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This will be a summary mostly of special theme-decks i have played with passion.

Important Note: Some cards in the decks might be just "fun-cards" and cards rarely to very rarely played by players, means there were stronger to much stronger and faster alternatives i could put in but did not do it because i always hated the fact maps are way too easy to manage with an overpowered deck. Embalmers Shrine, Shadow Phoenix, ashbone pyro, lost souls ship, shrine of war, voidmanipulating and many other cards/tactics are for example extremely overpowered in PvE/rPvE and sadly never got nerfed.

So if you like to play a weaker playstyle than others but in exchange for a lot of more fun and challenging aspects you are right here.

With all of those decks every expert map and with most of them rPvE 9 and even 10 (-> some of the decks are not made for a lost souls randomised map in 10 though) are possible to defeat. (ofcourse at defending maps or other situational points there might be some keycard/building edits but still it let it be an extraordinary themedeck)



I will edit this thread from time to time.

Have fun with the inspirations and see you in the forge soon!






Worms                                                                                              Bandits


Stonekin                                                              Twilight


Lost Souls                                                           Pure Shadow


Root Network                                                    Constructs


Pure Nature                                                         Ultimate Defense


Pure Frost                                                            Pure Fire


Ships                                                                     Allmighty Dragons


S-Units                                                                dmg Spells


Stonekin Deff                                                     Fire Deff


Pure Frost Deff                                                   Pure Shadow Deff


Pure Nature Deff                                                Legendarys


Ultimate Deff 2                                                   Pure T4


Rainbow                                                               Batariel rPvE Lost Souls 10


No XL Ultra UP                                                    Frost Fire


Shadow Nature                                                 Pure Fire rPvE Lost Souls 10


Pure Shadow rPvE Lost Souls 10                     Lost Souls rPvE Lost Souls 10




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As you can see Offering and Enlightenment are there to summon both T4 Worms. Since it is very expensive there is still a void-back booster with Shrine of Memory in the deck. Though you still can go more powerfull related to this in order to go with one fire orb and putting in Shrine of War or putting in Embalmers Shrine and Furnace of Flesh and even resource booster with 2 shadow orbs if you want to speed things up.

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Some nice decks in there, I like your Twilight and Shadow decks in particular.

Btw. did you ever try Altar of Chaos with your Lost Soul deck? I think that building was MASSIVELY strong with Lost Souls. With enough souls, Altar of Chaos deals ridiculous amounts of damage. And since Lost Soul units have high HP and can return with revenants, that Altar will have enough souls very quickly.

Also, what is the reason you have two Tortuguns in T4? I found the blue affinity of very limited use.

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Glad that you like them! :)

Well in rpve Altar of Chaos within my lost souls deck is not that good since i play without cultist master and except resource booster without void manipulation (i guess if i can remember correctly the nightcrawlers from the cultist master does count as offering).

So in pve it makes more sense and a full max. bomb is as you said deadfull. Therefore i sometimes play it in my pure shadow deck.

Well both affinitys of the allmighty Tortugun (which has the highest atk number in the game btw. as you know for sure) are very usefull. One with long range and the other with the brutely XL Knock Back CC which is really funny! I don't want to invest anyway one more card slot in the deck because of offering and rifle cultists which is it just not worth it.

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Looking at your decks, I find the "Ultimate Defense" one very interesting : all three skyelves, Worldbreaker Gun and Church of Negation, even Frenetic Assault... really nice one ! I did see thought that your put the Lost Laucher red aff for T2, a very good card... among others. Frost/shadow have some very good buildings options at T2 and on others situations, the Lost Launcher would have been nice, but you also have access to Cannon Tower, which has more health. Now granted, the Lost Laucher have 2 advantages over the Tower : it has rage and can hit air. However...

1. The rage seem very broken to begin with, since with units like Rageclaws, Giant Slayer and Fire Dragon, it allow them to inflict 4x their normal damage the more they fight. Sadly, buildings don't work that way, and if I remember well, the Lost Launcher only can multiply its attack by 1.5x.

2. You should not worry over the air if you have the Skyelf Templar at T2. In a deck without them, I would see some utility to the Launcher, and they do have better firepower, but to me, the Cannon Tower just seem like a better choice. With the Skyelf, of course.

But hey, why stop to the Cannon Tower, I also really like the Time Vortex ! Sure, it demands much more energy, but the health is of the chart, and even if is attack is not impressive, is firerate increased depending of the void power(more or less with the affinity).

Damn, I really do like to nitpick. Also, no T4 units ? :( Why ?

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So glad to see that I'm not the only person building themed decks. :$

They may not be the best to play with but they definitely give the most enjoyment - to me at least. I'm currently working on an Elf-themed deck myself.

Thanks for sharing <3


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No, and the most never were viable for bg10 ever. 

Usually you want to bring own heals in BG10, a wide flexible t1, a t2 that is able to handle stonekin t3 camps, and a meta approach t4. Of course, even more the easier random maps, can be done  with meme-, fun-, pure-, and faction decks, but that is more a thing for experienced players.

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