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So the point is the give ideas about cards that could work well in the game as we know it.

It's a wide topic, so you could talk about the price, orbs or anything your card idea has.
I'm more interested in new mecanics that could be well implemented in BF.

There are no particular rules except that it should be balanced within the game.

For example :

I'd propose A Giant Crab for 4 orbs, who can only attack in front of him.
He walks sideways and pushes small unites around.
His ability would be a mighty snip that deals heavy damage on XL units. 

(Okay that might be a bad card idea but it's just for you to have an example)

Have fun and eat watermelons :watermelon:

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I would like to have fire/frost -> Water cards! 

And I came up with an idea of a Revive card: revives a certain number of troops (within an possible range of original power cost of those) in an area 

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