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2-Occassional problems when clicking the Options Menu

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  • NAME: Occassional problems when clicking the Options Menu
  • LOCATION: Anywhere I can access the options menu
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: I've had varying problems with this bug. Sometimes it causes me to time out and d/c, this time it froze for like 5 mins but then let me back in. Once I had the problem and it let me back in, I continued to have the problem
  • DESCRIPTION: When cilcking the options menu, Battleforge freezes and sometimes disconnects me
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26 minutes ago, MephistoRoss said:

Did you manually change anything in the config.XML file or any other BF file? 


I notice that every time I cilck the option menu, it lags a little bit--like it's checking something with the server and being slow. My guess is that sometimes it checks with the server and take too long, causing it to hang.

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Just letting y'all know that this is still a problem for me. 2/4 times when I was trying to co-cast a game and needed to un-fullscreen the window, hitting the options button caused the game to freeze. "Ending task" caused the error message "account still in use."

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Happened again. I'm hypothesizing that it happens when I try to hit the options button and there is some lag. That might be why no one else experiences it. Perhaps there is a very short timeout feature on the options, and it freezes the game when it happens?

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Name: freeze when trying to enter "options-menu"

Severity: 3

Location: mostly forge, also ingame (i guess its just because i was openign the options menu more often in forge...)

Reproducibility: happens at random, but keeps happening

Description: after pressing escape and then with the click on "options" its freezes. i left it for several minutes to see if it gets back to normal, but no success.  need to close BF by task manager. 



cheers, guys :)

havent seen this reported yet, hope it helps

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