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Closed Beta Applications

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Hello everyone,

to be honest there is nothing real special about me. I've been waiting for a few years and looking forward testing or playing it in the near future. This application - system makes it more interesting for native speaker - I guess. I have to admit that my english is fine to communicate on a basic level but my german is way better ;-)

I can spend about 6 hours a day more or less. Iam a 26 old man who goes to school and i'll finish that after 1 year. After that I'll study and will play Skylords open beta or not ^^

I Played Battleforge after the release and had great times with it and my friends. I enjoyed mostly the PVE but sometimes I did the PvPs on a normal level. After that I wanted to get better, watched videos, talked to friends to improve my pvp knowledge. A few weeks later the game was sadly offline. 


Iam looking forward to get accepted <3


Greetings, HiGhzu#1946

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Hello my name is Stephan 48 years from Germany.

Here Freystep and at Discord Freystep #6339. 
I don't play other games except on the tablet, and just wait for Skylords to be born again. I work full time in shift service therefore I can play heavenly princes at different times, but usually in the evening for a couple (1-4) hours. I played Battleforge from the beginning almost every day.

Mostly I played PvE mainly 12, 4 and 2 card. When I saw the stream of Kubik this week it was already surprised that not enough beta testers came together for the 12-card test and still thought that this should not be. Why would you want me? So I noticed that the loading screen in the help texts is still pointed at the Battleforge Foren at EA and I think this should be our Heavenly Lords Forum. 

So, as a beta tester I could certainly find more errors and attention to them. Since I already belong to the older players I can say that I have already 40 years of computer gaming experience.

 I checked my daughter's programmed game and found a few bugs that could correct them. So I'm well equipped for this task.

See you soon in the Forge

:hypetrain: :)

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7 hours ago, InsaneHawk said:

We expect:

  • More than just a line of text, if you really can dedicate some time in testing the game, then you can dedicate some making a real application. (a good paragraph)
  • We want you to explain to us, why we should take you and not another one, what makes you so special.
  • I do not consider myself any more special than others. No use of bragging so, I just want to apply for a spot in this project that I have been following for so long to relive my childish memories.
    With this chance I also hope to find back some "friends" I made back then and catch up.
    This was also one of the very 1st games I sticked to in my "career" of hardcore gaming, as I am someone that sticks to one or very few games and attempt to get really good at those.
  • How much free time can you dedicate, it must be clearly explained
  • I have lots of free time as I am in a time between studying and looking for a job.
  • What's your experience with BattleForge, PVP, PVE etc..
  • My experience with BF was when I was as young as 9, playing for fun with my brother.
    We used to play everyday at our grandma for a long time and did about all of the pve maps and pvp whenever we could both play at the same time.
    Playing this again would be such a big nostalgic kick for us that it would be so awesome you would not be able to imagine.

  • Your Discord user (ex: InsaneHawk#0279)
  • Discordtag: Dragagon#8888

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Dear Sirs and Madams,

My name is Simon, 29 years old, I am from Germany and I have a job in a international operating company as Technical Engineer in Quality Management and R&D department for Multimedia devices. Especial in Notebook department and I am in charge of the Gaming Notebooks. My topics at work are accompaning all relative processes from product developement in very first beginning until after sales service as third level support.  
For this it is recommended to work together with international companys and ODMs like Intel, NVidia or MSFT for developement and debugging.

I am offering you to deploy your Build at work on different Gaming Notebook Samples (and configurations) and send you detailed bug reports including full monitoring data and information.
But to be honest, I cant promise you to do this at full time or with any agreement. I just can offer to include the test of the Game as part of my generic testing.
And I will of course play it after work by myself because I loved battleforge so much. I've paid a lot for the boosters and played the PVE and PVP parts very much. The game design of RTS paired with a Trading Card Game is the best possible hybrid for me, because I am a fan of Magic the Gathering and my favorite PC game of all time is Warcraft3 TFT. Battleforge mixed that in a very good way. Realistic amount of time spending on the game is around 4-12h a week. Depending on my responcebilities in real life. 
I know your accounts are limited, but if you think about chosing me, I just want let you know that with some more accounts I could let the software run in meantime on several devices. Thats of course just an offer. At least one more, would be nice, to test competetive game play scenarios with my buddy. He's not at my company, but he's a software quality management engineer. And waiting for the beta is like being two little boys looking forward to Christmas.

If I have aroused your interest or you have more questions, kindly let me know. 


Thanking you in advance

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My History with Battleforge:

I really enjoyed playing Battleforge the first time around, I played the game for a long time with many friends, and poured many hours into it. I expect to do the same thing this time around.

I usually just play PvP in games, but I actually found the Co-Op PvE in Battleforge to be really enjoyable and ended up spending most of my time there. I am actually looking forward to getting into PvP as I wasn't really able to experience it much.

My plans for the closed beta:

I help mod, balance, and develop games in my free-time so I feel I would be able to spot issues and report them when I see them.

My free time is (6-8 hours on weekdays, and 10-16 hours on Weekends) and I plan to spend this time unlocking new cards, trying new builds, and experiencing all the content available. Since I plan to experience all the content I will probably experience all sorts of bugs and issues that I can report.


I look forward to playing this game, whether it is now or in the future, and I have plenty of friends who also plan to play it once they get access. I appreciate all the work you guys have done and whether or not my application gets accepted I will continue to support you and your further development.

Discord Username: Flatlander#4435

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Hey my name is Lukas "Mintcrystall" Köster 

I played back in the day when the game was Online quite a while and im very happy to see that we finally can play it again.

I played alot the Story and some PvP(was so good in PvP so i didnt played it so much).

At the moment i graduated from my school(Fachabitur für Infomatik) and so i have at the moment alot of free time.

I also would like to stream the game on twitch(www.twitch.tv/mintcrystall)

I hope u liked my application 

Lukas "mintcrystall" Köster 


contact and stuff like this 

Twitch: Mintcrystall

Discord: Mintcrystall#3971

Emain: L-K-K@web.de

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Hello (again) :)

I am TreffnonX (#1801) aka Janis (no, it's not a female name :D) and I would like to participate in CB. However, I'd much rather track down the bugs, rather than just stumble on them, which is why you have my application for dev. However as I cannot know if I get accepted in that way, I will also apply here.

If given read access to the code, I can probably track a lot of stuff down on my own. As a professional software dev, I can probably write bug tickets that are more to the point, because I usually know,
what does and does not help in tracking down bugs. I am however a Java developer, so I am a bit out of sync with C++.

I can offer a couple of hours each day during what is the evening in germany, as that is the time at which I am at home and not working.
I can also use a bunch of hours on weekends.

I played BF shortly after it was released, until about half way into the first expansion. I played both PvP and PvE (as that was required for upgrades).
Though I never reached a rank worth mentioning, I think I play a halfway decent frost deck.

That said, I'd be happy to help in any way you see fit.

Greetings, Treff

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Hello I'm Daliea 

I would like to say I'm thrilled for to be able to help you guys stress test this beloved game. Although I have to be honest I played this game when it was still in Ea on its final years and I stop playing it mainly because of the difficulty of getting good cards, I've been stupid enough to have been scammed once because then i was still a kid and the aspect of pay to play. That last one was the real downer to me cause i loove this game so much and played it near everyday and thats was to get those 2bfp a day gift XD just to get by and buy something. I was patient and got some good one but never been able to get the great card for PvP plays. I am a sucker for any lore ingame or otherwise and I use to play alot of PvE mission because I'm crap at making good plays against other people so i tend to stay clear of that but I do play them sometime to get some experience in how to deal with them but not a lot since I've only got common and uncommon cards only back then with the occasional rare ones. 

Anyway sorry for that words vomit up top.Right now its the holiday for me and I got a lot of times right now and even when I'm working I take a little time (1-2hours and 30min is the least) to play the game and maybe find some bugs and have some all the same. 

My discord Id Miragai/DalieaDelilahDolma#0314

Here to hoping for Open Beta soon. :D

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Hey Guys,

i was one of the people who actually bought this game before it was free. I rembered when I saw it in our stores and asked my mum to buy it.

I played alot and someday my exp gain bugged and i couldnt level  further then Archon.

I loved thr PVE I played the same Levels till i go the drops i needed and even watched guides for higher difficulties.

I work in Shifts so my free time is limited by the shift i work the week. But i am ready to put alot affort in this game and alot of time.

Even if i dont get a chance i will happily wait for the open Beta to play this gem.

My Discord name is Mintberry Crunch#1267

keep up the work and have a nice day

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hoi hoi, Im Martijn. I am from the Netherlands and im 18 years old ( turning 19 in 2 months)

I have played this game pretty much non-stop back in the day. I was completely f2p so it was a good challenge. But with some good friends we made it possible to play pvp. Mainly we did pve. It was a lot of fun. If I could help in any way, shape or form, then I would gladly sacrefice some time, probably ALOT ;p. I work at mondays whole day ( till 17.00) and on saterday till 14.00ish. Sunday im completly free to test the game. Most other days i got like 3-4 hours time. 

I have discord... But i almost to never use it. But that can change obviously. My discord is :martijndrenth/#4596

I dont really play other games. mainly i watch youtube or netflix/anime. So i got alot of spare time. 

why would you take me? i think that can be hard to explain. i try to do it without sounding to greedy or cocky. my dreamjob is to become a projectleader in the elektro world. basicly be a guy who tells people what to do, and guide them along that path. I like to help people. I am a fast learner and im really good at putting my mind to something. When that happens nothing can stop me ;).

I hope this submission is enough and i will see you guys on the forge. If not, well.. Then Ill just wait a little to hopefully join next time.

p.s. i played like 2,5-3 years

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My real name is Chris and I am very interested to help in delivering Skylords Reborn. I spent a lot time of time with BattleForge back in the days and I am a long time RTS genre fan. So You may ask "Why We should choose You to be a closed beta tester?". From the game perspective I can say proudly that I have a lot of experience with PvP aspects of many RTS games. I was ranked 50-100 in the BattleForge 1v1 for most of my time spent with the game. I marked my way up to high master tier in Starcraft 2 where I  was regularly matched against top players from grand master. Quite recently I was active player of Company of Heroes 2 where I reached top 50 with every faction in 1v1 league. This makes me a person that always tries to squeeze out everything that the game offers. Each mechanic is important and I always strive to use those mechanics to the fullest potential. That might be important during testing phase of a game where the devil of bug sometimes lies in details that may not get touched by other testers.

The second I think important aspect of me is that I am a programmer. I study computer science and have part job as a C++ Software Engineer. My area of focus is machine learning and big data processing but throughout my journey with programming I was involved in many different areas including networking, gui development, backend web-development and as hobby even a little of game development. I think that my experience can help me spot things that others would miss. The knowledge of what lies behind the application might increase my ability to find the underlying cause of bugs and help with providing better description of a problem for teams responsible for resolving the issues.

Time I can spare to help improve the game is about 1-2 hours each day from Monday to Friday and 4-12 hours during weekends

Best regards.

My discord:


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I am Branden Kinser, I think that I would be perfect to place in the testers, because i can spare a minimum of 2 hours a day and maybe more if needed to help test out the servers, I also played Battleforge for a bunch of years before its sad shutdown, but I have been hoping for this ever since because I loved that game so much. I think that with my help we can make it just as amazing and maybe even more so.
I am very familiar with the PVE aspect in it because I like working together rather than fighting each other in the PVP aspect. I have tried the PVP part of it but i wasn't quite good so i got my butt kicked almost every time. I do know just about every part of the PVE aspect so I can tell if there is something that might need added.
Discord: GLADIU$#0470

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 My name is Mike, I'm reporting a place as a game tester.
I played the game earlier with one of my friends, I was playing PVE or PVP. I like playing the game very horribly and I would like to help you find the mistakes in the game and somehow thank you for what we are doing for you. And that is why I will not write here that I have something that may not even be true I do not want to offend someone or accuse him that I lie mainly because the important acts are not words. Testing can be done so that I have alternate working hours what it means is that I have two days at work then I can be tested for 2-3 hours and then I have 2 days off I can do 12 hours testing I also have to think about the family: if you do not choose me I do not mind the patient I will wait for the Open Beta.
I apologize for my shortcomings in English, it's been a long time since I was writing something like this.

My discord name is Maike # 7422 and here also a member of the Skylords Reborn

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Greetings, now its the part where i've to write that i love the game and XYZ but hey,

im for sure one of your hardest detractor because i follow this projekt since 2015 and in the last time it mostly looks like a backward progress. I dont wanna feign. Itwas really hard to follow the old discord & forum giveaways because of the tons of new , now inactive beta players who registered 1day before the giveaway starts but its nice to see that you try different things.

But i dont want to leave no stone unturned so i try it again and again. :)


Im involved with the hearth to help bringing back Battleforge thats why im still here after years of ups and downs :)

I played Battleforge year for year before EA decided to close it. Reached Prime, #1(1vs1), #1(2vs2) in PvP and was everytime ready to support and help people via. Chat & Skype. I think that this is talking for the gametime and experience to see bugs or any kind of incongruity. Im also able to support Skylords with Streams & YouTube Content. 

Finally I would be able to dedicate 3h+ per day in the week and open end at the weekend.


  • Discord user: xHighTech#1286


Best regards,


Edited by xHighTech
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Hi my name is Alex I'm from the U.S. (east coast).

Battleforge is something of a symbol from my childhood; my friends and I played the game since near release so the success of this project is something I've loosely followed from the outskirts for a couple years now and am eager to help of course (but even more-so to just play the game that my friends and I miss so much). I am currently a university student with a job. My play time would likely be somewhere between 10-20 hours a week; variably more, but not likely to be less.

I was mostly into pvp and that is what I spent most of my ingame time doing however I did enjoy completing every campaign (even if it was only on normal).

I would classify myself as a casual gamer but that makes me important to the testing, I think. I'm sure plenty of these guys are hardcore and are prepared to scrutinize the game from their perspective. My perspective would instead tell you (the developers) how the game feels to the layman. While I've been gaming for decades and understand the ins and outs of a 'good game' (or at least I like to think I do) I bring a casual perspective and along with it the priorities and prerogatives of the casual segment of our community. While casual now, I certainly wasn't always a casual gamer and I think its important that I express that I am objectively good at noticing balance and imbalance in pvp games. its something that years of OP matchups across multiple titles has taught me and I think its something that would be valuable during the testing. 

Really what I'm getting at is that I'm an adult who knows a lot about video games (particularly pvp components), played the game for years and am emotionally invested in its success, and am capable of seeing the state of a game from a casual perspective meaning how accessible and fun it is for those who will not be putting in massive amounts of time.

my discord is ribbsy#0990

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Hey everyone, hope you all doing fine and wish you all the best of luck.

I think the amount of hours I can put into the game is a great advantage, either it being testing or just plain game play. Also, as I tend to goof around while playing games I usually find bugs that others didn't (at least what I have experienced to this very moment).

Time wise, I am currently on a tight schedule until the 14th of June and can currently put in 3-4 hours daily, from 8pm to 11:30pm, after the 14th of June I can put about 8-10 hours since I will be on vacation.

My experience with this game is mostly PVE, I still have memories of doing campaign with friends and having a blast while playing. I used to sneak on my laptop just to give that map I failed one more try, always worth it!

Discord: FXL#6201

Best regards,

André Corte Real

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Chon here,

I've been following this project for years, ever since the game closed pretty much. I played this game when I was young, around the fourth and fifth grade, so naturally I wasn't really old enough to understand how everything properly worked. I remember trying to come back to this game several years later during the beginning of High School and being so disappointed that it'd been shut down. A few weeks later, after some searching around the internet, I found this gem of a project, and I've been with y'all ever since. That's some back story, now for what distinguishes me from the other candidates. I played a mix of PvP and PVE. Lots of PvE, going through the main campaign pretty much to the end, and a decent amount of PvP though I was always horrid.

With High School ending for me next week, I'll be able to donate pretty much a lot of my free time to playing video games now that I don't have athletics to worry about. Anywhere from 2-8 hours everyday throughout the week. I'm extremely active and whenever I get involved with something I'm generally very vocal and articulate when it comes to feedback. Part of being a closed beta tester is providing bug reports and suggestions as to what might be done to smooth things out or any issues that might be faced, and that's not a problem for me. Another important thing is that I played Battleforge for a solid year or so, so I have a general grasp of how the game functions and what to expect, but it was long enough ago that I don't have the issue of rose-tinted glasses and can offer honest feedback as a new player to the game would, without having to deal with the learning curve and getting frustrated. Lastly, I have a lot of friends, both IRL and over Discord who play games, and it'd be great if I could get some footage or screenshots of me playing the game, or even just to share my experience with them so I can bring even more people to this awesome community.

Discord is ItsChon#9925, HMU. Thanks for all the hard work y'all have put in, and good luck!

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Hey, I would love to join this closed beta. Thanks so much for doing this.

I played BattleForge from mid 2009 until the servers shut down. I was younger and had pretty bad internet at the time, but nevertheless I played as much of the game as I could. I played my share of PVE, mostly to get my cards upgraded so I could excel in PVP. IIRC, the highest rank I ever held was Annihilator, using a Pure Shadow deck all the way. I reached diamond in SC2 years ago when I actively played it, and as of last year, I reached Masters 350 LP in League of Legends, just short of Challenger and ranked #250 NA. I love theorycrafting and finding out all the loopholes and all the ways I can make something considered trash into treasure, and I think I have a generally good understanding of games. I love watching the replays you guys put out, for nostalgia and because of all the strategies I get to see.

I just graduated high school, so I have a load of free time on my hands. Although I will continue to play some League and do other things, I miss this game and had so much more to do and see in it when EA shut down the servers. I am able and plan on spending at the least 2-4 hours every day on BattleForge, but potentially much more on days where I have no demands.

My Discord name is Chomdax#9915.

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Hey Hawk and the team,

Even after 10 pages of submissions I'll still give it a shot to (again;)) become a tester!

I'm 22 years old and live in The Netherlands. I'm since 2 years a network engineer with also 1,5 years of programming experience. At work we have a software department aswell who frequently ask us to test their applications. Which I enjoy (trying) to break :D.

I started following the project in 2015 and one day finally decided to make an account. I've been active in both the forum chat as the discord to help others and have some good times with the other members. Back in the day battleforge became Free to Play I started playing with my friends to learn the game. I've played untill a few months that battleforge closed but never spend any money on the game. I used the markedplace a lot and managed to "play" the marked and earn a lot of BFP.

I mainly played PvE with my favorite being Bad Harvest. Eventually I got so experienced I was able to clear it on my own on Expert. Towards the end of the time I played I started playing a bit of PvP, but never came far.

Since I work full time I have every evening free to play games. This will result in 4-5 hours for Battleforge (between 18:30 - 00:00).

I think this covers most of it. I hope to be of value to the team! My discord username is Japoo#0415

See you in the Forge!


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Hello, I would be glad to help you all testing the game and replaying again Battleforge(I played it when i was younger and it was hell fun) ,  im near to summer(2 weeks) which means i gonna have a lot of free time and still now i can like play 1,2 hours per day and can play 6-10 per weekend till summer vacations.

I play a lot of League of Legends and Starcraft II so i do have a lot of knowlege about what can changed to make strategy games more enjoyable overall and im a good guy, what could u want more for a tester xD

My Disocrd is BestRengarOfMyCity#4133

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Hi I am Razvan aka Probius and I played this game a lot and I really liked it.I have been following the updates on this game for years now but I have never won a giveaway.

I would really love to play it once again and help the game in any way I can (except donating I am poor).I remember playing this game everyday I came from school and I never thought to see it coming back but I was really happy about you guys that decided to remake it.I was playing mostly PvE,sometimes PvP too but I sucked in general at PvP so I was chillin' with my friends on PvE.I followed this project for years and every month I was just looking have they released the game? have they not? and now I finally have a chance to enjoy the game like I did years ago thanks to you

I can play this game for around 4 to 5 hours and in weekend even more.

My discord is Razvan#8480.

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Added more stuff

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Hi, I would like to apply as a tester.

My name is Stijn, I'm a battleforge player since December 2008. 

I live in Belgium, I'm currently 31 years old and a Sr. Gameplay Programmer working at Psyonix (I work at home ofcourse). I have a 9 to 5 job with some minor overtime, but that doesn't hold me back to game till the early hours! ;) (approx. 3-4-5hours a day should be quite plausible.)

The major advantage that I've is being quite experienced in bug/glitch finding/analysing, I've contributed to quite a lot to closed beta's. (I've played and reported glitches/bugs to a whole variety of games: ESO, RaiderZ, Dauntless, Absolver, just to name a few.) 



Discord: Gekwish#5801

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Hello, the name's Schatten. I'm German, as one can perhaps tell from my username.

BattleForge is a game that I absolutely loved, and after it was shut down, every so often I remembered the good times I had... before then wallowing in despair because it wasn't playable anymore. Until I discovered this project and was hyped, to say the very least. That's why a chance to both play the game again as well as aid the team bringing it back (to the best of my ability) would be greatly appreciated.

As a matter of fact, I'm a game developer in the making myself, so I'm fairly certain I'd be able to do a pretty good job when it comes to bug hunting. Besides that, I've participated in a number of alpha and beta tests, so I'm quite familiar with how it works.

Back when I played Battleforge, the vast majority of my playtime went into PvE. I did play PvP occasionally, but I rarely ever committed to it for a longer period of time.

During the week, I'd usually have at least 4-5 hours per day, on some days up to 7. When it comes to weekends, I can technically play as much as 12 hours per day, although I doubt that much would be necessary.

Finally, my Discord name is Schatten#9923.

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6 hours ago, BurningWorld said:





Just in case you miss that post ;)

@Lil Magic (Bruh I was already thinking about mentioning you aswell, but I thought you've been away for a while, I'm sorry thx for the up tho <3 )


Oh heck, hecking nice for tagging me. Lmao, get at me for a free STEAM key of my choice bruh.

Ayyy. I can spend 2 - 5 hours per day in the week , mostly in the evening / at night. During the weekends I can play more than that.

Played a lot of Battleforge, especially PVE and liked to do group maps the most, and other Strategy titles. Closed Betas I participated in were Shadowverse, RaiderZ (goddamn RIP), Runes of Magic and Fantasy Rivals (amongst a hecking ton of other games). I've been gaming since I was 7 and not gonna stop anytime soon.

Besides all that, I'm honest, brutally honest and not afraid to get all involved to get my point across (If you expected a happy bedtime story as to why you should choose me, y'all were hella wrong).

+ I'm a German and as you know, we're hella efficient and our products last an eternity as does our knowledge. Lmao. 
+ I'm British. So I can be hella posh at times, while also being a rude [REDACTED].
+ I'm an active member on the SCP Wiki. The best thing in the world. 

Discord: Rayzoris#6603

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For brix and giggles

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Hi skylords and other people over the world,

First of all thank you for adding more people to this awesome game. I hope to replay the game again to bring up all the good memories of that time. 

Secondly i should start with introducing myself. Well my name is Alexander Ineke and i am a full-time working fellow with lots of free hours. I work a 40 hour job as a web-developer in the finance-branch. Aside from my job i am a hardcore MTG(magic the gathering) player, so ones in a while i travel around Europe to play some cards with foreign people. I was born and raised in the Netherlands and lived there ever since, for my full 25 years of being alive. In my spare time (yes i have more time left in a day), I am a gamer like you all, i play games in a wide range from small indie games like guild of dungeoneering, to big games like PUBG, from old games like Baldur's gate 2 to new games like a lot of prébeta games i play. 

Why am i a good candidate for being a tester of this game: i already played the game in the past. I played the game for quite some time and grinded myself a quite good deck, i played PvP solo and multiplayer and played a lot of PvE. I have all maps played as far as i remember. Next to that, i can have a critical view on the game, because i have +-20 year gaming experience eversince creating from back then when i was six years old. At that time i already played games like Master of Orion 2 and Might and Magic 6. Furthermore i am a programmer myself so i can think the way the devs do to help the communication between them and me. I am not going to talk more about all my good aspects for now but you can just ask them if you want. There are always multiple ways to reach people, for instance you asked my discord so i put it at the bottom and i have an account on this forum for a few years now where you can reach me.

Why i am not a good candidate, well we all have our flaws and mine is i can only test on certain hours. For myself that is between 7CEST and 11CEST so max 4 hours a day, 6 days a week(1 day off for MTG), what makes 24 hours a week. And if i 'm realistic, i can play and test the game for 12 hours a week considering there is more to do in the world(yes there is, look outside :P). Nevertheless I am thrilling to help u guys for all the time i can acquire. 

I think i can be a great tester for you guys and bring good input about the issues the game has but that is not for me to decide,
Good luck picking people you guys think deserve it the most and if that is me i would be honored to join the crew.

I want to become you favorite hello and be you hardest goodbye and only then, i see my job fulfilled,
#5523 (discord)

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