS.


Fourth Point: My experience with PvP it's not so much I played more PvE than PvP, I can create a deck to PvP but never still good the deck I need to change and play change and play a lot of times to see If the decks is good, and PvE in all games I just loved to play the PvE, I like PvP but I'm terrible on that.


Fifth Point: Tomorrow is my birthday this could be a huge gift for me <3.

Discord: Alexandre#9121

and sorry for my english.

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