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Anime Character Drawing WIP

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So I've made some progress, this is Stage 2:


So what I've done is give her some clothes, add color to everything and paint her outlines more.

Next step is adding shadows and feet/footwear because what she had before would have never done the job.

I have to say, she is somewhat close to what I have imagined, her hair being so close it blew my mind, but her face.... not quite. That means after I finish this one version of her I'll have to adjuct facial characteristics and head height/width.

Her eyes would be pink but after painting them pink, I figured blue would be better.

So as far as I was going for with my resources:

  • Face - Bad/OK
  • Clothes - Good
  • Feet & Footwear - No Comment :kappa:
  • Hair - Mind = Blown

I want to hear opinions.

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@Eddio That's what I think too. The face is bad but bareable.

@Sykole Hm a new one nope. I have a reason I try to make this one character. Diffrent versions of her? Absolutely!

Anyway thanks to both of you for your comments and opinions. They really mean a lot to me. I posted on the forum to try and get better through your opinions.

Btw I noticed that I made her neck like a giraffe's with the extra neck outlining xD. I guess I'll fix it in the next stage.

Probably tomorrow will do to wrap this version up.

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Arms are like spagetti, neck is too long, hips are too wide, ears need to be lowered, and her torso is very short. You should lightly sketch out an oval for the head size you're going for, make her (for anime sizing) 5 or 6 heads tall by drawing the same length oval directly underneath the last. Make sure the hips are only slightly larger than the stomach if you want larger hips and legs are twice as close as they are now. The front half of her hair should be half the head size with that style and breasts are higher than that. 

That's my constructive criticism by the way, sorry if it sounds harsh. You have a good start there.

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