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Closed Beta Applications

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Hello Skylords Reborn team,

as of today i decided to make an application finally aswell. First to my personal Info; I'm Sebastian or better known as Seibuza on Discord, I'm from germany and I'm 22 years old.

Now to the main part i guess, why did i apply for closed beta access and what are my experiences with testing a game?

Well thing is simple i like to play the game and i also can test it in one strike with that. I was a moderator for a smaller Pokemon MMO, in which i had to put down everything i pretty much did as a moderator in a log, so admins can check what i am doing. (can tell you more about it in PM if needed) .I used to test the maps and scripts for it aswell (via simply playing/interacting with npc and checking the map for bugs). Reporting those bugs were ofcourse one of the main elements as a tester. If i find one i try to replicate them aswell and try to learn more on how it happens so i can help the developer. I can upload videos from the bugs i found via youtube, which should help a developer more than alot of words to describe the situation (ofcourse they also will be given not just a plain video :P ). Another point that helps testing a game is speaking the language fluent...well i can speak german fluent, but i wouldn't say that to my english. It's enough to communicate with other people, so everyone gets what i'm trying to tell.


How much freetime can i dedicate?

Sadly i'm working from 7-16:30 CET on workdays (monday - friday), however after work i often play games till around 22:00 CET so it's alot of time i could invest into testing while the game still is in closed beta. Weekends depend on if i go out with friends or do other stuff, but most of the time i'm a nolifer and play games all time  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


My personal Battleforge experience:

My experience sadly is a long time ago, as for much of us. I started playing battleforge around when i was 13, short after the free to play change (for around 1 year in total than it was an on and off game for me). I really liked playing Pve, also a bit of PvP (mostly with a friend), i used fire/nature/frost and sometimes a mix of all colours for Pve. I'm by no means a good PvP player but i enjoyed the PvP for 2 players alot (my highest rank was like the lowest gold tier iirc) and i was a pure fire player :). I'm not an amazing PvP player but i know the game concept.


Discord Tag



TL;DR: you don't get one :troll:



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Hey Guys,

first things first: before i try to light myself in the best possible way i want to say a huge thank you for giving me back a hope to play this awesome game again.

It was super sad for me, when they shut the game down, not for the money i invested but for the game itself.

I played all the pve-stuff, tried multiple hours to get through dwarven riddle and such, and i reget nothing.

(I am super hyped, since i use the booster and saw that promo-cards could be available ~)

My name is Andreas, an old guy of 29 years with a job as a teacher under his belt.

I would play as much as possible under the weak, which would be around 2-3 hours daily, and on weekends like max. 5 hours. 

The biggest contra would be, that i am like 100% on the pve-maps. (Since i love to upgrade my cards)

So my deck would change permamentally and more or less each card is considered to be taken. 

The experience i have about bug finding and stuff is mostly from rpg-maker (holy, that eats time to fix...) and league of legends (always fun to find stuff there).

I sincerly hope, you will at least consider me.

If you have any questions, just ask :) 

Have a nice day ~

Andreas , Th3Buddha#7284

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My names Calvin, I'm 20 years old and from germany.

I love playing/streaming games, in fact i tested Some of World of Warcrafts Betas/Starcraft: 2 Legacy of the Void and some of the Starcraft: Warcraft III custom made maps aswell as Battlerites alpha and tried to keep in touch with the Developers as much as possibile as far as i encountered any bugs or had anything to suggest or simply an idea which might help fixing anything.
i dont really wanna go into detail with this but i got a chronical desease which basicly leads to me having alot of time to spend at the computer or rather free time in general  I am generally a rather skilled player in terms of gameknowledge and like to go in depth and min-maxing of my deck/passives/playstyle etc. I spent most of my time playing PvE when Battleforge was still hosted by EA but got into pvp because of my neighbour we used to play alot of Darkness and Twilight builds im not sure how our rank was called but it was teal with one (star; orb? not sure about this) I'm intending to play as much of this game as possibile as long as i can since i've got some great memorys with this game and would love to relive them like i did when i started playing warcraft 3 remastered in starcraft for example. As I'm not really sure what else to add in here i just leave my Discord Tag if you're interessted in me  Calvin#5249


Edit: allthough im not really an active Forum member i'm on here since November 2015 as that's something you may have interest in.


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Hi guys,
my name is Julian and i would love to be testing the game.

I have played Battleforge since the beginning, while playing alot of PvE to get max Deck lvls i was mostly focussing on PvP in later phases.
I am a competitive player in any game i am currently playing and due to that i think i am also very sensible for game balancing.

As im studying at the moment i have lots and lots of spare time, which i mostly spend playing heroes of the storm (Moba) on europe and on PTR server (which is the only experience i've got concerning game testing).

I've also played tons and tons of Starcraft II.

My discord name is: iSynt4x#0784  although im not a really active member on discord.

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Greetings inhabitants of Nym,

I am a 23-years old student in IT management, I will end my studies this year. Some of my courses are about programming, networks, ... Although it is very theoretical and I have never done anything close to what you are trying to bring up together, I can guess how it looks like and imagine how complex it is.

At the end of 2009, I started playing Battleforge and continued more or less regularly until the servers shut down. I was essentially a PvE player, I almost never played PvP, essentially because I only had the free cards for a long time, so I was wrecked by pretty much anything. Since then I made a lot of progress in RTS games (thanks Starcraft), which has always been my favorite type.

About 3 years ago, when I found about the Battleforge reborn project (which became Skylords Reborn), I was very excited to see this game brought back to life, but also very impressed by the will of the team who worked on retro-engineering the servers, which represents an insane amount of work. Since then I always kept informed on the project and was more or less active on the forum depending on my free time, my other activities, and my motivation (but I never missed a dev post update ^^).

For the next 3 weeks, I will have a lot of free time. I will start my new job on June 25, which mean I will have less free time, but I still can be there in the evening (from 5 pm to 11 pm at best) and during the weekend. Although I don't have much experience in beta game testing and bug reporting, as an IT student I have an idea of how it looks like and how it works.

I obviously do not claim to be the perfect beta tester, as I said I have little to no experience in this. I Can only promise you that I shall do my utmost to help the development process of the project, and my programming mind might bring a little help. My Discord is Aegis1020#7717.

Good luck to anyone who applies for this giveaway, and may the skylords, the elements and the dev team be in your favor. :shadoworb::moon: :natureorb::viridya: :fireorb::brannoc::frostorb::dexirian:

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i can play 5 hours a day  and i have experience because i played a lot of battle forge when it was with ea sport with same nick name : swadallel and i know everything about pve or pvp 

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Hi Team :)

My name's Evan I'm 21 on July. I love playing video game espcially our departed BF (RIP BABY :( ) I've started Bf since almost the begining of the game (Setpember 2009) til the painful end. I have played many RTS game like the old one : Age of Mythology and empires 1 to 3 ! Warcraft <3 I love those games, to discover the story the gameplay itself and all little things that make the game beautiful !

  • I'm comfortable with writting, testing and explaining buggy stuff or needed one !
  • I can play 4 to 8 hours a day due to my job :)
  • I can speak english and french quite well (Frenchy guy :) )
  • And above all BattleForge and Skylords Reborn is bae <3

If you have any questions or anything to ask feel free to contact me via discord : Fargostz#9469

See you soon in game :)

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I'd like to test this game because of few reasons:
1. I'd love to see what you guys did with this game and find it's glitches so it wouldn't bother people when the game is released.
2. I want to find it's bugs fast so they could be fixed and the game could be released faster.

How active I'd be?
I would be active every 2 days, summer is close so I'd be active and testing the game in the summer every day.

What is my experience in testing?
I did test few games, not much, I played Battle Forge in the past for a bit, I don't know much about it, I could learn how the cards work and etc., I can find glitches and someother stuff if I can test, I always find glitches, even without being a tester.

My Discord: CtWolffe/DecadenseGaming#2929


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Hi i would like to help ya!

My name or rather nickname Honor Ultrasmerf or Ezarcha (ye two nicknames for one person). I'm 16 yrs old
About my time when i can test the game? all day :D i dont have much stuff to do so i will be useful for u guys! 
What about my experience? In Battleforge i only played in PVE cuz i didn't have skill at that time to fight vs other players. I was testing some games in alfa/beta version and i would be so happy to help here! 
My Discord name is 
honor ultrasmerf#0385

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Hello comrades

My name is Dimitry i am 18 years old i would like to help the game development out very much.

I am in school and that takes some time away from my game time but i still have 9-10 hours of gametime daily

I played the old Battleforge all the time i still remember that i used mostly Twilight and the Fire/Shadow mix 

When the game closed i was sad it was a perfect RTS in a day where RTS games are rare and outdated

I swear on my word that if i do get selected to be a beta tester i will do to my best power to help out with bug reports and so on..

When i played Battleforge i did alot of PVP and in that time i mostly used my Shadow deck (skeletons etc.) I also did alot of PVE the mission i remember most was the one where you had to kill the Juggernaut looking monster.

This "request" may seem a little short on words and unapatizing.... but i did play the game ALOT i also did alot of trading.

I started playing battleforge round 2010 i belive. The things i miss the most is the game itself...you could say i was devastated when it closed...

My testing of beta/alpha games is not that big... but i did test around 5 of them so i can say i can spot bugs and glitches quite fast =)

I also know i dont have as much to say as the other people on these forums..but eh i gave it my shot. I hope for the best

My Discord Is: Tovariš Dimitry#9718

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Hey I am Lite#2164(Discord)

I want to apply as a Closed Beta Tester, well because I can really help the team.

Some years ago I was a tester for DayZ since some weeks iam even testing Hunt Showdown, but tbh they have enough tester, so I have some free time which I would like to spend with Skylords.

Due to my study as a computer scientist I even have some additional skills in networking.

Why should you choose me?
I have already read some of the applications, but you might need someone who doesn't have a lot of knowledge in this game, I played it, but not that much. But this doesn't need to mean that i don't like this game ;)

*EDIT* As far as I can remember, I was only playing PVE :P

I am normally available from ~2 pm -> 22 pm, even on weekends. Gaming is love, gaming is life :)


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.


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First thing, big up for everything that u guys are doing, bringing this awesome game back!

Ok now for the short introduction:
My name is Stefan, im 29, located in Kranj, Slovenia. I work as a sound engineer in varius venues, and have my own recording and production studio. 
That being said, when i work at venues (on concerts and stuff) i usually work on weekends, and when i work in studio i make my own schedule. So as u can imagine i am not restricted by my job as much. That is the first thing i think differs me from others, and the second is that i like to test out different things in game, not just the gameplay but also like chat functions, auction house, lobbies and stuff just for the sake of "oh, i found a bug".

As of how much free time i can dedicate, during a week i usually play games about 5-6 h a day, and on weekend it totally depends, if i have work to do i play less, but if i'm free it might just happen that ill play games for the whole 3 days! :) And since i can't wait to play BattleForge this hours may go drastically up when i get a chance to play it.

I started playing BattleForge as soon as it went free to play, and i played it since the bitter end. I had a lot of experience with PvE, on all maps, trying to figure out how to do multiplayer maps by my self (or with less players then intended) and stuff like that. With PvP i didn't have a lot of experience since it was my first game where i tried PvP and i had like this adrenaline rushes (if that makes any sense :) ) so i didn't play it as much. But since then i have played a lot of PvP games (6000 h in Dota 2 alone, which i'm not playing any more, and thousands of hours in other games such as MMO's and stuff) so now i don't have that problem anymore, so for the first time i will be able to enjoy BattleForge to its full potential! I am even looking forward to finally fully experience PvP in BattleForge.

I participated in a lot of Alpha/Beta testings and early access games, but to be completely honest with u guys i dint report as much as i could, since i always felt like my voice is not heard. But seeing how u guys are connected to your audience via forums and Discord, there is no doubt i will report every little bug, opinion, idea, constructive critique and compliment!

Thank u guys again for this project and all the hard work u are putting in, we are more the grateful, you guys are the best! :)

(My Discord name: Necropsi#5441 )
And sorry for the broken English.


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Greetings guys, 

my name is Jure from Slovenia and I've been a passionate fan of battle forge for a long time now, it was a very sad "ending" of the story.. but thanks to you, we will be able to once again enjoy this beautiful game. So thank you for making this possible..

Now about why I really hope to be the one you choose for closed beta testing.. Right now I have all the time in the world, it's been like this for the last two months, I was refreshing your site daily to see if I'll be able to put some time in this game, and hoping that open beta will come out asap. Why I will be devastated if you don't choose me is that after 1.sept. my clerkship will start and I won't be able to properly try out skylords reborn for almost a year, because that will mean that all my days will go into that :( Maybe this will help you choose me - like most on this forum I'm also a passionate gamer, my daily routine consists of at least 4 hours of gaming on "busy" days and it's the main occupation on my "free" days. There aren't many games I can play nonstop - one was dota, one is heroes of the storm, one was terraria, diablo 2, red alert 2, age of empires2, baldurs gate, and one (unfortunately) WAS battle forge :(

Regarding my experience - I was playing Battleforge PVP and PVE since it became free to play and until the sad end. Regarding other PVP games - I was one of the first people I know that really wanted to play PVP online. I set up red alert 2 over hamachi, AOE 2, probably some other that I don't remember. I also have tons of hours in moba games.
I beta tested many games, the one I remember are Dota2, right now Magic Arena - I'm playing it a lot, also sending the feedback.

Please allow me to really play this game before my clerkship starts and I will only be able to play this game in chunks for almost a year :( I can also guarantee you that I will have at least 6 hours of play time daily, we can set a trial period of like a month or so and if you're not satisfied by my play time, I will understand if you take away my access.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work! 
Discord user: Ptica#3444

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Hi Guys, I'm very interested in getting into the closed beta and helping to test the servers, spot the last little bugs, so the open beta can start soon.

My name is Daniel and I'm 24 years old.

Battleforge I have played almost from the beginning until the shutdown of the server. Since it was my favorite game, I spent a lot of time. My strength is the PVP fight, both in single combat, but especially the 2 vs 2. In the 2 vs 2 I was with my partner for a time in first place, very long in the front seats.

At the moment I have a lot of time to test. During the week I have always time in the afternoon, on the weekend much more time. If I could go to beta, I would definitely play a very much time :) 

I hope that I can be considered in the selection of testers and would be very happy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the developers and everyone else who is involved in the project. Thanks to you, my favorite game continues to live and hopefully will soon be played by a large number of players.
Maybe I'll get the chance to help out now.

Discourt is available: Sunlight#2583


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I would be glad to help.

I played Battleforge from the beggining to the (sad) end and loved every minute I spent playing. Both PvP and PvE, but mostly PvE.

I can spent couple of hours every day. After work I have time to play around 3-5 hours a day.

My Discord name is: pain_is_inevitable#4198

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Hello guys, my name is Manuel and iam 19 years old.

I started playing Battleforge around 2010 and played it till the last day the server was online. My friends was leaving the game when they know it will be shut down and the numbers of players shrink. But i played it till the last minute, especially the last seconds before the server goes down.

Battleforge was the game of my childhood, after i started playing it the first time i cant stop playing it. I played it the whole day when i was home.

I mostly played PvP because i already have done all pve missions on hard and on the leaderbord in 1vs1 and 2vs2  my best rank was 1. So I think i can say that i know the game pretty good and after this many years it would be great just to play all pve maps again and find still the last bug that are hint:D

After the game was closed i was pretty hyped that a guy want to create a game that are similar to Battleforge. But after sometime me and my friends knew, that one single person cant create alone such a big game allone from zero.

But then we heart from this Project and we saw that they was already in the Forge.

I am so hyped for this project and hope, that the Forge will be open to all of us soon. I want to say thanks to all Developers and all people that are helping this project on this point. I cant describe how happy you make me by bringing the game which i grew up in my childhood back.

I know i dont have write active on the forum but i was registered since July 18, 2015 and always read in the forum what is going on.

I can dedicate in the week much hours from 16:00 o clock and on the weekend i could test the game mostly the whole day.   

·        My Discord name is: TopS3cret#0751

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Hello everyone, 
So I'm a half-french half-German, 23 year old guy.

  • Like almost everyone here I played battleforge, and that's why I really enjoy this project. I finished the whole PVE of battle forge from what I can remember, and used to play quite a lot of PvP. (1v1) But I wasn't that good since I have quite young. I enjoy competitive play even if I'm bad.
  • I can play a couple of hours per day
  • I've played a lot of different alpha/beta games (Hearthstone, Dota2, Evolve, Total war : Arena, League of Legends, Dawngate etc..). I didn't give a lot of feedback execept for the Evolve beta ( considering the direction the game went, not sure it was very good xD). But I could try to write some feedback. 
  • My discord: Fyrios#6350

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Hi Skylords,

my name is Andreas I´m 23 years old now.

I played Bafo for a long time mostly 2v2 PvP and speed runs, so I have a greater basic understanding for the game mechanics. I also played 1vs1 but only for a few ranked games from time to time my best rank was Supreme. After Bafo was closed i still played a lot of RTS games like RUSE, Steel Division or Northgard as an example. My old PvP partner has his beta access already so i wish to play with him together soon (in closed or open Beta).

For my tester experiences I tested Dreadnought in the closed alpha/beta (2014-2016), I´m also part of the maps preview programm. For Dreadnought I written a lot of reports mostly weekly and some short first impressions of the new patches.

Normally my working times are an issue because I´m a shift worker but for testing its good. I play daily between 3 till 5 hours under week on weekends sometimes even more. So I play mostly after work that can be from 1-24 because of my shift work. So I´m mostly online when nobody is still awake or all people are online.

Discord: Andi#5271

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Hey dear skylord team :)
My name is Daniel and I am a german streamer.
I played Starcraft 2 for years. When Battleforge came out I immediately fell in love with this game and it was an addiction to me. So I'm all the more excited that the Skylords team battleforge revives for the best community. Currently I'm streaming LoL, Minecraft and The Forest.
I would be very happy if I could stream for the german community battleforge.
I did not want to be a bit short, because my english rusted.
So my Battleforge streams will be in German too.

My Discordname: Aikkas

I am looking forward to a positive decision. :)

Greetings <3

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Hey, Battleforge was my very first game on computer. Missed it so much since they shut down the servers.

I'm 21 y/o from Norway, today I play video games at a very high skill level. Used to play starcraft, battleforge, dota, league etc..
I am able to stream the game as well giving feedback on the beta.

I don't really know what more to say, I really want to play the game :)

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Hi there!

My name is Dennis, 28 years old and from the Netherlands.

I remember the day i purchased battleforge in our local gamestore. My little brother talked me into it and from the moment we started playing we didn't quit anymore.
I played alot in my life mostly MMO's but i think battleforge is one of the games with the most hours played.
I absolutely fell in love with this game and while i type this i watch the cover of the game standing at my top shell, a cover full of great memory's.

From trying to get my first shaman to achieving the highest scores in speedruns. aswell as competing on the top ladder of pvp. collecting all the promo's ingame and playing the market to become a wealthy player. Half of our time ingame we spend finding combinations, mechanics and testing those in pvp/pve to find possible ways to bypass any individual situations on the best and fastests possible way. Im happy to use that experience to test ones again playing skylords. 
Since the day of doom i kept watching video's with this stumach feel of horror that i will never be able to play anymore.
ive been watching and following skylords progression for a long period and i hope i can contribute with my battleforge experience in fixing all the remaining problems.

I do have a job but i can be online for 2h+ a day and ofc way more during my free days.

I have beta experience in lots of games, most of the time i signup for bèta's and im active on those forums helping and trying to improve or ballance things out. my posts often get voted up and some made a impact on ballance, bugfixing, and finalizing in current live games.

other than beta experience i have played / tryed pretty much all tcg's on the planet aswell as a ton of RTS's cause thats my favorite type of game. If it comes to in dept game mechanics i might find things others don't.

When i play bèta's i play active and people will remember my name (on a positive way). 



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Hello! Or as we say in Germany " Guten Tag " :)) My name is Dominik im 23 years old and i'm Hyped asf*** can't wait to play the game!!!11

I spend like 14+ hours a day at the Computer. I had a car accident and now I am forced to do nothing atleast for more than 3 Months.

I already have tested games for Bluebyte (Ubisoft) here in Duesseldorf, Germany. Each Playtest invitation took about 5-7 hour's and Ive helped about 9 times.

As far I can remember that the time ive Spend in Battleforge was way to short maybe 2-3 Months but I loved to pve and pvp.

My Discord : enetic#3745

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my name is Dominic(not the real name) i played battleforge since 2010 until its closing. I remember the most of the maps

I have too much time to play battleforge (15+)

I mostly play PVE

I haven't been in any closed beta in any other games

my Discord: Dominic958#5125

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Hello ! My name is Benoit, I'm 24, I'm French guy.

i played battleforge since 2010 until its closing too, and I play video games at a very high skill level.

I play Dota, Overwatch, Divinity Original Sin 2 ... and i'm streamer on Twitch. :)

I play on average between 2 & 8 hours a day.

For any other questions , my discord : Champi#4411

Thank you for your work.

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