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Closed Beta Applications

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Hello there :D

i'm Jérôme, i'm 23 yo, from paris and i purpose myself to continue your testings issues :D

I know the game since he starts, played every maps in each difficulty. I was not a pro for PVP but i tried to test each part of this game Zahaha.

I'm student and i work every moring but i'm on PC each day between 12am and 22pm (large planning for tests :D)

I would like also stream for french 'community' and maybe permit new people to discover your project.

Thanx :) 


My Discord name Fro'Ges - LeKoin#4374
ps : sorry if my english is bad :D Heart on u !

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Battleforge was always my favorite game, I've waited with open eyes until you invite some people again since I missed the first invitation
I'm a student, thus I got plenty of time.
Back then I was a PvP-God and I would love to own people again ;´D (Top Ten EU-Servers) Would love to stream tournaments etc.
Why should you take me? I'm looking to help you develop this game back again by finding bugs etc.. They used to call me bug catcher ash ketchum. xD
But for real just take me.

Discord name : "Uğur #5169" living in the best country Germany.

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I would like to help to bring back this wonderful game and find all the bugs so that the community could play it.

I am not very active in the forum, but I'm following the project for a long time now.

I played Battleforge the last 2 years, before it met a sad end. I haven't played much PVP but spent a lot of time in PVE.

I work fulltime but I can spend 2-4 hours a day testing the game/server.

Im 19 years old from Germany, my english is not perfect but I try my best.

I'd love to hear from you.

Discord: D0M1#0934

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Good day fellas!

I was playing Battleforge when it was already free to play, like two or three months before Amii-Packs came out, so not that long. Quite the shame.

But t'was a fun time regardless.

Since I try to get into the gaming industry myself (recently got my Diploma in programming, I still suck at it :P), I'd like to get a hold of one of the aspects of developing a game - game testing. So I can probably describe a bug more in detail if I find one (don't nail me down on this one, I don't know how much detail your regular bug reports include). I'll definetly try to reenact the bug if I can to give a better description. I'll report it regardless even if I can't reenact it. I'll probably even record the game so I can watch it later if I missed something (no I won't upload anything of it to YT, don't even have an account for it anyway ;) ).

Right now I don't have a job, so free time is pretty much a given. So I can easily dedicate at least a few hours a day.

I mostly played Singleplayer-PvE, because my PC at that time was made of wood and couldn't run the game properly on lowest settings. But I played a few games PvP and got overrun by Platin and Diamond players almost everytime, since the game was almost dead and only dedicated players played it at that time. I won like one or two in total and getting crushed every game got stale, so it wasn't that fun.

I might not be very active in the forum, mostly because I'm more of a lurker-type of person, but that doesn't mean I'm not active. Especially when it comes to playing the game. As mentioned above, I'll be playing it every day.

Call me, darling ;) | First Dead#2667

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Hey.Battleforge nostalgia brought me here.Im here since 2 months after this project came up.Im a incognito member.

So.I want to save some of your time so  i just get to the point.I have lot of free time.I can play in the mornings and in the evenings and middays as well.I think i can be helpful beacuse is that what u need,no? Active members,who can help you catch the most annoying bugs.


So i can spend 3-4 hours in the mornings and 5-6 hours in the evenings.In the middays something like 2 hours or something.


Mostly PVE.I played some pvp,but as i said,mostly PVE :D Experience? I cant actually remember.But i started few months before renegades came out.Something near Twlilight Edition release date.


Discord : Maethor#5073

Its okay if i have to wait for the open beta :) Im just trying to give you a helping hand,to get it closer to open beta.

Good Luck Everyone!



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My name's Erik, i'm 26 years old, and 90% of my spare time goes into gaming, as i find most of the other stuff ( like partying ) pretty boring.
I would love to help testing the game out.

I played Battleforge for 2 years, mostly only the PVE side, only once in a while with PVP.

Used to play this game every day and loved to play it all the time.
I always had different decks, so i won't just test out one type, but most likely all of the type's.

And currently i've got like 5-6 hours a day to play, and even entire weekends to play.

I hope this was enough info, and if u want to know more, feel free to ask me on Discord.

My Discord Name: Varyldia#3538

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I warmly welcome ! At the beginning, I am full of admiration and thanks for the work you have put in this project. I got to know BattleForge and I liked it very much for the possibility of a combination of cards and the game itself. The BattleForge is a one-of-a-kind game and I will be happy if I can help playing and contribute to further development. I am a person who invents different tactics and combinations, but you may encounter mistakes or other things that need improvement :). My only problem is my poor command of the angelic language, but I'm good at playing this game. Regards and good luck;)


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Hello :D

My name is Peter, discord name Peter#2644

I live in New Zealand, so its pretty far away from the server location but I think this puts me in a little bit of a unique position to test the game from a high ping perspective.

Next week I will finish my degree at university, however, because I'm finishing mid year instead of at the end of the year, I have to wait until December to receive my certificate. This gives me a lot of free time as I will pretty much just be working part time until December.

I started playing Battleforge at the end of 2010. I mainly played PvE with my friends but did casual PvP sometimes as well (Im pretty bad at PvP haha).

Batlteforge is a game that will always be dear in my heart. I still remember the first uncommon I ever got, the Construct. I also met some extremely good friends through the game, it was the was the first PC game I played religiously with a friend and spent a good amount of money on at the same time. I always remember my friends always making fun of me while I was playing because I kept selling my cards on the auction house to change my deck colour. Sometimes it got so bad I would switch colours every few days haha.

Iv been greatly anticipating this games release since I made this forum account in February 2016. I know I'm not the most active forum member around, but if I got put into the position to help this game release, I would give it my 110% and do whatever is required.


My PC can easily handle Battleforge, back in the day I had a really bad computer and had to play the game on low. But now my specs are:

6600k @ 4.1 ghz

8gb RAM

GTX1070 @ 3440x1440

So now I can finally play Battleforge on max settings haha.

Thanks for giving everyone this opportunity to be selected.

If there is any more information you would like, please don't hesitate to contact me on Discord or the Forums :)


- Peter.

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Hi there,
my name is Kilian and I'm currently living in Germany and have a degree in Game Art/Animation. Currently I work as a environment artist on a RTS game project with multiple international people. Due to my past experience I'm able to write detailed Error Logs in fluent English as well as understanding "basic" game code if that's a thing. lol 
Experimenting with games was always a big fun for me and when I found some funny or game breaking bugs I often thought: "man you could do better" - And that's whats ultimately lead me into game development.

I can bring around about 3-4 hours a day for play testing and respectively submitting bugs to the forum or whatever platform is used...

Since the release of Battle Forge back in 2009 I was a big fan and played it nearly every day until around one year before closing. I mostly played PVE with friends or sometimes Duo-PVP with a friend of mine. Since I discovered Skylords back in 2016 I'm lurking anleast once a week and at some time almost every day since we tried extracting the game assets seen at this thread: 

Discord: kgg_x#5888

Keep up the good work and hope to hear back soon!

best wishes,

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Hey Guy's. Im YungGrapey , and I want to applicate for testing the Closed Beta :).

I already played it on Release till the Date the Servers where be shut down, and I really loved this game. 

I logged into the Forge everyday with @SonnenBerg & my 8 Years older Brother, and it was so much fun.

Freetime I should have enough, because im online 24/7. This could change a bit in summer, because of nice weather and sunny days. 

So this means really 24/7, I can start testing early in the morning till late night.

Im from Germany , so my english isnt the best, but im tryin hard.

It would be  a pleasure to see the forge again, im waitin and waitin till the last delays ( no front ! ).

Im Playing League of Legends / Shakes & Fidget / Yugioh Duel-Links / Star Wars Battlefront II next to my activity on Discord & the Forum.


My Discord Name is : YungGrapey#6618

Good Luck frens :)




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I would be glad to help.

I played Battleforge from the 2010  and i loved every minute I spent playing the game. buy i really like the PVE more, when i start to playing PVP and getting good the game closed. but mostly PvE.

At the moment I'm in college but i only 1 class every day, so i have mutch time.

My Discord name is: WadanYO#6776


thank you.


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Im from hungary and im 20 years old. My english is not perfect so please forgive my mistakes.

I played battleforge for about 3 years, and i played a ton of pve. I played pvp too mostly 2v2. My favourite was a green deck with deepcoil worm my first big card :D .

When summer starts (2-3 weeks to go) Ill have all the time in the world. But right now too i have plenty of free time.

My discord is: MrKrumpli #1709

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Just short facts:

1. i know how testing really works. (Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical Engineering and Information Technology)

-> more than 8 programming languages and could maybe give some hints while reporting.

2. RTS experience since Starcraft and mainly RTS player. (Best: SC2 Diamond League in BETA, #74 EU in Heroes of the Storm)

3. Waiting since january for BF and just play other games to shorten my waiting time.(loved the PvE story!)

4. Work full-time as engineer and can only play in the evening or weekends.


Name: Kampffussl #8238

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Hi there!

My name is Matt, 24 years old from the UK.

I played Battleforge from when the demo first released on their website, to the days of the servers shutting down. This was one game I invested a lot of time in to, as well as money to be able to build lots of different decks and test different strategies with each element. There was a group of 4 of us who played the game every week, replaying PvE maps and random PvE to earn upgrades for our decks, and try out new decks that we hadn't used before. I also played a lot of 1v1 PvP and 2v2 PvP with my friend, which we look forward to doing again. So in regards to my experience with Battleforge - I have played every map and mode in this game multiple times, and used most if not all cards outside of the Forge, took part in lots of trading, Auction House usage, and of course, seeing how much chaos I can cause in the Forge.

I can dedicate a lot of free time to this game, which includes 3-5 hours in the week after work and all day on a weekend if needed. Gaming is my primary hobby so this would be fine with me. I see my girlfriend 2-3 times a week, but any other time I am available for stress testing.

So why should you pick me over someone else? I will be an active member of the beta testing, and put many hours in to this game over the course of the 4 years it was online for. Therefore I am experienced with all aspects of the game, and will be able to provide clear, in depth feedback regarding any bugs or errors I find during testing.

Discord Username: The Prior#4904

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Hello there!

I would really like to help out with the inactive player issue! 

But why do  i want to help out? : I would love to help out because Battleforge was my favorite game in my childhood, i loved to play it with friends.

Why should you pick me?: I love gaming, i started playing games when i was 7, i invest as much as i can into gaming, and really enjoy it! I like to interact with other peoples, which you should be able to see on discord :D 

How much free time can you dedicate? At the moment i can invest up to 6 hours a day into gaming, at weekends i like to invest even more.

Why do i have so much time? Im done with my Exams, and we will have Holidays pretty soon.

Whats my experience with battleforge? I loved to do PVE Speedruns, playing pvp with or against friends and opening boosters ofc! :D 

What games do i play? : At the moment i play a lot of Fortnite because there is no other game which i would like to invest time into.(If i get the chance to join the CB i will try to focus on Battleforge and put Fortnite aside)

My Discord: @Leamox#9700 

Gl to everyone! 

See you in the Forge soon! :) 

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Hey team, 

I've already talked with some of you about possible helping with debugging in the project. I'm 23 years old and from the Netherlands.

I finished my masters computer science last february but didn't have enough networking experience to be able to help in this stage. I told fiki I would still be following the project and possibilities to help you guys, so here is my application :)

Battleforge was the first game I paid for because I liked the co-op PvE so much (I normally only play F2P). I have not played much PvP back then, but battleforge got taken down i have played similar PvP games like red alert/startcraft/clash royale. 

At this point my day consists of complete free time because I'm in the period after graduating and before having a job. And even when I find a job I will have evenings free to help testing. 

Discord username: oehoi#9562

edit: forgot the #after the discord username

Edited by oehoi

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I've been keeping track of this project since October last year.

I loved playing this game when I was in college, alot of fond memories when Renegade came out and I got a Forest Elder in one of my packs (PURE NATURE! WOOO! XD ). I loved playing PvP with friends and even got all the way to Archon rank in PvE (Token grinding was such a chore xD )

I can donate roughly 4-8hrs per day depending on the day (Less on Thursdays and Fridays) and I'm in the GMT timezone.

Sorry there isn't much here, I'm not very good at talking about myself. Feel free to ask me questions.

My Discord is: ~Atyaor, the Huntress~#6289

Hope to see you all in The Forge soon.



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So here it goes ...

I was a "BattleForge" player for many years. I was 11 or 12 years old and at the moment I'm 20 years old.
Like everything in life, there are games that come and go. Unfortunately "Battleforge" was one of those. Before I had all the game cards on all the decks and also the gold-bordered cards, but unfortunately one day when I came back to the game, it did not open any more. I invested a lot of money myself. In December of 2017 I discovered this community and now I'm sitting here writing to try to be lucky to try again, but this time "Skylords".
I have a lot of free time because I'm waiting for my computer course to open, so I'm at home.
I apologize for my English.

My name is no discord: TheDream # 8159

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i am in ,active ,active ,acrive with lot of time for BF(2hours+ per day) ,played both pve and pvp when server was ON ,have lot of kind of hardware for testing(PCs) , nofearek9#5559

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I'm 23 (turning 24 next month) I'm from Italy, and i'm watching this project going since 2015, and I checked almost everyday for hot news, even a single information about an invitation or an open beta. I first played the old BF when i was 15, with 3 friends of mine, and i fell in love instantly with the game, that graphics in 2009 was pretty much cool tho, the style of the cards, XXL creatures, the unique gameplay, and much more.  I had so much fun with this game, but also painful and stressful moments, when i lost ALL my cards (i had like every Lost Soul/Renegade/Nature/Shadow card, and EA just answered me with "We don't know nothing". After that i abandoned the game, but coming back a year later with new friends to begin a fresh start, even after years i felt the same sensation like the first day. When EA announced the shutting down, I do not lie here, i felt a piece of my gaming history gone to ashes. But this project bringed up new hope for me, and all of us in this forum, so if i'm lucky enough i'll be glad to give an hand by testing it.

I have plenty of free time to dedicate to it.

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Hey there,

my name is Andreas, I'm 25 years old and from Germany. The reason why I want to help with testing Battleforge/Skylords Reborn? Pretty simple, because it's one of the best games ever (imo). A few months ago i discussed with a friend of mine which good card games are out there and we both remembered Battleforge so we looked if there was anything similar and guess what?! We found out that Skylords Reborn is trying to bring the game back! So here are some reasons why I would like to join the CB.

  • I'm studying and have free days on Monday and Friday as well as only one lecture on Wednesday (weekend is also free ofc :P) and am willing to spent most of that time, so about 6-8h on that days, maybe even more
  • I'm not playing any other games right now since I'm looking for a good one (like Battleforge)
  • My English is quiet good so i won't have trouble at the communication with other players/staff.
  • I had a lot of experience playing all PvE Maps in old Battleforge (also rPvE 10) and was around platin/greenish medal in PvP
  • Watching streams from Ultra and co. all day just to cry about not beeing able to play 
  • Wrote some test reports for a company after my Abitur
  • Have some knowledge in programming with c/c++ (and matlab) and wrote some small programms
  • I love Card- / Strategy- Games

Well, that's it right now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on Discord:  Seyohu#0212


Best regards and a big THX for bringing the game back


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Cheers :). So basically i'd like to help you in the development of the game.

This will be a complete new experience for me, as i didn't really work in any major project, but i'd like to give you a hand and see a game grow before me.

My experience with the game is pretty null. I used to play it in 2011 or 2012 and i only played PvE. After i got bored of it, i eventually forgot about it completly. Some time passed and my cousin, who actually introduced me to the game, told me about this project called "Battleforge Reborn" about 2 years ago and i became extremly hyped about it. I began loving the game like crazy, even though i barely had any time spent in it while it was alive. 

I'm still in highschool and i'd like my free time to be spent in something productive. Also, i have nothing else to play right now and i could spare 2-3 hours a day, at least, for Skylords.

My Discord username is Cold Fusion#7818

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Best regards.
I hereby submit my Application.

My name is Lotte and I'm 28 years old.
Come from beautiful Germany (Saxony-Anhalt)
I also played Battleforge very often from beginning to end.
Even then, I was close beta tester until the release and of course had lots of experience collecting and knew instantly, the fire will be my favorite deck.

I will play PvE and PvP.
My weight will be more on PvE.

Currently I work from home.
So I'm sitting on the computer almost every day for more than 12 hours and have plenty of time to test the game.

I know that you can not only play the game, but you should also test if there will be any bugs and this must be reported as soon as possible.
I am very active in Discord and have been donating to Patreon for quite some time(Lothar Herzau).
I would be very honored if I participated in the test program and could thus make my contribution.
Knowing the game, I'll try a few things to see if my fire deck really works as it should.
My discord name is: Lotte2525#3139

So I say goodbye to my favorite card "Fire Dancer"

Best regards. Lotte

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Good evening InsaneHawk

I've been following Skylords Reborn for a few months and feel like I would be beneficial to the Closed Beta group.

The main reasons I think this way is due to the following 3 reasons;

1, I'm from Australia, so I can test the game with a reasonable amount of lag and how it affects gameplay (Assuming the servers are based in the USA and EU)
2, I can stream the game and get it out there that this is something that is happening. I've been streaming for a few months now and have a semi-professional setup and a small community.
3, While not streaming throughout the week, I have plenty of time to test, from 10am till 10pm most days, as I cannot currently work or study due to chronic migraines. The only times I would just straight up not be able to test is if my migraines are flaring up and preventing me from doing much of anything, let alone test.

On top of that, I had plenty of experience with Battleforge back when it was open and was incredibly saddened to see it had been shut down, when I went back to play it in 2014. 

I mostly played PvE, because I didn't enjoy PvP from any game back then. Since then, my mind has been changed and I enjoy both PvE and PvP in most games. However, in my PvE playing of Battleforge, I had cleared most maps in Advanced and some in Expert. 

My Discord name is Emoir#8663 (Changed due to Nitro running out) 

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I'm a communicative 22y/o person who'd love to help in the developement of the game. I've played Battleforge a few hours PvE and a few rounds of PvP back then but I'd love to play it again. Similar games I've played ALOT: Starcraft 2, Northgard, Total war franchises, Warhammer 40000. If I become inactive I would say it so that someone else can take my spot but I doubt it because if I get into the closed beta I would atleast play the PvE part. If the PvP is stable I'd give it a try aswell.

I'm a student who has plenty of free time. I could play up to 20 hours a week if the game gets me hooked.

if you need to know my country for ping reasons: germany
Greetings Andony#1567

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