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Closed Beta Applications

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I follow this project since it was released, i really, really want to make this happen, it means very much for me.

At the time, Battleforge was the only online game in my life, what has the potential to grab me, and not drop me off so early. I played this game from the release day to the day when it was die forever. Invited friends, and played together, it was so much fun, I read all the lore, tell my friends what a beautiful and detailed game it was, and ofc make so many versions of decks, and discuss it with my friends. It's all about pure fun, that's what I call game develop, this game.

So, that's the reason, why I want to be a part of this as early as possible, because it's more important for me, than every other title in the universe.

I have 2-3 hours of a day to test, its usually go to other games, from my free time what is about 5-6 hours/day, and if I got a chance to test, Im gladly use my gaming time for grinding Diamond from Skylords Reborn.

Thank you for everything, even if I does chosen, even if it doesn't.

My discord tag is: Ranzor#3106

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Hi there

I only recently discovered this project. I'm glad you are doing this since BF is great and I'd like to participate and help.
I've played BF for some years but my friends and I only played PvE trying to master our coop play. That is also where I would lay my focus on, testing what I knew and used frequently.

  • I'm a software engineer for over 20 years, experienced in a wide area of systems and techniques, currently doing .NET/SharePoint.
  • I'm also confident in writing and testing use cases. Therefore I think, I can enrich the team with my experience.
  • I'm fluent in German and English.
  • I might not be able to donate as much time as others, but quality over quantity.

For my participation it depends on the dates.

  • Currently I'm still employed and would be able to dedicate 10 to 20 hours per week (mostly evenings and weekends).
  • Starting 22th of June I'd be able to dedicate up to 5 hours daily.
  • After the 5th of July I begin traveling for a few month and won't have time at all until November.

Kind regards,

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Hey guys =)


My Name is Sascha i'm 23 years old from Germany.

Why you should take me and not the others is the question? The Fastes answer is becaus i have to mutch Freetime. ^^

i can Spend 7-10H per Day (becaus i quit my job last week beccaus i needet some time to calm down) to finding bugs and try to help to Improve this.

and now to my Battleforge Experience.

I played a lot of years Battleforge but mostly PVE.


My Discord Name is: WarriorOfIce#6099


so this was my Application =)

your sincerely:

WarriorOfIce , Sascha


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Hey all, launi #8570 here,

i heared you are looking for new testers? Well here is the reason Why you should pick me: Atm i have like 8 hours+  per day to spend for testing because i just  finished university and my new job just starts in October. I played Battleforge from the very begining till the Server got shut down. I reached the highest pve rank (Platinum 3 i Think ?) And was low plat in PvP  ( i was more into pve). I had easily over 1000 hours in this game. I still have great knowledge about this game and im sure i would be able to help you guys out a lot.

With kind regards 


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Hi dear skylords team.

I'm following this project for a long time, and i'm pretty hyped for the release.

The reason for this hype is simple i loved the old battleforge and played it excessively  focussing not only on pvp but aso on pve speedruns.

I am able to dedicate a lot of time (prob atleast 4 hrs/ day + multipe pc buids usable for stresstesting) into bug- detecting and stress testing since i'm studying at the university :p. I also would like to

support this project and  this would be a nice opportunity. In the downtime of battleforge (from 2013 onwards) i played a number of different games including not only rts games which helped me to get a very good idea on the different approaches in the industry. 


ps: my discord account isAnonymos#4170

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I wait so long for play even if a little. If u choose me, I can recruit more people who I now, cuz i would show them the game on monitor, not only on web. Also If u give me the permission I can straem game, so more people would me interested. I don't have much experience, but i really like to help speed up your work, and stat open beta for everyone. When i played BF i preferences
PVE more than PVP. I can play about 4h-5h daily.

Discord user: @Murhaaja#2280

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Hey InsaneHawk and the Skylords Team 

My name is LenoXG I'm 18 Years old from Germany. 

I started playing Battleforge just a couple Months before the Game decided to close in 2013.
I always liked the RTS Genre since i was a kid played a lot of CoC,Age of Empires,The Total War Series so Battleforge was a perfect match for me.Battleforge was alot of Fun for me and my Friends since we all could play together for free 
My Best Friend played the Game way before me so i had the luck to learn how the game Works by him and i had a pretty easy start since i didn't have much time to play the game i only experiecend the PVE of the Game and never got into the PVP Part of Battleforge.

The things i can give u as a Beta Tester is:

  • I'm at home all day (No Life FeelsBadMan) playing around 8+Hours everyday 
  • Alot of Experience in PVE RTS (i never played alot of RTS Online vs Other People)
  • Speaking German/English
  • Having Twitter/Reddit to talk about experience with others and advertise the Game
  • Having a Livestream Setup (German) but pretty Small with around 100 Follower and i had on active Streaming Times around 5 Watchers






I would love to finally play the Game again and hope to hear from you soon

Best Regards LenoXG

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Hey there, my name is Jacob.

I joined BattleForge somewhat late when EA still had their hands on it. I played for a little more than the last year it was available in 2013. Finally a friend of mine sent me a link that a small group of people were trying to recreate BattleForgeReborn, and instantly a wave of nostalgia hit me of all the good times I had playing it. Of course there were some things I didn't like about it, but the overall experience of the game makes me think of a live action Magic: The Gathering game, but much simpler. Definitely something I wanted to get back into.

When BattleForge was still up, I mostly played PvE because I've always been into games that require a lot of time invested in them (Maplestory, Runescape, etc.), but I also dabbled in PvP. I played Maplestory for a good 7 or 8 years, Runescape I played here and there for a few years when my friends wanted to play it as well. I've always been somewhat of a minimalist, and in that way I really enjoy breaking down a game and seeing all of the little bugs and exploits that make a game memorable. For example, I grew up playing games like the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on N64, and I just can't seem to enjoy the newer versions that have been released on 3DS as much as I did the original game. All of the little bugs and glitches that gamers and speedrunners use were and still are a big part of my experience when playing a game, and I've always enjoyed taking my time with a game to see everything it has to offer.

I am 21 years old, currently working 20-30 hours a week, and I am not a student. Never really was interested in college (in America), probably never will be. Because of this, my schedule is very flexible, allowing me to invest as much time as I'd like in projects such as this one. Typically I am a night owl, so I find myself to be awake all hours of the night playing video games, writing music or anything else I'd want to do in my free time. I could easily spend 4-8+ hours a day on this project, regardless of weekend or weekday.

I've been up to date with the developer updates even before the forum was created, and every update and video released rekindled the fire that I have for this game. I'm honored to be a part of BattleForgeReborn's Patreon page, and I just can't wait to get started - beta or full release! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my application.

Discord: Pandatarius#2790

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Hello, my name's Sebastian

I would be glad to help test the game, I've been around for a very long watching the development of it and I am looking forward to it's release.

I have a lot of free time now cause I don't have any occupation now and I would dedicate a lot of it to testing the game, especially in weekdays. Additionally if streaming would be allowed I'd be happy to stream my testing.

I have played a lot of BattleForge in the past, but mostly the PvE missions. I have played it with my friends and we had a blast. I really enjoyed the game for it being a card game(I am a fan of MTG) and an RTS where you don't have to micromanage so many things, like in warcraft or starcraft and you can just focus on the strategy and the deck building more.

My Discord username is: Azarak#9654

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I am David.

Thanks for this awesome chance.

I first saw Battleforge on the Gamescom in Germany when Phenomic first announced it.

I then palyed it untill the End. I played all the Kampange maps on highest difficulty and also did some decent pvp.
I had unlocked all Upgrades with PVP Ranking. (Was for a short time in the top 20 but it did not hold long.)

I actually spend about 120€+ For the game and was very disapoointed when they closed it.

I have spend about 200h+ for Battleforge then.

Right now I work just 5h a day from home and after that I play computergames because thats what I love.
I played Battletech für 80h in the last 2 Weeks.

I would play as much as I can when I get invited.
Normaly I can garantuee playing Battleforge from 6-8pm German Time. Also from 12am-3pm German Time.
After 8pm I play with my freinds untill 12pm. After your last Beta anouncment I actually took myself some vacation from work to play Battleforge :D
Sadly it did not happen.

But I am even more greatfull that even after some trouble you are doing awesome work to bring this game back alive.

Also I am playing computer  and boardgames since 2003 and got much experiance in all kind of games.


I mostly play Strategy games and I nearly played every turn based stretegy game or card based stretgy game ever created bevor 2016. Becuase after that they pumped up so much shit I can not belive someone is still spending money on it.
I would love to give you guys as much feedback as I can!

Thanks for the Great work!


Discord ID: Scorpion#2284


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Hello Guys,

My Name is Johann and im 18 Years old and im from Germany, spending way too much time on my Computer and extremely exited for the open beta.

I am very happy, that there finally is an application procedure. I`ve not been active in the forums or the discord, just reading messages, checking dev posts waiting for the open beta announcement.

I started playing BF when i got into the 7th grade and actually met 2 guys in the game, that were in my class and this was really a relief because i didnt have any friends in the new class and now i had 2 and we are still really close friends now, thanks to BF. Thats why i was really sad, that BF was shut down by EA.

When i heard of you guys wanting to revive the game i was so so happy and i really want to help get the game to open beta and more and help discovering bugs. At the Moment I am waiting for positive answers on applications i sent, so i have huge amounts of freetime to play the game (like 6+ hours a day) at least until September and trust me i will be playing it alot, because I really am bored with like 90% of the games I have at the moment like League of Legends, PUBG or CSGO, etc. BF was the only Game to date that i could play hours and hours on end without getting tired or bored and i got into alot of trouble with my parents because of that, because i should have focussed on school not on games, but i couldnt help myself, because i loved BF. I played mostly PVE and some PVP, but never got that into PVP, but i really want to change that.


So yeah thats all i can say right now to convince you at the moment if you still have questions, please ask me. Thank you for your consideration


My Discord Name is: HartzIVLifestyle#4595

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Hi there, 

Back in the Days I played from Beta till the Server went offline. I participated in a few community challenges on the official forums. My old nickname was ThePsychoDad. I no lifed PVE and did a bit of PVP. 

In PVE I played every fraction on every difficulty and did a lot of teach runs or strategy theory crafting. 

I'd love to help you guys out in finding and reporting Bugs, testing settings and having fun with the community. 

I can spend 4 hours per Weekday and a lot of hours on the Weekends. I am currently working full-time that's why I have more time on the Weekends. I am 31 years old very dedicated and a nice guy. 

I'm able to stream or record my Games if necessary. 

My Discord tag is: Tiu | Mikel#9448


Best regards 

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I played battleforge a lot when i was younger and would love to help out with the testing , 

i study in it but at the moment and next year i only have 4 classes of 4 hours so i have a lot of spare time
i should be able to play from 2-6 hours a day depending on school or my mood

i used to play a lot of pve and some pvp but i had more fun playing pve , 

over the years i've played some starcraft, play planetary annihilation competitive for some time and some supreme commander.  
so i have some experience with rts games and always have a lot of fun in them especially in battleforge

 i hope i can help in the closed beta but would get if i don't really qualify for the beta

My discord name is silvergerma#2002

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Guest Sineray
On 2/6/2018 at 12:01 AM, MrXLink said:

Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies, Skythings!

As promised on our Discord server, we hereby bring you a different kind of Closed Beta access giveaway, in order to give active forum members and non-discord members a chance to get into closed beta as well, before Open Beta is upon us. 

Please note that this giveaway rewards active forum members. This means that your forum contributions and activity will help you have a bigger chance to be picked in the giveaway. Forum members that are active will gain a higher % chance to win; however it is completely possible that a non-active member wins as well. We will roll for active/less active first, then for a win in said group.

The giveaway starts NOW and lasts until midnight CET (24h from now). Winners will be announced when results have been calculated. The thread will be locked, and winners will be contacted through PM.
There will be 3 winners. We will pick 3 winners at the end of this event and contact them through PM. Posts after 24h will not count.
Forum and Discord blacklists apply to this giveaway.
Multiaccounting is strictly forbidden and may result in being blacklisted. This applies even if only one account enters the giveaway!
There will be future giveaways like this!

To enter, all you have to do is reply to this topic!
Good luck out there, Skylords, and hope to see you in the forge soon!


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Hi Skylords,
you have to get me into the beta because thats what my workplace looks like.
It's the Battleforge loading screen on a giant mouse pad.
Okay, just kidding. Now we are getting serious.
I would like to be in the beta because I love this game, I played PvE and PvP but mostly PvE because my friends liked to play with four people doing Bad Harvest. We all had a really good time playing this game farming all the goodies the game had to offer.
I have a job and I only work from Monday to Thursday from 8 to 15 and therefore I have much time to spend on video games. What could it be better to play this super awesome game called Battleforge again and spend my free time farming these wonderful cards?
So therefore I could and I would dedicate a minimum of three hours a day and more on the free of work days to play this game.
Therefore I would really like to be part of the closed beta team.
My discord tag is: Frosthor#4599
See you all in the Forge Skylords, sooner or later but hopefully sooner. :-)
Kind regards and all have a wonderful day.
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hi guys 

im very happy to hear this :D

so of course i would love to be one of the recruits , have been palying bf very activley back in the days, mostly PvP on high elo.

i was a very active, competitive game throughout different games mostly rts/strategy related.

and love to give precise and valuable feedbakc to improve the project. 

aswell i studied software engineering at T-Systems, so i do have an understanding whats happening behind all the pretty graphics :P

for now im working part time, so i can spare some hours, getting busier though. lets say 10-20hours/week

hopefully see you soon in the forge


cheers bash

edit: bashtime#0947

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Hi There

My name's Bloodtinge (Discord Bloodtinge#7635)

I'm very interested in helping out the beta testing process for this ongoing development. Not only can I provide consistent and evaluative work at a high rate, but also as this will be my first interaction with the series- I believe that my input will be both intuitive and revealing focusing on aspects that perhaps a veteran of the series who may be too "deep in the forest, to see the trees."

I would enjoy being able to be a part of the engoing development process- there's such a great community I can see, and would gain an insight to the stepping stones till full completion. 

I can offer 3-5 hours per week in terms of playtime, increasing in the late June period.

if you have any questions or enquiries, please don't hesitate to message me!

Many thanks


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Finally! I've been waiting and watching for ages as you guys make progress and I'm so glad you've all made it this far. BF was one of my favourite games for years and years. I didn't spend the time on it that I really should have as I was too busy being sucked into MMO's at the time! I was mainly playing PvE but had started getting involved in the PvP side also and was really enjoying it. I'm really eager to get back into it, there's nothing else like the game that I've seen.

I live in Scotland and during the day for work I'm a Wintel Engineer. I've been playing games for more than is probably healthy for nearly 30 years now. I've been in a lot of "beta" tests and for me it's easy to tell when something needs genuinely tested and when it's being used as a soft-launch of a game. I understand you guys will be looking for the former and I can provide that info whenever I come across something not working as intended. I'll have shadowplay running the entire time so I can record anything that happens and I'm more than happy to do a write up in whatever section of the forum/discord is needed to bring attention to it. I've been doing the same for Star Citizen recently and going through the Issue Council to help with reproducing bugs and adding to reports there.

I'll be likely to spend between 2 to 4 hours in game during the week with significantly more at the weekend (I'm usually at the computer for at least 12 hours at the weekend). Time will vary obviously but I'll do what I can to help test the game and help us all get toward the goal of having a successful open beta, that's what we all want at the end of the day right?!


I'm available on discord pretty much all day, my tag is Korgath#7058


Good luck going through all these responses, gonna take you guys a while! And even if you guys decide not to include me in the closed beta please understand you won't get rid of me so easily ;) - I'll be right there banging at the door when the date for open beta comes!

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Hey mod team

As a kid i absolutely adored this game, playing it religiously from the start of the renegade xpac(i think, not quite sure) till the end. I remember having bought BF points and using them to buy every single card in the game, of course i was just a kid so my parents wouldnt let me spend too much money on it. Instead i sold the cards i had already tried out, to buy more cards to try, i just wanted to play with every single card. Played Encounters with Twillight and Mo way too many times, even completed them on expert (the Mo map was a pain in the ass on expert). 

Anyways my love for the battleforge has not faltered(very cliché, i know),  i've been following this project since the summer of 2015 when i stumbled upon a post on reddit mentioning the project. I haven't been contributing much to the community nor the project as a whole but i have been watching from the sidelines the whole time. 

As for the more practical stuff, i will probably be able to play at least 1-3 hours day. The time i have each vary a lot. Sometimes i'll be able to play a lot more, other days i wont be able to play at all due exams, vacations etc. I want to contribute to the project and figured this was a great chance to give something back to the community(and getting to play my favourite game as kid would be a HUGE bonus) , I will do my best to help out with the project to the best of my ability. 

So i hope im picked for the closed beta, sincerely Draiper

Discord name: Sour?

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My discord name is: TheKnox#2208,

My time zone is GMT +3. 

I can dedicate 5 hours a day for beta testing.

I can start working as a beta tester at 18:30.

My experience with BattleForge:

I mainly used to play Pve at the time and I had some experience with Pvp as well. Regardless, I am knowledgeable in both Pvp and Pve and will have no problem testing both of them.                        My entire experience with BattleForge rounds up to about 2 years.

 You should take me because I love BattleForge. I can assure you that with the help of my absolute dedication, this game is going to be the best bug-free masterpiece that we all deserve.

In addition, I have no problem recording and screenshotting the system flaws for reference purposes and bug reporting.

My recording quality is 1080p HD 60FPS.

My PC has no problem running the game in every quality possible.





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Oh perfect timing, the name's Kulf, studied diploma in computer programming before so I believe I can understand what game interactions can cause major issues with the game or server, used to play Battleforge every day after collage till the game got shut down no thanks to EA.

So as for how much free time, I can sink about 5-6 hours of play-testing everyday when I got the chance to do so. Been waiting to play this game for months, never liked LoL or fortnight sort of game because they're not as unique as Battleforge's RTS card based game, honestly looking forward to play this game again.

I've only ever played PvE maps in BattleForge, never a fan of PvP at all, as I love to think of interesting ways to combo cards together to reach their potential, usually pvp is too short to have these opportunities happen unlike PvE maps does.

Can find me as Kulf#5351 on Discord if you need to contact me for more questions.

Edited by Kulf
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Hello to all of you

I`m Robin Müller , 24 years old and from switzerland. (quite good english aswell tho if this is necessary for reviews)

i played BF from the very beginning ( even bought the game back when it wasnt free...but got promos :) ) until almost the end ( because no one was online anymore :( 

I have currently holidays as i finished my studies and wont start work until mid july. i`m away one week during that time tho and wont be able to play at this time. 

i can dedicate some hours every day. sometime more, sometimes less but i would say about 2-3h a day.

i only have the very basic  programming skills so i`m afraid but i wont be able to help in that way if you`re looking for that skill. 

all i can offer you guys is my passion and my time. Great to see you guys made progress and if i`m not a chosen one for closed beta, i`m sure open beta isnt that far away :)

kind regards  asmodieus

My Discord name: asmodieus#4293


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I have plenty of time on my hands to help out with the testing. I am a student and also a Twitch streamer and I would love to add this into my routine. My motivation for helping to test this game and see it's revival through is honestly nostalgia. Battleforge is an extremely fun game being the only one of its type and I would love to be a cog in the machine that brings this baby back to the world of gaming.

I don't know what the requirements are as a tester, if we are to report our findings once a week in the discord via voice chat, please be advised that timezones may create issues for me being in Australia. On the other hand, being in Australia may let me encounter different issues due to latency. I have seen games in the past which people who 'lag' have considerable changes in their experience whether it be directly related to latency or the latency introducing new bugs into the mix. I believe this could be used as an advantage, it may help the devs squash more bugs and ultimately ensures people from the other side of the world can enjoy the game when it is reintroduced by Skylords Reborn.

As I have said on these forums in the past, as well as the discord and even DMs months ago to many members of the team, I am a passionate content creator who would relish in the opportunity to bring this to my channel.
I personally believe that channels are an awesome way to gather collective information, whether that be encountered bugs or even what the community would like to see. Therefore helping dev choices or knowledge in the present or future regarding the game. 
My experience with Battleforge is quite vast. I played it for a three years right up until its shutdown. Both PvE and PvP are areas in my knowledge as it was my main game during the time I played. 

I have been patiently waiting, being a dormant potato, for an opportunity like this. Thank you for considering my application :hypetrain:

Discord name: Potato#3522

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Dear Dev Peoples,

            I'm one of the weird ones from across the pond, living in Las Vegas, USA.  I pre-ordered BF when it first came out and spent some money during release enjoying the game.  I was by no means a hardcore player in either PvE or PvP.  I played a lot more PvE than PvP but I never really pushed in the PvP.  Most other games I play I enjoy both aspects equally but I think I'd need more training and teaching in PvP to be proficient in it.  I sure want to be able to Bully Ultrakool in PvP for all the people he has bullied in beta.  I joined soon after the forums went up but only checked in now and then to see progress.

I'm pretty available almost every day for a varying amount of hours.  Being that I am in Vegas and my job, I work weird hours that can vary but I am often free in the evenings/early mornings (PST).  I have free time anywhere from two hours to eight hours.  But during that time I need to afk for things so in eight hours it wouldn't be straight eight hours.  So the time I am free won't be the same day to day, week to week, but I will have hours free most of the time.

So now the big question.  Why me?  First...as I mentioned before...Someone needs to bully Ultra and maybe other Mods in game!  Okay, honestly though...

I'm a casual player when it comes to most games.  Sure I can play a lot but I play it in a casual way.  I won't sit and grind maps 300 times in a row for a .01% upgrade or something.  I'd rather try new, fun things to enjoy my game even more.  I'm a vocal socializer.  I enjoy teaming up with random people.  I help others in hopes they will help me (or others).  I could sit there and open packs all day, find my account reset the next day, and be just as happy opening more packs to start anew.
I've tested plenty of other games.  Sure, I treat it like playing a game.  But I do not skirt my duty of reporting bugs as I plod merrily along my way.  Treating this like work when I'm not getting paid would be a disservice to the game because I'm sure I, like so many others, would not enjoy testing or even playing the game.  The server crashing or being offline isn't that big of a deal.  I have things or other games to hold me over til someone wakes the gerbil up.
If I'm not in game but around, discord or B.net or steam is always on so you can yell at me to come join you in something too.


Discord is Swanea #3700.  My B.net or steam would be on my user profile here.

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