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Hi i saw the new booster Sim and became an idea for an game in the forum

Go to https://allcards.skylords.eu/booster.html

and open 5 booster with screens like i did and build a Deck on base of this 5 booster  with 10 cards in it and explain why choose them

so in my case i would build a stonekin deck with

1 x Windweavers

1x Spearmen

1x dryad

1x defenders

1x phalanx

1x Rageflame

1x Stone Shell

1x Grinder

1x Grimvine

1x Equilibrium

I choose this cause grinder  is a damn strong t4 card and in comb with grimvine i can root in lategame and do hard dmg with a rageflame in background  + i have a strong t1 with dryad windeaver combo  so  this was the best case for my 5 booster try yourself and let us see what you get and build :)


ps sry for my grammar ^^






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Sounds like fun.




So because of only two t1 units There is not much to choose from :D

I think I would go like this:

1x Nomad

1x Twilight Minions (red)

1x Twilight Minions (green)

1x Mutating Maniac

1x Treefiend

1x Swamp Drake

1x Abomination

1x Fire Worm

1x Regrowth

1x Fleshbender.... Because there's still one slot left :D


So I think the t3 and t4 are pretty strong with good units. But I think the t1 and t2 would have many problems especially against air units. Though there are no way to make those tiers stronger. I have to start with fire or nature so I can't use most of the good t2 units anyway. I could use Swiftclaw -> Amii Phantom + Shadow Pheonix but then the t3 and/or the t4 would be very weak with only one unit. So I picked the twilight deck.

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2 hours ago, ThomasMann said:

Why build a deck of 10 why not 20? 

 cause 5 booster are 30 cards there would be not enough space to build a 20 card deck that is usefull :D so a 10 card deck gives you much more ways for good decks :D



Knippser i would call it bad luck but with this deck you could actually win cuase of the soulhunter and defense you have with  artillery but i can see your biggest problem you have to many cards xD 10 cards to choose but in your case you have the problem that you have a hard way into the game  so in theory you should get it pretty good but starting

  with nightguard and deathbringer

t2  stalker , commandos and sourceress

t3 soulhunter and skyfire

and your t4 would then be the artillery  in combination with global warming and corpse explosion but this is just my guess how you could do it :P:D


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4 minutes ago, ThomasMann said:

Nice maths a booster has 8 cards 5x8  = 40 

There are 4 colours + the 4 mixed colours faction. So with 40 cards you could expect to get 5 cards of each kind. So even when you use every single card you could possibly play you would only get a deck with 15 cards (assuming you use two different orb colours.) And you wouldn't get any choices like this.


Knippser You could use Satanael in t4. Then you would have at least 2 XL-Units. And you could combine second chance with corpse explosion. Imagine all your units die and all those corpses lie around. Then you could make them explode to do tons of dmg to the enemies. Then all your units return because of second chance. Alongside of the enemy units you killed with the explosion... nevermind.

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2 hours ago, gnomgrol said:

No need to waste your time doing screenshots. I added a button to the booster simulator that lets you share an image of the booster :)

 good job


3 hours ago, ThomasMann said:

Nice maths a booster has 8 cards 5x8  = 40 

 i´m  wrong but still 20 cards out of 40 posssible is to much welll only if you wanna do pure rainbow decks that makes no sense


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11 hours ago, ThomasMann said:

Open 10 boosters 

i would not spam all side long hehe ^^ and 10 booster would be sure 1 good deck i mean so much bad luck you can´t  have cause i found out that you have at least 3 super rares in 10 boosters

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Deck i would build:


Surge of Light



Blaster Canon

Glyph of Frost



Deep One


Stone Shards

2x Mauler

Spirit Hunter

Matter Mastery



Twilight Bombard

Twilight Curse


Sun Reaver




Howling Shrine


Giant Wyrm



It seemed the most reliable to me. Even though there are a lot of T1 cards you cant play them all at the beginning. Some of them will be playable with the 2nd Orb and some when you get your 3rd Orb.


I would go Nature / Ice / Fire / Nature

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i wonder cause you could run the lost engine pretty good don´t ya think ? i mean you got dancer shade dragon and even the priest

so in 20 card i would say wouldn´t it be better to play





Glyph of frost


Lost wanderer

Lost Dancer

Lost Priest

Lost Shade

Undead army



Lost Disruptor

Architetcs Call


Lost Dragon


And then spare cards like



Way Station

Sun Reaver

Giant Wyrm


Surge of light


i mean yeah its not optimal but you had a strong lost engine in t2 that can even rush t4 without t3 units and with the fire shadow comb you have alternative ways to go just for your situation or nature 1 orb cards for healing or drake if you need them in this situation :D that would be my idea :)


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you have a pretty hard combo i had a bit to think about it but i guess i figured it out you need to go on stonekin thats a fact cause of grinder and gemeye but the way to it was a litte bit hard so my chooice would be a mix deck you put in




Blaster canon

t2 (were you first build fire for the start )


Creeping paralysis

t3 (with second nature )


swamp drake

twilight bombard

twilight curse

t4 ( were you switch the fire to ice )



Ice Tornado



i mean it is just a 13 card deck but i see no way to get it better what do you think



9 hours ago, SeniorLumi said:

image.png.f5afe2e8b4667f27027966c43ca7564f.png EASY  Promo Card i dont need more


 LUL i want to see ya ingame then only with the promo card :'D

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