Oh, that wasn't my point at all... maybe I wasn't clear . I want players to say, "I lost because he is better than me, so how can I get better?" instead of "I lost because he has more cards than me, this game is dumb." A lot of new players like PvP, but they are discouraged because they play against people with much better cards, or against much stronger players because of the small player pool. Then they don't have fun and stop playing, and the player pool gets smaller. As you said, players jumping immediately into PvP get trapped in the ranks and lose quickly. I think a controlled tournament environment would be a way for those players to taste the PvP experience without getting creamed. The idea of the beginner-friendly tournaments would be to give these new players a feel of what it's like to have everything. First, they would play players of similar skill (because we coordinate a time in advance, so for the first several games, they for sure have a same-skill opponent). Second, they have an opportunity to try new cards/strategies. Third, it shows them what the game is like when they have cards (so they think "oh, in a month I could have this, so let's stick out the grind until then!"). Fourth, it gives them a sense of accomplishment (especially if we limited sections of the tournament--like there could be a section for players ranked 25+, 20-25, 15-20, etc. and the top 2-3 players from each section will advance and play a post-pools round. And everyone could get a prize, even for just participating). So even players who have been playing for a week will play in a pool of say, 5-6 players who have also been playing for a week, and even the player who lost every round will get a few bfp or something so he feels it wasn't a waste of time. Most importantly, it develops a sense of community. You can make friends around your skill level because you played several games with them. You lose (eventually) to a high ranked player, and you can make friends and ask him questions to improve your game, etc. These things will increase the PvP playerbase because players will continue to stick around, because they feel accomplished and connected with friends. *Also, the ability to restrict cards or add a theme to a tournament would be really fun, imo. But it's not really possible to have a large "pure shadow only- no harvester or shadow mage" tournament without the ability to give the players temporary cards.