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You know why i cant wait for open beta?

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On 4/23/2018 at 7:01 AM, gubaguy said:

I quit playing LoL becuase power creep was off the charts, and people were winning games based entirely on whoever got first blood, which was based on the random chance on hit runes and random crit.

What level did you play on? As in League-Devision?

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Almost everything is RNG these days, maybe try to play some single player games, you can download most of them for free, just wait untill the open beta is upon us, hope it's not going to take much longer. :)

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I feel the pain. I've also struggled to find a decent game based on skill. I spent about 6k hours in MMORPG called Aion until it also went total P2W RNG in PvP mode.

Tried League of Legends back in S2 and spent a good bit of time playing untill last year but constant huge changes and community that is more toxic than a nuclear waste made me quit. 

Played Hearthstone for a bit but quit soon after because of absolutely terrible balance, pure RNG and constant need of spending 300+ euros on a new set of cards packs/Expansions.

Right now I'm playing Battlefield series because its one of the last games that is fun, got overall nice community and requires a good bit of knowledge about the game or you will get crapped on instead.

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