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Custom Profile Pictures, Overlays et cetera

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Hey Skylords!

Today I want to introduce you to my new thread, where you can send me offers for art related work such as the following:

  • Profile Pictures for every kind of platform. 
  • Overlays for Youtube, Twitch et cetera, as well as thumbnails for videos.
  • Signatures for all kind of things.

If you are interested in one of these things, just write me a private message, or leave a comment here in this thread, I do this for free, naturally.
There will be additionally new galleries on imgur which you can access through this thread, there you will find all the work done so far, so make sure to check it out if you are interested.
However, because of privacy policies concerning my customers, all the material there will be not HD! if you want a HD version regardless of that, just let me know here in thread.
The links you will find below! 

Profile Pictures


Last but not least, thank you already for taking a look at the work, and thank you for all the future commissions, I hope I will have fun working, and most importantly, you being satisfied with your new individual piece of art!


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15 minutes ago, Dallarian said:

Profile pics looks quite nice!

Its thread little similar to Lukaznid's, right?

I am glad you like those.
Maybe it is similar, though I haven't found something as that within the first two pages, so I decided to make my own.

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59 minutes ago, Kiwi said:

Want to make me a channel art for my YouTube channel and possibly a profile photo too? :D

I would like to do so :)
Do you have any concrete wishes? guess you can pn me with your commission.
Although, discord, teamspeak or skype would be better if you have some time.

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well i glady take the offer for such an artwork.

im missing an overlay and signature. as known i used to have Manawing as profile so something like that:

Artwork_Mana_Wing.thumb.jpg.9d2d1095a7d52d1f51c69be28a0f31c4.jpgand in the direction he looks the name: Asraiel

dont know if there is any manawing artwork avaieble with a full manawing not as this with cut of wings. or something mor into every color like the corners:



colors kinda floating in one another and in the center the Name: ASRAIEL

feel free to use my postet artworks from topic: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/1413-artworks/


maybe you can later even create a new logo for skylords reborn to put in offical trailers or befor a stream start or so.

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1 hour ago, Asraiel said:


well i glady take the offer for such an artwork.


I acknowledge that, will start working on the artwork first, and after that proceed to the signature and overlay.
However, please be patient because it can take me a while, since you are not the only one given me a commission.

1 hour ago, Asraiel said:

feel free to use my postet artworks from topic

There is certainly no need for me to take those ones as reference, in any event thanks for providing me the link, but I rendered all the artworks in a much better resolution in the past, thus I will use one my mine instead.
Here is the link of all rendered artworks, in case you are interested.

Edit: The artwork is done.
For the signature and overlay I will most likely use the same mana wing, hope you like "manawing: annihilator of the sky" !

mana wing.png

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