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Best Anime moment

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There are tons of great moments in anime, it's pretty hard to make a pick, so i will just go ahead and make several.


For me personally:

#1 Griffith's speach to princess Charlote from Berserk (the 97's version and movie version are pretty much on par here imo) (Such a pivotal moment and masterfully delivered, gives great insight into Griffith's character as well as Gutt's reflection on his own dream afterwards. Drives to plot forward in a masterfull way and sets up maybe one of if not the deepest and richest villan character i have ever seen with a whole bunch of forshadowing. This scene gives me shivers every single time and is my #1 moment with no contest)

#2 Zero's requiem from Code Geas 2 (The ultimate redemption of the main character, which also did an incredible job at making himself (seemingly) utterly irredeemable during the last few episodes prior)

#3 Assault of the Boars from Princess Monoke (I legit cried, what a scene! if you haven't seen Mononoke, you haven't lived yet. Was the first anime i saw over 10 years ago and i didn't even know what anime was. What a way to set up high standards...)

#4 The ending of Wolf's Rain (Actually called Wolf's Reign, it's a misstranslation and yes that bothers me. Just when you thought things might actually work out in the end... also that soundtrack gets me every time!)

#5 The ending/tank scene from Ghost in the Shell (Phillosiphical and quite unexpected. Also very nice symbolism and great cinematography)

#6 Naruto vs. Sasuke fight in the valey of the end from the original Naruto (Insane buildup and great delivery. Felt very emotional and personal and the action was amazing as well. Great choreography, animation and cinematography really bring the sheer scale and power in the battle to life)

#7 Final battle in Sword of the Stranger (Again beautiful horeography, animation and cinematography, even better than in Naruto in my opinion and also comes with amazing soundtrack and sound design. Didn't manage to be as emotional as the Naruto fight and that's why i rate it a bit lower) 

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I know its totaly "uncool" to name something recent / modern but i still have to say that the reveal of the Armored Titan and ah... the Gigantic Titan in Attack on Titan 2nd Season was just awesome and the biggest reason is the music i think and of couse how fast it escalate. (Musics name is btw YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T but its a bit hard to find a clip of it without spoiling) There are much more just wow moments  but i wanted to take something "non combat" wise even tho it leads up to a fight. 

Than something from another anime (which is a bit similar to attack on titan), i talk about Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood: there are for sure a couple great moments but i wanted to show a more "shocking" moment... its just the ending to Episode 4, just cruel. Another very impactful scene (again no fighting) is the funeral of an character who died because he found out something.

Man there are alot of special moments in so many series and i don't even watch that much.... i notice that i really like those moments when the music is right.


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I suddenly started to watch Naruto again, but I haven't had a moment yet which I'd say it's worth mentioning here, Also I bet I have had awesome moments with Sword Art Online and Mirai Nikki when I watched them but I can't remember I was tooooo young ;( 

The part that stuck most in my head from Sword art Online is probs the one where


Kirito-kun and Asuna-chan (Is that proper weeb?) went together as couple, bought a house and lived their family live with their AI-Kid, That was so fucking Kawaii <3 


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I actually don't have a favorite moment but i really liked most of the discussions/talks between Senjougahara and Araragi in the Bakemonogatari Series.

5 hours ago, BurningWorld said:

Kirito-kun and Asuna-chan (Is that proper weeb?) went together as couple, bought a house and lived their family live with their AI-Kid, That was so fucking Kawaii <3

I had to cringe so much at those scenes - as with all the Yui scenes - btw anyone know why she even was in the anime. I felt like her character was totally pointless

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