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Your ideas about new cards

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Posted (edited)

one of my ideas is a rare or uncomon? idk with 1 or 2 orb ,spell with 75 power cost or more. effect = replace that card with a random one (from whole game) or (from the deck u actualy play) pure fire ? get a fire random. fire nature? get a fire or nature or twilicht random) .i know its early for new cards but just to talk a waste some time while w8ing open beta :P

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Posted (edited)

I'd like to see some M or L t4 units that would be useful in group play, since t4 is pretty much dominated by XL spam it would be nice to see some variety (of course their movement would have to be augmented to be the same or nearly the same as XL units so they don't fall behind the main attack force), the units would probably serve a supportive/strategic role like:


  1. a unit that will collect, store, and share life points; also, it will auto-cast a 10 sec buff to an allied unit granting it the ability to absorb nearby corpses to regenerate 50 hp per second with a 3 sec cool-down on ability where the buff can stack.
  2. a unit that collects life points from corpses when enough life points are collected the user can activate an ability which summons multiple Witchclaws at an enemy building within 30m, with a 10 sec cool-down on the ability (where the Witchclaws already have their infiltration effect activated with 5 seconds left).


  1. a unit that has a 15m aura that slows enemy unit movement and attack speed by 10%, and increases damage done to slowed units by allied units within the aura by 20%.  Buff and slow do not stack.
  2. a unit that will shield itself every 10 sec for a 1500 damage ice shield, while shield is up 50% of damage done to allies within 15m is redirected to the shield, the effect ends when the shield breaks.


  1. a unit that auto-casts a buff which causes an 15m regenerative aura on a unit where allied units within the aura regenerate 40 hp per second as long as they're in combat and 10 hp per second if out of combat, along with a 10% damage bonus to targeted allied unit; this buff lasts for 10 seconds; unit can use ability every 5 seconds and the buff can stack.
  2. a unit who attacks every 3 seconds where it's attacks suppress enemy buildings for 3 seconds (therefore he can only suppress 1 building at a time), and increases the damage taken by the suppressed building by 20%. Damage bonus does not stack if attacked by multiple units of this type.


  1. a big spider that shoots a web at enemies every 5 seconds that root's and envenoms enemies in a 7m radius of target, the root lasts 5 seconds and envenom lasts for 10 sec which does 50 damage a second, envenom does not stack.
  2. a unit that can link to an allied XL unit that will cause them to share life points and both units will regenerate 60 hp per second while link lasts, unit can only link to 1 target at a time and an XL unit can only receive 1 link, link will break if more than 20m apart.

Of course all numbers are arbitrary and would need balance testing.

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