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      Open Beta Information!   12/29/17

      Open Beta will soon be upon us! Check out all you need to know here: https://goo.gl/nNr1qU

Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

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Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies, Skythings!

Welcome to the signup giveaway thread for our stream today. We will be inviting 3 new testers into the beta stage of this game today!
Your objective is simple: I will call out a word or phrase in the stream, and it is up to you to make a post in this thread containing said word or phrase, and consider yourself signed up. Do be aware that for this specific giveaway, more active forum members have a bigger chance of winning access. This does not mean that less active members won't have a chance, though, so sign away to your heart's desire!

Find our stream over here: https://www.twitch.tv/skylordsreborn
More information on this giveaway can be found here: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/announcement/24-giveaway-normal-play-stream/

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