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Open Beta Information

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Hello Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings,

As many of you are aware, Open Beta means that a game is open to every player for a final test of the game and to help check for more bugs and errors that could possibly have been missed in Closed Beta.

Open Beta Information

All the information you need regarding Open Beta can be found in this thread. Please don't spread false information to the community.

When Is Open Beta?

To find out when Open Beta will be out check out this thread for more details;  

How do you sign up for Open Beta?

You can sign up for Open Beta by simply just creating an account on our forums.

Who can get access to Open Beta?

Everyone will get into Open Beta unless you have sadly made your way onto our blacklist due to severe rule breaking.

Please note if you keep harassing members of staff for access to the game in Closed or Open Beta you will possibly risk getting black listed.

Client download

You can download the client using Mediafire or MEGA.nz.

Skylords Reborn Updater download

You can download the Skylords Reborn Updater using Mediafire.

Our Global links

Our global links can be found here on our forums to the top right of the screen or at the very bottom of the page (we only have an official Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube).

Other Medias

The VK Skylords Reborn page is a fan made page, we will NEVER ask for any payments. Our old domain bfreborn.com has been bought by someone who is pretending to be this project.

Supporting the project

You can help support us if you wish on our Patreon page only. The game will be 100% FREE.


We are currently talking with streamers and a website in order to let the world know about this project. We however currently have no advertising budget.

Players can make videos or stream Open Beta if they wish. All we ask of streamers is that they inform viewers that the game is currently in an Open Beta stage that will be reset at the end along with it possibly containing bugs and crashes along with other issues and that a link to our Forums is provided so people can find out more about the project along with and possibly signing up themselves if they wish.


We are always looking for developers with advance or expert experience in C++ and networking (in software/programming).

Running Requirements

BattleForge is an old game so will run on basically anything. To see full spec details feel free to check out our Wiki page here, or you can check on the CYRI website here.


Giveaways are currently closed. You can’t take part in these by simply keeping an eye on our #giveaway channel on our Discord server and our giveaway section of the forums. To participate in the giveaway on our Discord you will normally  need to react with the right emotion, beware it can change to a new one.

The last phase should be the real deal. We'll have finished our AntiCheat and certainly will have to reset all players' accounts in order to make it fair for everyone because phase is also marked as a "Release Candidate". The real playing should start here. So, be advised not to "no-life" in early phases, rather wait for the last phase and in the meantime play casually.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to ask them below or send me or @MrXLink a PM and we will try our best to answer them as much as we can.

See you all in the forge! :hype:


Important notes from @fiki574 regarding Open Beta:

  • Promo cards - Will be in booster packs, except for the event promos like Santa and Easter Egg which will be related to the seasonal event.
  • BoostersBoosters will be a mixture of all sets for now.
  • Speed run / map of the month - Will be available at start of Open Beta.
  • Starter decks - You will start with 4 different starter decks, one of each color (Fire, Frost, Nature, Shadow).
  • Tomes - Tomes will not be in Skylords Reborn at all.
  • New accounts - All players will have new accounts and will be named the same as their Forum account this is due to us not having access to the data files from EA regarding accounts.

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Question to the dev team:

How do guys make the bfp so it free?

I mean if you guys give us too much we will have everycard in no time and it wont be any fun with the trading and marketing stuff.

And some suggestions from the community would be cool too.

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1 minute ago, mechman said:

If someone donated a large amount to the project could they be given closed beta access or is that not done?

They say they do not sell access to their closed beta. And I dont really know if it would be worth it, as you can not really 'play' the game in closed beta.

If I remember correctly, however, they once gave someone access (alpha access I thought) because he donated a lot of money... so they don't really keep their word on this statement

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Im still confused... in the stream and in the forums... you allways repeat "everyone in the forums will be able to play in the open beta" and "not everyone in the forums will be able to play in the open beta", I get the part of "slowly adding people to the game", but you can just put a queue, right? i have no idea how that works, but i think is not a dificulty for you. But then there is the part of "we dont want people reporting the same bugs all the time" and then i understand it like "didn't you get it? we will add 20 people per month". I dont know... too many "yes but no". Well, i guess i'll put my hype under the bed again.

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