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The best off-meta deck

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Hi guys DownVote here! :D

So i was thinking what kind of deck could we make for like rPVE and for PVP.


Think about the most useless cards the most non-meta cards which will fill your 20 slot in your deck. Then tell your strategies what could you do with it.

It can be funny like Fire Bomb rush with pure fire or some crazy things. Just tell me your story about what crazy useless deck would you build :D the Best Comment will earn a big *CLAP* from me.

;) see ya guys!

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You saw my deathwing strat, right? :)

I think one time I built a deck with nomad in t1 (so the spear could hit air) and spirit hunters instead of gladiatrix. I also had firestalker and vileblood for siege, and firestalker and ghostspears for my S counter. And I think I was going fire nature shadow for like ashbone pyro and soulhunter or sandstorm? It was a garbage, garbage deck, but I got way better results than I should have (firestalker can cheese surprisingly well when no one knows you have it).


I've also experimented with basically every t3. I was pretty happy with giant slayer, sun reaver, and magma hurler before the sun reaver nerf, but since then I've never had a happy t3. I once tried 3 XL counters (giant slayer for split attack, brannoc to base nuke, swamp drake to kill the enemy brannoc) and I think I even tried something dumb like shadow t3 for motivated magma spores. Fire dancers might even be a viable t3 card, because fire-nature has enough cc to really do some damage (but if the opponent plays soulshatter or thunderstorm or some strong AoE spell then rip). For a while, I took 1 t3 card (giant slayer) and 1 t4 card (earthshaker) because I figured that entering t3 on low power would let giant slayers do a lot of work, and if I played against shadow frost then I could allow stalling long enough to go straight to t4. But mostly I was salty after losing to church campers for like 3 games in a row. But t4 never worked unless the enemy only knew how to camp and couldn't handle being out-camped.


I've seen some pretty strange cards in some nature decks. I want to say RadicalX had one (maybe nature shadow) that has primal defender and both dryads (legitimately, not just for luls).

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For rPVE you can really just make anything work at least on lvl 9, especially for the pre t4 phase.

For post t4 you can run some t3 strategies around ashbone pyros or giant slayers with a bunch of healing spells and void manipulation. Lost Souls is a little rough due to the anti spell buildings though and Hellhounds though. Bosses are generally easily manageable especially with motivated pyros and Fallen Skyelf. For myself i found Pyros working more reliably than Giant Slayers as you can dodge a lot of damage with Netherwarp and  Frenetic Assault. Those strategies work much better if you have a mate who is running the same strategy or at helps you out with Shrine of War so you can motivate pretty much permanently, which is pretty massive when running around with 15+ Pyros.

You can play around Worldbreakergun and kobold inc with the damage increasing skyelf as well, bosses are a little bit hard though. Really good for oneshotting bases. Hard part is that it needs a lot of energy before you can really start and requires void manipulation at some point which kills your orb requirements and youll have to switch orbs at some point (or build t5 with amii monument which i do not recommend).

You can run something like Batariel with Green Peace and Disenchant which is pretty fun, but requires pretty good charge managemenet as you will run out of them in no time. Also you get rekt by Lost Souls anti spell buildings pretty hard. I recommend having a mate that plays a supportive deck around this to help you out with charges and build stuff like Healing Gardens and SoW, especially when you are not yet used to this deck.

You can run something around Tortugun which is pretty, but @Mental Omega can say much more about that than me.

You can play with Constructs and Deepcoil worm with Burrowing ritual to get the Construcats from A to B without much time loss and do some decent damage. Doesn't work to bad but i found myself rather useless against strong incomes. As this is a slow deck anyways it doesn't really fit my taste of how a deck should work but you can get through maps with this just fine.

You can also run the free 2 play frost t4 unit with rifle Cultists. you try to have enough cc to not get any enemies  near you with a bunch of damage reduction and heals and then work your way into the base and kill the spawn with rifle cultists. Works okayish but is really weak against towers, long range and burst damage. Dont use this against Lost Souls or you will get wiped.


For pre t4 strategies there is really a lot of diversity that you can use, especially when playing with a mate.

I generally liked Lost Converter with shadow start for Soul Splicer to get collect souls for the converter. My mate would then teleport the enemies into the range of the converter where they get frozen for 15 seconds (not sure on the exact numbers) which is enough time to kill the spawn building and the majority of the base. Optional are Lost Wanderers which can increase damage to frozen units. Works better with netherwarp (frost affinity) as the enemies won't get healed.

I didn't saw Phase towers with Dreadchargers or Skeleton Warriors in ages which i thought was always interesting for a t2 clear.

i feel like due to the linearity of the map, the limited availability of card combinations due to limited availability of orbs and that basically everything can work makes it super hard to get something that is super creative for a solo deck as your deck slots are generally also rather limited for that phase of the game. You probably have to search for a strategy that requires 2 players to come up with something super interesting for t1-t3.

That is what i can remember for existing strategies just now. Hope you found something to your liking :)

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4 hours ago, Treim said:


You can run something around Tortugun which is pretty, but @Mental Omega can say much more about that than me.


I see, somebody has summoned me :P

Sadly, my knowledge is a bit rusty but I will give my best to re-iterate the basic.

In case somebody does not know Tortugun: It is a big, mean turtle with an absurd amount of ranged firepower that will eat your units after some time. It has a hunger-bar that slowly decreases and once it is empty, it becomes uncontrollable and kills your own units.

You can feed other units to refill that hunger-bar but, essentially, the best strategy is to kill it in creative ways before it goes amok. This utilizes the full range of sacrificing spells, including:

 - Offering (to recharge ALL your T4 charges, allowing you to summon a brand new Tortugun)

 - Motivation (You will want to play multiple Tortuguns and want buff them anyway.)

 - Eat it with another Tortugun (will fully replentish the hunger of a Tortugun that exceeds its beginning timer)

 - Blood Healing (in case you got it in your deck)

 - Warrior's Death (this card can be good in rpve10 when you want to make sure a Soulhunter or Shadow Phoenix reaches a spawn and can successfully kill it. In the case of the Tortugun you get an unkillable turtle that will reliably die before it goes amok).

Naturally, the Tortugun will also be the center of other buffs fire/shadow has to offer: Unholy Power, Unholy Hero, Life Weaving, Girl Power or Disenchant.

I could go in greater detail on the combination with all of the above mentioned cards, but I guess too much information as it is xD.


Either way, I am a huge advocate of a Nomad-free Fire T1. Unless movement speed is crucial I a think Thugs are the superior choice in T1.

Having Sunstriders in your T1 is crucial and by having them, your anti-M is already covered. Nomads are good, but putting them into your deck only reinforces the anti-M aspect.

However, Thugs are anti-S and an excellent meat shield. Moreover, they are an excellent meat shield that will give you an energy boost. They used to give around 200 power before they were nerfed, but now it is closer to 50-ish. It is not much, but every bit helps to progress faster in rpve. And in terms of counter, Thugs will be more reliable in T1 due to the abundance of S-creatures.

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Not sure how exactly I would do this, but for non meta decks you have add Easter Eggs and Santa Clause!

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