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Best boosters in simulator

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No crazy expensive cards but every card is usefull with the exception of Tempest.
Shrine of War is godlike in PVE, Gemeye, Magma Hurler and Unholy Hero are definetly solid cards for PVE. Treespirit is pretty busted in PVP afaik and Scavenger the go to swift unit in fire t1 PVP while Spirit Hunters is an optional card aswell. I think Magma Hurler is at least useable in PVP as well. Really nothing crazy but you can definetly use 7/8 of those cards which is definetly not the case as a lot of common cards definetly are not on this level.

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4 hours ago, Ultrakool said:

Btw are promo card ratios actually right? It seems like with 0.5% chance for first card to be promo you should get 1 promo in 200 packs but too many people are getting promos way too fast.


Well i opened about 100 and didn‘t get a single one, except easter egg which is not treated as a promo afaik. 

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After a long time I just wanted to open a booster just for fun and see what's inside. That was what I got in my first booster:



I'm not sure anymore. Which version of Skycatcher was the more expensive one. It was the green one, wasn't it?

Well two promos in one booster is still okay I think :D

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