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On 18.02.2017 at 4:46 PM, Aleksay said:

I feel sorry for people with better stories that haven't been picked because of their reputation (new accs, low activity..) For all the guys who are very active and have large amounts of posts, you could have given them the BETA regardless of the competition...Anyways, congrats to everyone else, and see you at the forge! :)

I didn't get a key despite my account isn't that fresh anymore, so your theory is invalid :D (it doesn't matter that I didn't write the story anyway).

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I remember the day like it was yesterday.....


It was raining like never before and I was inside just browsing the website of the local game store.

All the sudden my eye fell on a game with a hugh rhino looking thing on the cover.

I instantly fell in love with the looks of the game.


Back in the day I wasn't old enough to drive so I had to do the stereo-type Dutch thing.

Cycle all the way to the shop....

I was completely soaked when I finally arrived and to make it even worse I had to find out that they were out-of-stock...

Luckily they made a call to another store for me if they had in stock and they did.


On my way to the other store my brother gave me a call and I told him about Battleforge.

Then he asked me to get him a copy as well, so I did.

Since it was still pouring down so had to put the copy underneath my hoodie to keep it dry.


On my way back I even got a flat tire and had to walk all way(7 km).

But when I finally got home and got the game installed, I was over the moon.

The graphics, the gameplay, everything about the game was just amazing!


In the weekend my cousins came over as we had a sleep over.

Well that was the idea but we ended up playing the game all night and we didn't sleep for 2 days straight.

We all loved it and we just wanted to collect all the cards and complete the PvE as quick as possible.


A year later we still played together, my brother, my cousins and me and it was just so fun.

We couldn't do sleep overs anymore since my cousins moved to Denmark but it was our way to stay in touch.

By playing Battleforge all day and everyday.


Battleforge just meant a lot for me back then but after a while we quit playing and started on another game.


Now 5 years later I was at the office wondering what I would do tonight and I just felt like googleing Battleforge alternatives.

To see if there was a Battleforge 2 or maybe a look-a-like of this game.

That's how I found this website.

P.S. I just want to say thank you for working this hard on the project and I can't wait to play again :$









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