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Closed Beta Applications

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Greetings, my name is László. I am currently 22 years old, from Hungary.
I dont have a job yet, I am studying at University as a programmer.

I usually play story driven games, and 3DS games, because I travel a lot week by week.
However this summer I have a lot freetime, so I can test this game. I am not a huge "multiplayer game fan",
but I remember I played a lot Battleforge, and it was one of the most amazing game at the time.
I really liked the battleforge community, and I was there when EA shut down the servers in the last game.

To tell the truth I've never been a beta tester, I did report bugs in some games, but I have not too much experience in that.
So why you need me? Honestly, I can't prove that you need me, but two heads are better than one, so if you need me
I would gadly join.

Thank you soo much for your work,
That you made this dream come true.

[Discord: PitykePadavan #2056 ]

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Posted (edited)

Hey Guys,


I'm Paul from Germany, 20 years old and super excited to be playing this game again (sooner or later ;)).

I'd enjoy assisting with getting this game into a playable state and having us all back to being able to play asap.

I've been playing BattleForge for multiple years (almost exclusively PvE).


As a Computer Science student and Application-developer, I do have reasonable Experience with (explorative-)testing.

I also have participated in multiple closed betas such as Magic Arena to name the last and while it was in a very clean and stable state at the time I joined I did manage to find and report 2 minor bugs.


Since my project at work is basically on hold for now I only have to take care of college and have plenty of free time (I'd guess 10-20 hours) I can dedicate to testing.


It would be a good idea to pick me since I'm taking this seriously, I'm highly motivated and mostly due to my experience with testing!

My Discord name is 420gamer#1140.


Best Regards and good luck to everyone!

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Posted (edited)

Hello there !


I'm Renaud, french 23yo student in my last year of engineering school. I love computing and I intent to work in this field (in fact I already do it in my final internship).

I have developped many small games and application, so I kind of know how games works. Most of all, I know how to explain a bug and how to reproduce it.


I used to play BattleForge as a kid. When I tried to show a friend what the game used to be, I had the pleasure to see that you guys were actually trying to make BattleForge great again !

I would love to help you to do an amazing job at this game. It's not much but I'll be able to spend 7 to 10 hours per week helping you.


Concerning my gaming preference, I usually rather playing PVE than PVP.


I honnestly think you would be a good choice on taking me in the team, but I can understand if than 10 hours/week is not enought.


Kindly :)

Dinonosaur [ Discord :- Dinonosaure#2799 ]

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Hello, my name is Alex Im from Germany and Im 18 years old

I can remember in my childhood times that I played Battleforge with my older brother and we loved it.

Why you should you take me? I am still going to school and I'm close to my holidays, so I have enough free time to spend on the project .

I think I'm reliable and will set much energy into this project

I will note the bugs, that i see and send it to Kubik or other devs.

I would love to be part of this  open beta.

I got a lot of Battleforgeexperience in the past that may can be usefull now. 

Love you guys <3


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I was hesitant to apply at first but since I have a lot of free time in the upcoming months (3-5 months ahead).

PlainVenom#7432 is my discord and I can always be caught on there either through my phone or on PC.

A bit about me:

My name is Jonas, I am a danish guy who has gone on summer break and is in school. I love playing games, and I always have (Think I always will)
My school has a lot of free time and my workload isn't too big to not have free time. I study Technology at my school and have picked English and Math as particular skills. (Don't know how to explain this weird school system). I can dedicate around 3+ hours every weekend, and most days until maybe august I can dedicate 3+ hours every day maybe less. When I start school by then it gets slightly harder but be it possible.
I am very dedicated when I set my mind to something, working out, gaming and or going for other goals. I can be a little special flower at times but will try to always put a smile on someones face as fun and happiness is very important to me. I am very outgoing and easy to talk to, I am mediocre/good at English. I speak it well but my writing is a little rusty.

My time in BattleForge.

I have played BattleForge for most of the duration of it's online time, I was pretty dedicated to the game but also shuffled other games as a lot of games just hit the market.
I was a very dedicated for most of the time, but would still classify myself as pretty casual as I didn't tryhard much or care too much for ranks nor best strategies or whatever.
My goal was always to fulfill the collective part of the game and aim for a full collection but never managed as I didn't have lots of moneys available at the time and didn't play too much or flip/use the AH.
Although I didn't play for all of it's duration I remember what BF was and will be for many and myself. I loved every second of it, I never felt a rage induced moment even after having to do some missions ten times bcs. my group failed. Didn't matter we had fun and I learned something new, how to approach, how to overcome, how to conquer. I mainly played PvE > PvP, because I am pretty bad at

Me over others?

Well I am pretty humble so I wouldn't say I am necessarily a better candidate than others. I would say that we could all be equally qualified.
What could make me slightly better even though I can be impatient at times is that I am dedicated and hardworking. I am pretty chill with people and don't get mad much.
I have some relations with the people behind it all and I've played plenty of the game (As have others). I have plenty time to do everything required and follow tasks that are set. I like finding crinky ways to "break" games or playing with the structural integrity of things. If it's overdoing something to see if I can force a crash or testing the same thing again and again to see if a different result could happen, I enjoy it, if it breaks it's fixable.

I am very familiar with some of the beta testers and some of the "founding fathers" and others that have been longtime involved.
Been playing some games with them and know them on a slight basis. I have followed this project for a longtime and have felt a strong connection to this community and how dedicated everyone involved is. I may not be the best candidate as I am a little impatient, but what I am asked I always do, even if it's at work or school, or in a scenario with bugs in testing. I've tested some things occasionally but is not the biggest tester, I have PLAYED a lot of betas/alphas although I dont believe that counts ;). I am not much into Computer Engineering or Programming, or any type of coding. I try to learn some of the basics through webpage coding, but it's nowhere near coding a game and it's server background. My understanding is that, this isn't required though.

If you ever have to pick someone else over me, I would never be mad. There is nothing to ever be mad about and I would never doubt your decision making, because of what it has lead to so far is great. In the end, we all get to enjoy this game again if everything goes to plan. If it's 6 months or 5 years I will be as dedicated to get back in the Forge.

- PV

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Hey Skylord teams :) 

First i have to say  i really love that are doing this ! 

I Love Battleforge and never thought of playing it again cause obvious reasons :(

Ok Lets start :

I am Janik from Germany. 21 years old and i will start my Apprenticeship later this year as IT Specalist with focus on application development.

Battleforge was on of the first games i played on my PC when i was younger. I loved the gameplay the Card Arts and the animations. I would say this game really got me into enjoying video games more than just the Video Game Fun purpose. I played more PVE than PVP  but at the end of Battleforge i started loving even PVP :)

Right now i have much free time and iam willing to spend it on testing and helping you to complete this Journey. It should be around 2-6 Hours every work day and on weekends more obviously. My Testing experience is quite large :) I test alot of early Access games on steam(a little indie lover here <3) , writing Feedback to the Developers (and iam not scared to say when i dont like stuff cause it has to be said too)

My Discord Name is Cloud#9072


I hope i can help u improve the game


best wishes 



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Hi my name is Jasmin, im 34 i live in Germany and im i wuld pls like to participate in the CB please.

For my beta exp i was in the CB ,OB or early acess in the folowing games:

- The Division (tsting), - The Mighty Quest for epic Loot (testing), - Paragon, -DOTA 2 - Heroes of The Storm -

Whate makes me so special hmmm, I´m a dude with an girly name :) . I hope thats special enough. And yeah i was addicted to bf , and I often doneted BFP and cards for the Communitiy chalanges that was held on the end of BF. 

Free time is a problem i can do 1 hour per day becouse of te work, Fridays 3hours + and on Weekends 10-15 Hours

In BF i played pvp and pwe. PVP i was mostly Bane sometimes above it. PWE i was playing all collors but my favorite was Nature. Rooting deck till t3 then Collossus, Elders and Wyerns get the job done.

My discrd is : Babo #1291

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Posted (edited)

Hi I'm Léa from France,


I'm fond of video games since I was little, I played Battleforge a while back in 2012 and I instantly fell in love with the game and play a lot until the servers were shut down.

I learned about Skylords Reborn a year ago when I was watching some replays in nostalgia of the good time. I joined the forum and lurked here and there, not talking much, I'm a bit shy introvert :unsure:.


I stream sometimes Rocket League recently, and other games now and then. I hope to be able to add Battleforge to the list. I participated the Open Beta of multiple games such as Faeria mainly, Hearthstone and other cards games.

I recently finished my exams and have a lot of free time.


I know I'm definitely not the best qualified person to find bugs but I know for sure that I would be ready to put all my energy and good will to do my best in helping the project! :)


Anyways, the work you did so far guys is awesome! Keep it up!

Good luck everyone :)


Discord: Pakome#5600


Edited by Pakome

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Hey Guys,

My Name ist Samuel from Germany and my english is not the best but i will try it xD, in Discord my name is kaserki#2777 . I Study computer Since and my Hobby is Playing Video Games.

i hope i can help u to make this  Projekt Great, better than the original. Maybe i can Help u with playing and love this game <3 or maybe with my programming skillz :D (i know is a nice joke xD)

Cause i study i can play a lot :D and can send u much feedback. I Hope we can play one day all together with ur great Project <3.

I dont know what i can say more xD 

i wish everyone good Luck 


Samuel <3

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Greetings everyone,

i will make this as short as possible, because you have more than enough to read i think. :D


My name is Samuel i am from Germany and i am 23. I am currently doing my apprenticeship as a IT specialist in developemnt.

Why me/My expirience: 

I would say i have some skills in stategie games espacially in BattleForge i played way to much back then. I loved to test stategies search for enemy blindspots and create decks for every single map and difficulty. I am not playing much at the moment because i have no games to play. I am not interested in any of the modern genre. Therefor i would spend all of my time to test and report. 

How much free time can i dedicate:

I would say up to 3h at a normal day and 4-6h at the weekend.

Experience testing:

A friend of mine is game graphic designer for a german company thanks to him two years ago i got the chance to test their game as a part time job.


Thanks for your time you are doing a great job keep this up. I know how painful it can be to fix bugs so take your time.



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Hey, Mike here or Michael.

First off, I'm very happy that you've given us the opportunity to play this awesome RTS card game once again :)

So why you should take me?  I'm 26 years old. Currently just working, coming home and gaming it up! I'm a huge gamer over 3k hours on league, 1.2k on ark, 500 on Dungeon defenders. hundreds on wc3, SC-II, D1,2, & 3, love AoE. i could go on with the variety of games i have played

I can dedicate between 4-6 hours a day if it needed on weekdays, weekend lets just say you can not kill that which has no life xD (south park ref).

If you need testing done to check an update send me a message on discord or email and i can hop on long as long as  im not working (NA East time zone). talking with voice is a lot easier for me rather than typing cause i suck at xD.

I used to play BattleForge when it was still around. I have a lot of experience in it with pve,pvp, pv Lvl 8-9, 10 was too hard for me to solo xD, I enjoy meeting new people and playing with friends, i hope you can add emojis to the game they're fun :D I've controlled my self on discord :) 

My Discord- LiquidFishhy#1390

PM for Email although you should have it already.

Please take breaks and don't stress your selves out #DevTeam. We the dedicated fans of Skylords will always be here take your time, and thank you for making this game playable again! <3

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Hi InsaneHawk & the whole team,

noxthard#6122 is my discord name and this is my application for the closed beta:

First of all some facts and numbers:

  • I'm a casual gamer 90% PvE, 10% PvP
  • I can spend about 5h a week for testing, every day about 0.5 to 1h
  • This would be my first closed beta test
  • I have some affinity to programming simple things in Java, VBA and SQL (my biggest project was to get the Lego mindstorm robot driving through a labyrinth autonom without collision, coded in Java in 2008) 
  • Last but not least I loved the whole game design of BF and want to support the comeback

Now, why you should take me?

Well I work as a mechanical development and testing engineer so my daily business is to test the things i designed. I would be happy if some of my experience and time will help to get a stable game.

As this is my first closed beta test i don't know if that make sense but i expect you to ask me to test this map or that function again and again and again ... until it works ... out of a sudden it brakes and then test again...

In any case you have my support as long as you are willing to make progress!

Finally i wish you a successful closed beta and taking the next step forward to bring back a gerate game.

Cheers, noxthard

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