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3 - Upgrades in post-game screen shown only after a refresh

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LOCATION: Post-Game screen (screen with Upgrades, Statistics and Gold after winning a match)
DESCRIPTION: Every time I finish a map, I at first don't see the ugprades displayed. The loot screen is empty. Closing the window and re-oppening it doesn't help, but what does help is switching to the statistics window and then back to the loot window. After doing that I can see the loot and proceed to assigning it to a team member. Also, on a second note, I only the see EXP and Gold received after I have assigned the upgrades to someone. The Gold seems to work properly (since Disenchanting a card gives you more gold), but since disenchanting cards doesn't provide any more or less EXP, I believe the EXP should be displayed right away too, and not after the cards have been assigned (Although I am not sure how this exactly worked in the old BF)
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This issue only seems to occur when the way of distributing the loot is in 'Assign' mode. If I have it on 'Random' I see the upgrades right away.

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