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Closed Beta Applications

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It's Yaestlayer straight from Finland. i'm 18-year old Bartender in training. i play video games more than can be called "healthy" even tho i'm student with little money problems. I finally got enough money to support people that are resurrecting one of my favorite childhood game that sadly EA shutdown.

I'm Funny (for Finnish standards) that enjoys designing and making games better (balancing). also I draw a lot for hobby. I play at least 6 hours a day. when I'm tired of tryharding in league or other salty games own personal time is best. so i think I could play atleast few hours a day. 

I'm veteran video game player and i love strategy games. Battleforge was one of my favorite childhood games (before i knew how to speak/read English) I thought, that I was good in battleforge. even thought i prob didn't understand all the spells and minion specialties.  I think, I spend around 500 hours back in the day "can't confirm." I loved PvE but I played a lot of pvp. (always at disadvantage because didn't know how to read English) 

I have been in Betas and Alphas before. but this time I have real Passion for the video game.



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Forgot to put my PvE and PvP experiences

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Hello there

My name is Jonas and I'm 19 years old. Currently I'm in my second year Applied Informatics - Application Development.

My main activity when I get home from school is programming/gaming.
After I'm done working for school I game for about 2-3hours a day. In 2 weeks I have summer break so I will be able to play a lot more often.

Battleforge Experience
I used to play a lot of Battleforge back in time.. Most of the time I played PVE with my friends. PVP wasn't really my thing back in the days. But now I've become more of a PVP dude.  I have so much great memories with this game.. Man I miss it so much!

Why would you choose me instead of the others?
In school we have a lot of different projects. We need to be professional and we have to communicate very well with the other developers on the team.
In these projects I encountered a bunch of bugs. These bugs had to be reported in a professional and usefull way. I have developed a good way to formulate bug reports and I think that's a great skill to become a closed beta tester.

I'd love to help you guys out with this amazing project that I have been following since 2015. It would be a great challenge for me too! 

Kind regards

Discord: Xaedan#0441

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Added how much hours I game a day. Required information.

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Hello Skylords

I started to play battleforge when it became free to play. I have always played a lot Rts game since i was a kid ( Age of empires, starcraft, Empire earth, supreme commander and a few more). And just like I love Rts I have always liked games that you build your own deck (dominion, yugioh, hearthstone, duelyst and a few more).
I never tried PvP on BF but I played a lot of Pve and would love to play it again.

At the moment i'm studying but I can play it about 1-2 (possibly more) hours a day and during weekends 8 hours or more.

As you can see I have a lot of experience with rts and cardgames and I would love to play BF Again

not that it's random but Time to roll the Dice!
My discord is xsimon113#0218

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Greetings Skylords,

As a former Battleforge player I would like to participate in the closed beta. Not just to play the game, but mostly because I would like to assist the developers and speed up the process as much as possible.

Besides school I have plenty of free time to spend and even more in the weekends. Average available hours a week would be around 30 I think.

I'm currently studying Web development and have some programming experience myself, not just Web but also with some Game Envorinments. So with my experience im hoping to have deeper thoughts about the problems within the game, like how to prevent them or where it could go wrong.

Discord: Admiral Zhao #8136

See you all in the forge soon!

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Hello Guys,

My name is Loci, I'm from Hungary, 27 years old male.

So your question is, why  should you choose me for beta test instead of anybody else eh? 

First about the BattleForge experiences: I started the game from renegades, and it charmed me with his unique play mode, what combines card games and the RTS (I'm a big RTS fan:) ). I started to play at first PvE matches, but after I tried the PvP, and it was more avesome, I think I have more than 5 years gaming experience with BF and the trading system was fantastic, I didn't spent any money for this game (I was in high school) but I had a really good deck, red many guildelines to make my perfect (shadow) deck (of course I tried anothers too :D).

Another thing is the testing. Now I'm working as a sw tester, so I have many experience in normal testing, but I've never tested any game in beta or I didn't found any bug (ok,ok I was beta tester for Heroes of the Storm, but I think I was just one for the L&S test).

Now I'm playing mostly with LoL, but I think this universe was more complex and has far more better opportunities than that.

You can reach me in Discord if you add locika#6358

I hope I will hear you soon,



P.S.: as a member of skylords reborn forum, I think all of us appreciate your job, keep going and I hope latest in open beta we will meet in game


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hello there,

my time to play would be arround 3-4 houers a day, on weekends ofcourse more.
Normaly I played both the PVP and the PVE, my experience with the game is a lot I played the game so much like not other game.
my testing experience is limited on alpha phases on big games, some homemade mini games from my mate but I dont have much programming experience im studying Electrical engineering its more my love.

I loved the game and have to give u a BIG thank you for dealing with such a big projekt but u wont regret it. since I readed about the projekt my hope never die on playing the game anytime again. 
I hope you guys pick me to try everything in the game. ^^

Discord: Bananajouu#3871

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Hello guys,

I played battleforge for four years (with an other name) and most of the time almost daily. I liked it very much to test new combinations and play styles.
At the moment i have holidays for two month, but even after this i will indubitable have enough time to be an active tester.

I liked the pvp mode very much, espacially in 2vs2 i played with a lot of different team mates, some of them were among the best players in the game. Also I passed all pve missions of this game.

I have not much experience in testing games, but the fact that i know the game very well is a good starting point for searching for bugs.
My discord name is K3vin#2896



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Hello Dev Team,

I would like to participate in Skylords closed beta.

I use to play this to play this game way back in the day, and really enjoyed it. Was one of the first RTS games that i fully enjoyed and once it shutdown I never found another RTS game that I've had fun in. I spent most of the time in PVE and only played PVP against friends, but now looking foward to dabble more into the PVP Sections. I'm active gamer with plenty of time throughout the week to play video games. Can play 10 Hours a day and even more if i'm free. If i get accepted I will devote most of my time to playing skylords to find any bugs throughout the game and post them in the forums to help you guys out. It's funny how I found out about this game. Me and a buddy of mine were talking about Battle Forge and googled it up and found this instead and got all hpyed up about it.

Open/Closed Beta Experience: Battlefield Bad Company 2 to Battlfield 1 Beta's, BF4/1 Communty Test Server, Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta & Technical Test Server, Hunt: Showdown Closed Alpha, For Honor Closed Alpha, Evolve Closed Beta, Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta, The Division Open Beta, 

Discord Name: TheOneTheyCall#2057

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Hello, my name is Christian, a 19 year old full-time college student that has pretty much a lot of free time since it's summer. I'm an honest, self-dedicated person that finishes tasks on time before the deadline. I like motivating myself by making myself busy, going to gym, playing games, working. I'm a down to earth person who's really easy to get along with. I like making new friends whenever the chance is possible!

I have school and work but I always try to find time to play games, usually 3-5 hours of game play day to relieve everyday stress. If I happened to be picked, I'll try my best and contribute more hours into the game reporting bugs, testing materials, etc..

I have been playing Battleforge ever since its release date (2009) until mid (2012). I found out about the game by a friend who referred it to me by taking me to gamestop and seeing one of those game cards where you can spend money to buy cards. The juggernaut looked cool so I decided to try out the game not knowing that Battleforge became a game I started played everyday. Battleforge was one of those really good games that wasn't as popular as League of Legends but was always fun to play with friends. I was really disappointed in EA that they discontinued the game because they could've done better other than having the only option of discontinuation. Instead of the though of discontinuation, planning about the future of Battleforge like applying better graphics, making new gamplay, more cards, etc would've brought more players in. I was more of a PvE type of player because my cards weren't as good as the others who whale enough to the point where they have juggernauts, shadow cards, etc.. I have never tried PvP but I'd surely be playing that mode when the game comes out fully.


I go on the forums from time to time to check on the updates and reading posts about the game. If you need to contact me, discord would be the best option since I am very active on discord.


My discord name is: Christian#1089

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I'm Kisuko, a young man of 24 years. I study bachelor in computer management but i'm in first year. I'm from Belgium. 

Battleforge was one of my favourite games, specially for the unique gameplay where you could summon a lot of creatures using cards and for it's cooperative mode. I played a lot on PVE content. I cannot say as much about the pvp. I'm happy to see a group of enthusiasts revive the game years after the shutdown of the servers.

About my experience, i actively participated in some betas like Subnautica, Minecraft, Dead by daylight (Only on the server test), 7 Days to Die, ... If i discover a glitch or a bug, i report it to the devs. Nothing more, nothing less. I will try out everything of your beta if i can. I really want to play that game again and conquer the maps with my favourite deck of "dusk". I didn't count how much time i spend on this game before.

With my studies, i can help you with two hours a day during a week but i can help more the week-end (Four-five hours a day).

I hope my english is enough for you. To be honest, i have some difficulties with it.

You can contact me on Discord with this pseudo : Kisuko#3275

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Hello everyone,

I'm Fliggmode from Germany. After the end of BF i was really sad, because i've spent al lot (I mean a LOT) of time there. Most of the time PvE but also enough PvP to learn different tactics. 2 of my friends were the nr 1 duo PvP players for a short amount of time and i've learned a lot from them. I'm also a Speedrunner, so I really like "abusing" games and the mechanics the games have. Once i found a game breaking glitch in a AAA game 2 days after the release and speedrunners are using it untill today.

I have a fulltime job, but i can play atleast 4 hours every day.

2 of my friends are developers and are currently creating the game: Tiny Tanks. The beta will open in a few weeks but i'm testing the game since the first playable built. 1,5 years later i'm proud to be a part of their journey. I really want to be a part of THIS journey too. Not just with my money, but alsy with my passion for gaming.

Thank you for making a dream come true.


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Hey Skylords Team :)

I am 21 years old and I am from Austria.

It is a loong time ago there was a game I spent more then a hundred euros as I was a child ^^ it was like a lifestyle for me, I had a lot of trouble with my parents cause I played this game tooo much.

Nevermind this game was called Batlleforge. This was a game that changed a lot in my time. The day I heard that the game got shut down, hoooly cow I was like crying ^^

My free time is like 24/7 cause I dont work at the moment. and I am the most of the time at home playing games.

And my biggest pleasure would be playing for the Skylords Team and testing for you and for Skylords Reborn.

In Battleforge my preference was on playing PVE but after I was watching FarRock I loved to play PVP. the most played map by me was "Bad Harvest".

To the point "why me", for me it is easy to tell, I have a lot of time really a lot.

My Discord tag is EternalFire#2199

See u soon in the Forge! :hype:

Edited by EternalFire

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So I've been watching streams and following silently in the background for a while here and there And I'm ecstatic to hear you got the green light from EA to go ahead 

You guys seem very involved with the fanbase which I think is a very good thing! You have my full support - I'm eagerly looking forward to open beta, I will play test this vigorously and provide usable feedback 

It must be hard being in the position to make the shots, because the community must come forward with so many competing ideas for features ect and even if they all seemed good, some of them I bet would be mutually exclusive

My time is more easily given than money at the moment, but I intend on Backing this project with my money when the funds allow.

It would be an amazing opportunity to meet you guys and to help work on the project. Thank you for your consideration

Sincerely, Jay (a.ka, Ragenarok)

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My name is Cowdog. I started playing Battleforge when it went free to play. I very much enjoyed the game but it wasn't perfect. I thought the game did many things right and I would like to advance the game to improve on it's flaws. Right now I play videogames most of the day. I am starting a part time job soon so I'll lose some time to play but I can still put in several hours everyday. I would love to make some friends to play with and build the community. Lately I have been getting tired of most of my games so a nice change such as a classic like this will be refreshing. I have put a lot of time into all sorts of game testing, alpha's and beta's. If there is a game to try, I try it. Recent similar games I have tested are Nueroslicers, Starcarft 2, and Northguard. I enjoyed the PvP of Battleforge when I got some experience and cards under my belt. PvE was enjoyable with some varied missions but in my opinion one game could last really long in PvE. I'm a huge fan of RTS games and a good campaign (or PvE) can really add to the experience. Needless to say a good multiplayer (or PvP) is a huge addition that adds lasting value to the game. Also I play physical card games at my local game stores so I have a TCG background including Magic: The Gathering, Force of Will, Star Wars Destiny and Lightseekers: Awakening. I would also like to state I enjoy game design and programming. I have made video games and physical games myself although nothing published.

My Discord name is Cowdog#7415. I look forward to the future development of this game wish you best of luck.

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My name is Freek Wernas, also known as xsissel in the gaming community. I'm a 22 year old software developer from The Netherlands. I used to be a vivid gamer, but recently I've been really busy running my own company and starting a new job as a developer at a retailer.

I suppose you'll want to know whether or not i'm a viable Beta-Tester candidate. Well let's find out together.

My competences as a gamer are solid. I've Beta-tested countless games such as League of Legends, Elder Scrolls Online and Blade&Soul, just to name a few. I started playing video games at a very young age. My first game I played when I was 4, a game called Age of Empires and soon after Age of Empires 2 and Cossacks. This is where I fell in love with the RTS genre. From that I developed a keen sense of competitiveness and when I got my first computer with (broadband)internet I went online and played numerous MMORPG's and a lot of League of Legends and Hearthstone, which I played semi-professional at some point, right before I started my own company that is. So as a gamer I'm absolutely a viable candidate.

The reason I have not offered my services as a developer is because I do not have the time to spend hours on end fixing bugs and implementing new functionalities. The same goes for Beta-Testing. I do not have the time to play hours on end, however the time I do spent, I will be able to adequately pinpoint and report bugs and send you in the right direction. So am I viable? I don't know, it depends on what you want your Beta-Testers to be. Beta-Testing is normally based on the vision and perspective of the user, not the developer, and since I'm a developer I might not have the eye you're looking for.

I'm feeling a bit like Sokka (in Sokka's master) from avatar at this point, but my services, how little they are, are at your disposal if you need me.

xsissel#0423 is my discord. Also have other forms of communication like WhatsApp.

Thank you for your time and I'll see you all online someday.

Yours sincerely,

Freek Wernas, aka, xsissel.

Edited by xsissel

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My nickname is Chibi,so if you choose me i'd like to be called that xD
So,i have a lot of free time,since i already passed my exams and can play the game about 10-12 hours a day.I think i'd be suitable because i played BattleForge before it closed down and i also have some experience making my own games (i also know a little javascript++)
As i already said,i played BattleForge a lot and i think i know some things about it.I dont really remember if i played pvp,but i played a lot of PVE with one of my mates.
Lastly, i dont have much experience in testing big games, but i've tested some platformers and small games like that.
ps.Good luck everyone!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Marcel ,25 years old from Germany so i hope you excuse my maybe incorrect english.

I had played Battleforge since there release in 2009 and were realy sad as it shutdown. As i heard that there is a Team who want to resurrect Battleforge I were really happy.

When I'am not at work i spend all my time on the Computer playing games or a bit programming for some automation processes in my room. I'am workinig as a technician in electrical engeneering

so a have a huge knowledge of programming skills an reading codes which help me unterstanding code error messages of games and that help writing a review to the directors.

This is not the first Beta i would test , i accompany the game Stonehearth since 2 Years and exessive playing unstable versions if they come out.

All in All i have daylie 3-5 hours time for you and expendet time on weekends . I played most PVE cause that gave me the most fun playing with unkown players with different deck constelation .

I would be happy if you want me as a Beta tester to improve your game.


If you have any further Questions contact me at Marci#7597


Yours Sincerely



Edited by Marci1125

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 Hello Skyloards Team,

Let me start off by saying thank you for all you are doing bringing this game back to life after years of not having a game as unique as Battleforge we have a second chance of making this game great.

Now to the important part you guys want to know about. I have played Battleforge for about 2 years of it still being online (I was there when the severs were going down) and was really upset that EA Decided to cancel the game.

I have Tested a plethora of games (Smite,Halo wars 2,Paladins,Overwatch, Heros of the Storm,Dauntless,Squad, Total War Arena, Guild wars 2, and a lot more) and helped developers find a few bugs here and there trying to test the limits of their game. Weather it be Stress testing servers trying to break the game or find out things that shouldn't be. I live in NA but i usually Wake up at 12pm and if i work i work at 4pm - 12am I assume when most of the Devs are up.

That being said i can contact you guys pretty easy when you guys are up about any bugs or game breaking things i find. I can play everyday just at different times about 6 hours a day.

Making it short and simple for you guys.

I'm Currently playing League of Legends Company of Heros 2 and the Dauntless Open beta. 

Discored is Bazamore#5637

PS: Even if i don't get to test the game can't wait to play it with everyone and my friends when it comes out Good Job Guys.

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Battleforge to me isn't a just another RTS game it's basically one of my all time favorite RTS games out there. If given the chance I can offer you time (5 hourish weekday and more during weekends). Me and my friends Death and Shadow have been trying to join this re-master version of battleforge since we heard about it more than a year ago.  Not only that but I am willing to record and send any bugs I find and report any issues to any format you are willing to receive. I love video games sometimes I think I play them too much for my own good but even so it's communities like these where fans ban together to make something amazing that I always love to be a part of.  I have been a part of a few betas for some big triple A title games like Ubisoft's For Honor and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, as well as Black Desert Online. (To name a few). I played tons of other RTSS' like DOW, SC1 and 2.

Back when I played at first I didn't have a lot of card but over time friends and others gave me a few cards. As I kept playing the fun began to stack up like my cards. Myself and my friends shadow and death would do about everything (scenarios and campaign included) but pvp. I would mostly solo my pvp but we are not the gamers we used to be we are open to do just about anything.

I think that covers it. Thank you for your time and hard work bring back this amazing game.


Death: John Darkness#9538  Shadow: Shadow#7647

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Hey there, I'd love to be involved with testing this game.

I was always a huge fan when it was out and have been following skylords for quite some time. I have a lot of experience with Battleforge, mostly on the PvE side of things but i did play quite a lot of PvP as well when i was feeling more in a competitive mood.

With regards to free time I am a university student who has just broken up for summer so basically all my time is free time. Given how much i used to play Battleforge its i'll be playing at least 4+ hours a day if i get in, probably more most days. This will also give me an opportunity to test out more obscure parts of the game by trying out lots of new and different deck combos etc.

I have alpha tested 2 games in the past, recently i was involved in alpha testing for the game evolution. I have also tested a wide range of games and genres that are in early access as well as both open and closed beta. This gives me good experience in both finding and communicating bugs to the developers in a range of environments.

Hopefully you'll consider me as i could definitely use something to do over summer :D

My Discord is tridentwarrior#3325

Thanks as ever for your hard work on development and revival of a much loved game. Looking forward to helping in any way i can.


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I am Anton, and I've played BattleForge back in like 2012, when I was only 15 y.o. I've mostly played PvE and I really enjoyed it being a huge RTS fan (recently replayed WC3 campaign on a nostalgia trip). Sadly, at the time my friends I played with switched to another game and I forgot about BF. I never played PvP in BattleForge (because I am pussy and wasn't really good at the time). So, in 2016 I started playing SC2 competitevly for a bit (after watching a lot of tournaments) and because of that I remembered BF and the fact that I never played PvP in it. Soooo, I was like, let's try this game again, and then I found out, that it was shut down in 2013. Since then I boycotted EA, the only games I ever bought from them were the ME trilogy (and now I regret for not pirating them). 

That's how I found out about you guys and I have been following you for some time. So, let's get to some actually usefull information:

I did both alpha and beta testing before for many games before, mostly MMOs and MOBAs (but I am not going to lie, I was mostly just playing them rather than actually testing).

I have lots of free time, I am pretty sure I can play at least 10 hours a week and at most ~30 hours. I really interested in PvP and balancing of the game, and I can provide useful feedback on the matter. 

My discord is PaqpuK#7503

P.S. am russian, can teach you swear words

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Hi all

First of all sorry about bad english its not my native but

Theres not much to talk about me  im 32 years old and i live in estonia and as most in here i have fulltime job so it takes away most time during workdays :) anyway about my bafo experience i played battleforge about 2 years before it got shut down. I mostly played pve as in pvp i suck lol only did few pvp matches with friends. I truly loved playing battleforge as it is only one with such gameplay.

And finaly to test gameplay for bugs i think i can spare 2-3 hours during workdays and 4-5 on weekends :)

My discord ICE#9603

Edited by ICE
forgot discord :)

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my name is Grey, iam a 26 year old fully time twitch streamer (just a small one but i do it with passion) where i play different games to entertain my followers and friends. i stream 5 days a week and would love to dedicate at last 3 of those days (6-12 hours per day) to playing and streaming battleforge (if that is allowed) back in the day i playd around 2000 hours of battleforge with my friends in mostly PVE secnarios and some PVP alone. Since i put alot of my time in battleforge when it was alive iam even more excited to see this game comming back to life by the awesome resurection you guys from skylords reborn are doing and the amazing suport by the community is giving you so you can bring back one of the most beloved games some of us have. Currently iam an active member of the Dauntless community that went open beta just a few weeks ago and i tested more games in the past so i know what i need to look for when it comes to issueing bugs and adressing them.


My Discord is VioletGreySha#9493

ps: i love nature decks but ive played any combination of cards in the game that i could think of. Keep doing an awesome job!

(sorry for bad english iam not a native english writer)

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my name is Beni, I´m 22 years old and atm I´m student with a lot of free time.(I´m living in austria and the year is over for now, so the next few months I have freetime as much as I want)
I played in a lot of betas like hearthstone and I also had my own servers in different games, so I know how to report bugs and I dont just say "there is one, solve it".(I know that the devil is in the details) I´m more fan of PvE modes, but depending on the game I also love PvP.  I´m more the silent and patient guy, so I dont flame others or insult them while playing, doesnt matter if I win or lose. I act like I should with my age, even online. ;) In Battleforge I played only PvE back then as far as I can remember. 

I dont want to write my whole story, so hear the last hard facts:
I have 3-6hours each day time to play.(most of the week more, but 1-2 days per week maybe less) and I´m really motivated to test the game and all its ways to be played.(different decks etc) :)
My discord is ShiMasaru#5094.

best regards
Beni aka ShiMasaru :) 



Edited by ShiMasaru

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Hello to the whole Team! 
My name is Patrik student and I have a lot of time to test out of school. I have never played the game before but this can also be an advantage because so I can completely neutrally test the game and play to find errors and improvements.
You see yourself in the game.


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