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19 hours ago, SilenceKiller99 said:

Maybe another fun map idea might be: spam a map with a lot of power wells, and the first player to get a certain amount of power (e.g. 5000 or so) wins the game... (I know, its kind of a silly game, but you might learn some new scripting things?)

Ok, I got a question. I just quickly made something that keeps track of the power each player has, to some degree. Since there is no command to detect how much power a player currently has, I made the following: Each well in the map has a tag and the game detects whenever a player builds a well in any available spot. If a player decides to build a well, the MissionCounter is decreased by 100 (power well cost). The score is displayed in the goals section as "0/1000 power for player X" and a goal for a specific player is only shown if there's indeed a player playing that spot to avoid having the goals section filled with useless information. 1000 is the score/power required to win in this case. For each power well you have it adds 1 each 2 seconds to the MissionCounter. I made the script in such a way you can just copy paste an existing power well as many times as you want and then change one variable in the script (which says how many power wells there are in the game) to change the map accordingly.

Nonetheless, long story short: It just simulates the power a player has and displays it as a MissionCounter in the goals section. One big problem though: It can't deduct costs from cards by players and add void power. Although I highly think these are possible to add (you would have to basically make a giant list of all possible cards you can play and check their upgrades since some cards cost less on a different upgrade), it all depends on if we want to have the player even use cards  of his own. 

Basically, my question is: Should the player be allowed to destroy enemy wells and if so, should the player be able to use his/her own cards or destroy them in some other way :P ? Not sure if you had anything in mind. Maybe the player gets 100 power back if he loses one of his power wells?

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@Ladadoos I hope the idea is good enough to work with xD

I think players should be allowed to disturb the enemy by killing his wells/orbs, like in a regular pvp match. This is needed because it would became very 'boring/uninteresting' without it. 

The overall goal of the minigame could be: 'be the first to extract X power out of power wells', this would avoid the work of adding the power of each card, and also regaining from voidpower.

This would actually lead to very interesting PvP matches, because players of course will take more value in wells than orbs now, so there will probably be a long T1. 

Also, because there is no deducting power, you might wanna change up the 1000 power. In a normal PvP match each player has a few power wells, lets say 4. In this mode you will have some extra, so about 8. a powerwell produces 1 power each 2 seconds, so 0,5 power each sec. 1000(goal)/4(8x0,5)=250 seconds. 

It might be a cool idea to 'steal' x power (100?) from the enemy when you destroy one of his wells, and ofcourse the enemy would then loose 100 of his score. And that is kind of a huge thing, as playing units actually does not lower your score...

I hope you can make something out of this, :) good luck 

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14 hours ago, Ladadoos said:

I watched part of the video but didn't really understand it, mind explaining it briefly :P ?

First you have a course. The goal is to get behind the finishing line (it is like a race at first). The problem is that on the way until the finishing line you have to go past all the drones on the course. If a drone hits you, you are dead, until a friend gets to you and rescues you.

Every level it gets harder to get past the drones, because they start to shoot, to jump, fly around, they get bigger, they get more and so on.

After a few rounds you encounter the boss, this event is somehow special.

Then again you are back in the racing mode and it gets more difficult again.

Also you can skill your "runnling" and even unlock further runnlings and different skills for any runnling (like teleporting, shield, speed, and so on...)



This one is also cool:


Everyone starts with a larve, a simple weak unit. Now you can eat food (like herbs) or attack other larves / animals and kill them, then you can eat the flesh of your enemies, or someone else killed an animal / other player and you steal the flesh from him, for example after killing him too.

The more you eat, the stronger you get and the more skills of your larve and later other unit you can improve. Dependent on your kind of food (flesh, herbs, or anything) and the skills you have improved, your unit gets stronger and stronger and evolves to something else. Every player has only a few lives.

The winner is the one who survives this evolution fight and kills every other player and evolves to the ultimate being.

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On 3/20/2017 at 8:30 AM, Asraiel said:

but also other like 4 wins,

Here it is. Everything works fine, besides the reset switch just like with the Tic Tac Toe game (will have to look into that later too). Here's a video showing it:


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Just now, Asraiel said:

nice nice gbut does it work as 1v1 because playing against myself isnt so much fun only maybe if i have a split personality which i dont.

In that match I was playing agaisnt @anonyme0273. I was red, he was blue. It's currently a PVE map so that I can play the map alone for testing purposes (if it was PVP I'd have to ask somebody to join everytime I want to test the map). It's very easy to make it a PVP map so that it's a true 1v1 with a win screen at the end so that shouldn't be a problem.

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3 hours ago, Asraiel said:

ok ok then the next thing is that the winner gets a small reward for winning -.-

What is a small reward :P ? I can't give out any rewards with community maps.

@Phoenix313 I might work on the evolution game next. Besides what you mentioned, are there any (other) key things that you say must be in this minigame? Does your unit reset when you die? Are you always one unit? What kind of skills do you think the unit should have? Does every new stage of the unit increase its max health and after a few stages he turns into a new unit, or how does it exactly work? Is every starting larve the same or do you somehow choose between preferring flesh over herbs or herbs over flesh (so if you choose to prefer flesh you gain like 150% extra 'skills' when you eat flesh)? Does the map pretty much just consist of some random PVE units running around (which respawn I assume) and herbs (which respawn as well I assume) or are there some kind of special places/events ?

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49 minutes ago, Ladadoos said:

What is a small reward :P ? I can't give out any rewards with community maps.

maybe not yet but in the future 1 BFP for the Winner :rolleyes:(or how its called now: Skylord Reborn Point SRP)

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Just some further features I remember:

You could eat apples, banana and such, there were some immobile herbs (which could attack) and which you could kill and eat too.

Also there were some tunnels, where you could get from one to another place.

Also you could evolve into flying units later.

The fog of war was dependent of your sight and if you were even blind you could had everywhere fog of war.

Then there was undetected area, that means you dont even know how the location looks like.

The beings had the ability to remember portions of the area so it was detected but not visible if you were to far.

Some beings could hear or detect enemies without sight.

Some units had abilities, like faster movement for a short time and such.

Also vampirc was a possible ability.

Poison was one.

Creatures with close and distance combat were possible.

The distance was differently.

And many other.

Also there were some tunnels on the map, so that you could quickly get from one to another place.



Your unit didnt reset, but it lost experience and time it could use to level up, so you could fall behind other creatures / players.


You were skilling something like: legs, arms, fat, spores and such.

One of them could for example increase strenght and speed while decreasing armor.

Another could add poison damage and speed but lower health.

Not every upgrade had positive effects also the strength of the positive effects was different.

After some upgrade it turned into a new unit, yes.


Every starting larve was the same and everyone could turn into the same creature, if skilled in the same way.


I dont know if there were special places, it looked pretty random. Also there were random weak units running around, human players that started as you did and a few computer based players that could get as strong as you and did also level.


Btw. Starcraft 2, the arcade part of the game (community maps) can be downloaded and played for free if you want more details. There do exist many completely different other maps, I have even seen a shooter, an RPG, and a Trading Card Game realized as map...

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