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[Giveaway] Tell us your story !

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My story begins like that one day, a friend called me on Skype, he was very fond of the strategy. Here he found a game called BattleForge, so I thought why do not I try to play this game :)
I quickly registered but at the time in 2009 the Internet I was bad, so I was waiting for the floor to play it ...
I went to the game and the first thing I saw was this beautiful graphics at the time it was gorgeous! Fortunately the developers made sure that the game is the Russian language. After all, at that time I knew little about it :)
Continuing on my friend began to tell how to manage all that and where to stick as they say. First, he taught me to PVP with him 1 vs 1 and it was fun and interesting to madness !!! And in my life I have never found such strategies but found and was happy))) Later we join another one, and we played in Troy as a cheerful trio. PVE began to pass the mission and it was great ie each of us was doing something I was doing the weak forces but with large numbers, and two of my friends made a strong, ie I was in the role of bait :) I will never forget how they made fire ships and then it was really fun to play !!!
But later in the game we are notified that the project is closed, and then we were grieved and were looking for an alternative, but it never found!
After several years, I came across the news that BattleForge project revives the fans and I fell off the chair ,,. And now this day I watch the news on the development of the game and look forward to it !!!

Thank you that you have read a little story.

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Battle Forge the game before it's time.


I started playing battle forge when it came out right away I saw what little advertising EA did and was blown away with the visuals all the colors and the RTS gameplay it blew me away. I loved the Age of empires series but I also loved fantasies and battle forge was a perfect match for me I clocked in so many hours that I felt I was truly a part of the game. Growing up I did not have many friends all I had was my mom and my twin brother and when 2009 came around we were so Hyped to start playing battle forge we played it day in and day-night the game was just that good We even play Lord of ultima to get the lord cyrian battle forge card. The game was just our way to escape and meet other players and people in this fantastic game. Then EA announced that they were closing it down and felt so bad I spent so much time on this game PvE PvP all the games I played the friends me and my brother made all that progress would be gone and I was so depressed I could not believe a game like Battle Forge was being closed down I thought the game was great all the regular players did too we were committed but EA wasn't. So after battle forge stopped I just went from game to game none of them being able to replace the gameplay I got out of Battle Forge I started playing league of legends soon after just to pass the time. But then one day after I got home from College and was just surfing the web I found it this amassing hope I found it just by chance Battle forge REBORN it was what I wanted I called my brother and he was just as excited that this project was going on and I have been following this project ever since then and with all the progress and with EA giving us the green light it just means so much to and to my brother and that is what my story was about just how I found battle forge used as a kid with my brothers to make friends and fit in and now that it is coming back I'm just so happy. 

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Long time ago there was a 15 year old teenager who went sporadically to high school and played full time a legendary game named Battleforge, which was discovered by him.

It was from the first minute away a new vision, a lifeside, something which has to be implemented because of it's uniqueness, it's fabulous variety and art. (btw. my name's Fabian)

However this one boy even was so impressed by this legendary game which still is legendary that he even had to do 1 more year of high school. It was simply not enough time ressources left and this one boy had to set priorities. It were important priorities which he didn't regret - until now.

He still remembers when he found IT lessons way too boring and secretly was active on the forums of this one legendary game and has done some general posts and moderatorwork, because he was Moderator there and meanwhile others were busy in Microsoft Office Programs at that time.

However the teacher rarely saw this, because this boy also was one professional RTS-click specialist who was be able to activate a card named "powerefficient-quick-finishing-sacrifice" which even had high requirements with 3 shadow orbs and 200 e costs, which wasn't even a cheap deal but anyways he made it with an heartbreaking mode to beat the evilness in person, named teacher who hadn't any understandings about this particular circumstances. How should he? If he even didn't know what is legendary and what not. But lets get rid of that peasant and others.

So this boy had wonderfull times over the years. There were severall cards played and experiments have been taken place in form of cards. Many cards. And he often played with one other guy named "ElementG" who discovered one special tactic called "The mass zerg bug abusing" which was enableable with an Twilight Infected Tower in combination with a furnace of flesh, an decomposer and a second chance. Ofcourse this discovery was immediately reported in the forums but even did not get bugfixed for a longer time, because at that time Battleforge was already pretty dead devsidewise.

However most of you reading Battleforgers may already know who this undercovered guy even is. So here comes the outing. Cyruel - it's me. A name forged in the thousands of years old forge of creation.

All the competitive pvp matches played, reached an Top 10 positioning in both pvp modes and i am not too abstemious to say that because it was all the effort, the motivation, the ambition, the fun invested to reach that. And i want to say to everyone who also has goals, that also you can reach them, if you believe to them and work really hard every day on it. Only then it is possible.

All the funny pve battles which took place in gigantic innovative battlestyles on every map included the speedruns at the end. But it wasn't a "rush through the battlefield with an OP-Deck, that never was the case, excluded the speedruns ofcourse, which i sometimes played. It was always a - find a way with alternative cards and decks, no one plays and beat the map on the highest difficulty, which made a lot of fun especially with my old friend ElementG which i would like to mention and others. We created some nice innovative alternative decks which even reached some mainstream boring pve rush decks - those ones clearly weren't fun. We created pure colour decks, an all colour deck, only dragons deck, only s-units deck, only spells deck, only buildings deck, a wormdeck, a rootnetworkdeck and much more, simply to make those never played cards be awaken.

I want to thank you all for the great times and i am looking again forward to continue these nostalgic times covered in fortune, in hapiness, in richness. Because no Lamborghini, no BMW, yes, no money of this world even targets those properties. You have to go inwardly to recognize the important stuff of life.

I know the project will be released very soon and i want to make a big thanks to all of you who made this project possible and work on it. A long waiting is going to end soon and therefore a big Thank You! You are simply Great.

Love doesn't has to be described at all. It is simply love.

I expect for the future for example that gambling cards hopefully won't be a that long work to have finally all cards because i clearly say it it's just boring as hell and for many others too :P.


Greetings to you Skylords and we see us in the Forge!

Ps.: Make Battleforge Great Again! Ohhhh no, i mean, that was a joke. I mean, Let Battleforge revive again!



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Hello dear Skylords!:) i would like to introduce my personal story about the lovely Battleforge.

First of all one of my best friend showed me this game and i tought what the hell is this card game with strategy?? Wow so unique so i joined, why not :D btw i love card games and also strategy games but both in one game its just amazing and looks pretty sick. So i joined the skylords and first i was thinking (after the tutorial of course wich was hellah hard for me xd) what type am i? I mean i will be pure fire frost or something else. I loved Fire first because of the agressive spells but i also liked Frost because of the amazing buildings. I made a hibrid deck first and it was horrible ? i had wrong combos very few cards and everything was just bad so i made a pure nature deck and that was my first love. :D The windweavers oh so amazing card that was my favourite nature card, they were very strong and i think the they are the best archers. So to not to be so long with my story, i will jump into the future of my story :D when i knew a lot about the game i started to use the market well, i made a lots of profit with good trades i was so good at it and i loved the atmosphere in the market everybody knows the limits and i made from 0cards to all carda only with trades!! I was so noob playing pvp i played only 2v2 with my best friend we were pretty bad there but it was realy fun tho. I loved the storys of the game wow what an amazing quests and f cousre the BG!! Battlegorund is one of the best opportunity of the game gives a player a chance to upgrade his cards and also really fun (except against lost souls wow what a hard games) BG 9 was the ebst BG 10 was hard with noob team mates but with friends it was always a free win. Thats why i loves battleforge and this is my small story. :$ thanks guys to be part of this project i have been following you since the beginning. #HYPE

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i made it first with mobile phone... :D

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I woke up, tasting the leftovers of cheap Whisky and Cigarettes accumulating on my tongue.

Pictures of last night where racing before my inner eye. My limbs start to shake; what did i do...?

Carefully i step out of bed with 1 food, feeling something cold and wet squeezing through my toes. The metallic smell of blood reaches my nose. I stumble to the bathroom and my stomach turns inside out.

After a short while i calm down and i try to focus myself. 

Did i hear a rattle? As quiet as i can i move through the dark house. The sounds are coming from downstairs...

The steps creak, goddamn, why did i move to such an old house? I reach the end of the steps and walk into the hallway. Did the noise come from the kitchen? I lean against the wall, trying to calm down.

Suddenly i feel a warm thrust of air in my neck...


... and wake up.

My dog is panting right in front of my face when i turn around. Time to go for a walk before i can jump to the computer and log in to Battleforge.

Last night was so frustrating, my russian friend Sascha and i tried to beat a Coop-Level in the Campaign and it got later then we thougt.
When he first showed Battleforge to me, it started like a blaze and i couldnt stop playing it.

Ofcourse i was playing Nature. As a kid i was hunting through the forests near our city, building small huts and dams in small rivers.

I crafted my own Bows, so Windweavers it had to be. And Shamans, lots of Shamans.

My strategies werent the best, i played what i liked and got far with it. 

I met many people, that helped me grow stronger and once i grew strong, i helped weaker ones myself. BattleForges Community was the best one i've ever seen.

The last time i played Battleforge i was going to school. Now, almost 10 Years later, i study medicine and besides sport and my friends, playing between the examens, after long hours of studying, is the best way for me to relax.

I hope to play Battleforge as a reward, like a candy, to myself for the efford i made at the university.


Thank you guys for the chance to play this game once again, after so many years.



// First post after 1 1/2 Years of ghosting through this Forum :-)

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I'm not too fussed about winning, But Battleforge was one of the first games I ever played, I remember I'd always find a way to stay at a certain friends house so we could play battleforge, both of us in high school ended up spending all our phone credit at the time(which was bought by our parents haha) at the end of every month on battleforge. I had dialup internet at the time which frequently dropped out but I managed to log on and play singleplayer by myself and that was the only game I'd play on an ancient laptop with a wonky screen.

Every night at 12 when everyone were asleep  I'd sneak over to the one computer we had, 200m away in the bush inside an old mechanics shed. I'd  place a towel ontop of the laptop so no light was showing and that was the only way I was able to play battleforge for years(If I were caught it was certainly not pretty) . Whenever I managed to escape my home to stay at my friends place man did we play, and the longer we played the more we began to learn about the game, I ended up playing an allfrost deck while my friend ran a nature/fire and we were just getting into the 2v2 of this lovely game(and getting really good) when sadly it was no more.


As stupid as it sounds, battleforge at midnight was one of the few ways I escaped my quite abusive childhood .  I cannot wait to get my hands on this again and I think the news about the project becoming official is absolutely brilliant. Keep up the great works lads.

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(Sry for the bad grammar XD)

I first saw this game playing by a friend of mine and i really liked it. I liked the new Idea of a strategic game where you can summon your soilders with cards. The soilders/monsters just looked so cool and the story of this world was interesting too. So i wanted to download it back at home but my old PC was just too weak for it. 1 year later at christmas i finally got a knew one and got the game right away. I was happy because i could finally create my own deck and didnt have to play the deck of my friend anymore. I began to like fire and ice decks and soon i got my favorite card: Juggernaut. I starded playing this game in 2011 at the age of 13 and until its end i payed more than 300 euro to buy me new cards :). Looking back at this number i can say i had some really good times with this game and throughout you guys i can play it in a not to distand future. I got to your page through a video by MythosOfGaming (" Top 5 - Spiele, die ich will und nicht bekommen werde ") and was following your progress page everyday. I really hope this project will become a success.

THX guys and good luck.

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Soo, Everything started 6 years ago when I was a young 10 years old little boy, at that time I had many friends a real live and a very good Best friend.

So this Friend showed me the game Battleforge, at first I thought what is that game? It sounds kinda fun let me try it! when I started to play it I was totaly confused (you know 10 year old boy and strategic games XD) but my friend (btw he was 15) showed me everything of the game he teached me how it works and so we started to play Battleforge, Battleforge the game that followed me while i grew up  I used to play this game with 15 of my friends and we enjoied it very very much but then the day of the "end" of our friendship, it was 2011 some of my friends had to leave the city for school and because their parents were moving for work, one of these friends was my Best Friend Martinas, he didnt just moved out of the city he moved out of the continet he move to Canada (from germany) I was very very sad when he moved.

He told me bevore he moved we will continue to play BF thats a promise BF will bind us and it truely did for another 2 years but then it was the day, 2013 when BF got closed, the day of the official end of our friendship, we played the game until this day and when it got closed, it was like we shouldnt be friends anymore, my friend and I were sad that this happened that the game closed and after 2 days we werent friends anymore I mean yeah , In the Heart we were friends but I cant be a Friend with someone who died, I didnt even knew it that he had a very bad tumour in his brain, I was shocked! I was a little 13 year old boy who just lost his best friend who lived in another country and just died without even knowing of the possibility that he could die in every little moment when we played, it felt like he just lived to play BF.

So I am telling this story so u understand why I wanted this game to come back, It would be like my friend comes back from death, it is just a magical thing that you guys are making true , so thats why I want to win the giveaway, to be again in the Forge, to be again a Skylord and to remember my friend a bit more, to play for ,myself and for him, to play for his sake.

Btw. I came to this Project by googling Battleforge I at first found another Battleforge remake but he was building his own game from the scratch that is like BF, so he told his followers about this site and so Im here completly happy and proud of you guys that you are making so many people happy!

Thank you for reading this text, it was quiet hard for me to write this I needed 4 days to finish this whitout crying, I loved him he was like a brother for me.

Dont mind my crappy english.


Sincerely NudelSalat2(Pls Call me Nudel, btw the name isnt offensive it is a dish in germany)

1.Edit: Some grammar correction

2.Edit: Forgot  the part how I found this Project (added it)

Edited by NudelSalat2

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So picture this!

I had just bought my first computer, about to drop straight into the world of gaming, with a beast of a GPU, and the lust for conquering my enemies at an all time high!.. - Yet.. That wasn't possible.. Because at that time, Card games were a big thing, IRL Card games, where you had to physically bring a big set of cards, and battle out in a Duel, match, or whatever you'd call it.. And I was mad!


I played games like Age of Empires, Anno 1602, Heroes of Might and Magic (I, II, III, IV), Diablo, Warcraft - And so on, and so forth, and it was always difficult to become good at these games, and I was mad because of that too. I spent days looking through Custom Maps on Battle.net in Warcraft 3, I spent days grinding out bosses in Diablo 2 to find awesome items with my "Magic Find Sorceress", and I got brutally beaten by the computers in Heroes 3, because I had not understood how to make multiple heroes to walk around with.

Fast forward a little bit, when I had moved past Maplestory, WoW, and other MMORPG's, and I stumble upon an odd game, that instantly took my interest. A game where I had no idea how people got cards beyond the basic ones, a game where I fought my way through the "Campaign", starting over when even the slightest thing went wrong, a game where I found myself researching and picking my favorite colour (As I referred to them at that point), which was Green. I absolutely loved the Archers that could fire so many arrows at a time, I obliterated everything, I did my best to move them around, in a manner that would not get them killed. Some time went with me trying out this strategy for all games, and I saw something new I liked, a trample-like effect that completely destroyed my tactic! - I had to have it !


But then the game was discontinued, closed... Forgotten. - I had just invited my friends to come play the game with me, and they were asking me if this was some kind of joke? Was it a beta I had been playing? But no, the game just stopped existing. - Similar things has happened to me before, in games like Maplestory and Dragon Saga. 


I never got the chance to fully play this game, and now that Skylords is becoming a thing, I am looking forward to being there from the beginning, and for as long as it exists.

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Hey everyone, its me Fabian also known as lefr00st, I am a student and artist, also - writer and producer of the "Altered Nature" series.

For my part I was always enchanted by the magic of video games, my very first game was actually on the gameboy : "Tetris" followed by "The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening".
Thereupon I fell in love with games up to today, for me it was more than that though.
I always thought that having restrictions based on activities are something bad, but while thinking throroughly about it, the picture of restrictions being annoying became blurry and started to dwindle away.
If you do look at the other site of the coin, limitations are something else than vexatious : Due to them, games we play or activities we are experimenting becoming a much better momentum since we are feeling more rewarded once we are actually doing so.
So with that in mind, lets approach the first time I actually laid my hands on "Battleforge".

After the initial release of the game, and the treshold of becoming free to play, I downloaded the game immediately because I've seen the game one year earlier in some German magazine called "Computerbild", the game appeared so staggering and differentiated from everything else I've seen thus far.
At that time when I finally finished the download, two days passed away because internet connections in Germany weren't quite a vanilla thing, by reason of that we had some cheap internet stick, which automaticaly throttled upon going through the limit of two gigabits per month.
So as consequence of this internet restriction, "Battleforge" was something unique to play, because I had maybe two or four hours a week of actually playing it, making the experience even more satisfying.

Furthermore "Battleforge" was my first internet multiplayer game whatsoever, and certainly the best of them all.
Once I actually had no more demarcations in terms of playing "Battleforge", everyday was invested into it, everyday I was immersed in the masterpiece Phenomic has created, everyday there were those thrills inside of me, whether it was getting an exciting new card such as my beloved Frostavatar, or something on that regard, the game never started to become boring.
Even though I was never into the competitive aspects of the game, I found them kind of impressing and superior than to most other games, the balance appeared to be solid, and even apart from pvp, the pve was just sheer blessing on earth.

All the varieties of decks, experimentation , freedom of the player and even creating your own maps, filled this game with life and never had let to come across as something empty and boring.
Ask yourself in which game today you are having the same priviledges as you had in "Battleforge", what always astounded me was the fact of being able to accomplish a four player map solo, or every other map that required more than just one player, it made the game loose and challenging at the same time.
I have seriously no idea how many times I played through bad-harvest, probably the most iconic map of "Battleforge" for reasonable aspects, but even besides this map, literally every other map was great too, an enjoyable amount was there to pick from, whereby it was just a bless to play the game.
From all the online games played thus far, "Battleforge" is my favourite one of all time, and thats because of the aspects I already mentioned earlier : it just was the perfect game to play alone or with friends, the variety of cards was mesmerizing, the visuals looked marvelous for 2009, the lore was sort of interesting to read through, the card artstyle is the most splendid I've ever seen.
When combining this already gorgeous package, you get one completely new game to the real-time-strategy formula, also appealing other consumers which might originally prefer a different genre.
Since it averted itself so much from already existing games, it outdo every other game for me, naturally, and frankly, I think it is quite a shame that there is not a single game even remotely similar to it, and certainly the shut down of the "Battleforge" servers was quite sad.

Forthwith I thought my own world is breaking apart, for the first time in apparently my entire life-span, I was sad about losing a video game, my heart was wounded from the inside, and before you are going to say anything, indeed that sounds cheesy, but it really was for me as losing something with may more value to it.

"Battleforge" was not even only one of the best games I've ever played, but it coined also my life in few ways : Thanks to "Battleforge" I started to act out my gaming hobby on a higher extend, moreso it also inspired me to becoming an artist, due to the stunning arts it provided on the cards.
Currently I want nothing more than getting it back, to play it with my new friends, to show them what I experienced with it, or maybe even diving into the competitive scene of the game thus going for the wallops.

I was thinking a lot of why no one bothered to create some similar game as "Battleforge", or just made a private server, I was hoping everyday for a team coming up with one of these thoughts, and some day my prayers were heard : When I found out about "Battleforgereborn" or rather "Skylords Reborn", I thought that it was some april hoax, until I've seen some clear footage which was clearly not a modified screenshot or something, no......, it was "Battleforge"!
Even being super enthusiastic about the project itself, I was somehow sceptical that the developers won't be capable of completing the project, and to be honest, I am still not driven completely by optimism, since it is such a colossal task to revive the whole game as it was before, but of course I am hoping for the best - for everyones sake.
Mainly though, I am hoping for my best friend to get a chance to play the game, since he is easily one of the best "League of Legends" players by now, I think he could be a first-rate player in "Battleforge" to.
Secondly theres my teacher in school, how weird this might sound, but he is rather eager to find out more about the game, its lore, et cetera.
And most certainly, I would like to play the game as well, naturally.

I would've prefered to spend more time within the forums, but because of the pressure of school and my own projects – arts – writing – provides, it feels impossible to contribute much to the community.
Though I have to point out here that I wanted to add at least some stake into this massive project, by rendering all the original "Battleforge" artworks together, to result into a much more applicable quality, and that took me quite some time and I bothered a lot to also collect all the original artworks.
Furthermore I wanted to create some other content such as custom backgrounds and something along these lines, but yet I was not able to actually do so, because of the already mentioned low time windows I do have.

So with all that being said, what do I expect from the future, is probably humble but who cares.
I am seing all those people want to see new content adding to the game, but honestly, I think as long as the game stays online with a stable server, everything should be totally appreciatable.
What I demand will be certainly a genuine support that punishs scamers and other unhealthy ruffians of the community, I don't want to see people with little cards getting ripped off, and losing their spirit and motivation for "Battleforge".
Additionally I want that cheaters won't be a prevalent chore in a fair and healthy ladder system, they should get banned immediately upon detecting what they did.
Another thing that I think would be beneficial for everyone, will be a nice and respective treatment to everyone, thus creating a much more playful environment.
If everything will occur just as I hope it will, you guys will not only make me happy, but also hundreds of people out there.

It is one of those games that should've never been shut down in the first place, and the paramount example for games could be more innovative in terms of gameplay elements, it is not for nothing that "Battleforge" remained as one of my absolute favourite video games, which is by the way hard to become.
If it comes to games I am always judicial, because roughly 99 percent of all games out there nowadays are completely mediocre, and "Battleforge" is somehow capable of matching with games like league of legends, or world of warcraft, because it is great with the quality it does provide.
Even though these ordinary, daily routine games will never take a spot in my ranking, that consists of absolute milestones – for instance, arguably the best game for me at least, The Legend of Zelda The Windwaker – but overall "Battleforge" is more than just a surface level online game.

With all that being said, it is time for this text to end, time to look in the future, look at the prospects of the project, about the great time we will have playing the game, revisiting the effort and love put into the project from basically everyone, everything in order to deliver us the game we all missed, the game we all loved, the game we all played into the end – and that is what a great history is about - a great society is about – a great game is about – the persons who shaped it to such.

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I shall tell you my story my glorious friends.

My adventure began in year 2010.

I was playing some games but none was really fun.

I never played much I never played long.

I loved playing cards I loved use my mind,

And there was a game in which both have combined.


My Brother he brought me a secret tip

as we watched the trailer we knew it‘ s a hit.

I told him that we have to try this game

and after the training I was standing in flames.

My eager brain send me out on a quest

which was simply put „BECOME THE BEST“.


The next day arrived and I searched for companions

that played a game that should soon be my passion.

However every beginning is hard and troublesome

as me and my friends lost all in the sparring zone.

During our training happened some humorous things.

Once I used a Grigori-Bomb and my mates base shrinks.


We learned through pain and suffered as well

as we focused on one while the other one dwelled

as he waited and forged an army of mighty giant wyrm

that overrun our base it was the end of our term

Many more curious things took place during our quest

It would simply take to much time to open this chest.


Soon I noticed I won’t get far with the cards from the start

I only would win against foe‘ s that are played by KI

However my furious heart was beating for PVP

So I decided, for my own Deck I need advanced carts.

I craved for more so I spent some Cash,

and finally started to frame my first Deck.


Nonetheless there still was a choice left

which cards should I play that suits me the best.

First I thought fire I was stuck on offensive.

Then I minded Shadow T2 Xl unit seemed pretty excessive

However the cards in the ice were strong at the same time.

Against all expectations I said with Nature I´ll shine


I first challenged some KI with my newborn Deck

and as I crushed them it was time for a harder Test.

Full of anticipation I joined the battlefield on PVP

To challenge my Deck against a real enemy.

It was not so hard my rank started to mold

and after some games I ascended to Gold.





However I felt deserted just playing alone

I started to fight alongside my companion

In two against two we completely got crushed

On the battlefield as we laid in the dust

we were determined to get better we don’t want to loose

we started learning and carved for the Throne.


My friends watched Guides and game plays from Pros

However I decided to master the tactics alone.

After we got all the information we need

we assembled our knowledge won’t accept defeat.

We led our troops to battles and won them all

during a process we leaned a tactic “micro” it´s called.


After a bloody process we joined the high rank elite

in the top 200 but we craved for the arch seat.

We had our own tactic two conquer them all.

We just boosted a harvester it was a stroll.

I played Nature my friend played shadow

as a team we remained a very strong combo.


Farewell I ve gone to build a new army

Goodbye Nature you still was gnarly

However I desired for something new

For this time the mighty fire was the clue

After some games I go to the same level

Even in two v two there was reason to revel


The flame in my heart burned brighter than ever

I still had the desire to become even better

I now concentrated on my performance in T1

Through my new gained knowledge I won

and soon I got a step further to the end of my quest

I joined the rank platin on my way to the best.


With the Time I formed some new Decks

Soon there wasn’t any element that lacked.

I also found many new allies that supported me

but there were simply too much from them for me

In the end I decided for my loyal companions

that were with me from the inauguration


Since I loved fighting alongside my friends

due to this 2 vs 2 was always the trend

But soon another passion should arrive

It was there as 3 vs 3 came alive

Its the mode me and my friends awaited

but it was predetermined to become a disappointment





First we were hyped as everyone else

but soon our expectations fell

We gave it a try in a tournament

we got the third star at the firmament

But after this challenge it wasn’t this strong

The problem was simply you waited too long


Just before end the amount of skylords decreased

There was the message Nyn will cease to exist

So I gathered my men to finish my purpose

And after some time the goal was close to us

The last battle was fought to the last bone

And at the End we were sitting on your rightful throne


From the throne we watched our world drown

The last seconds I watched Nyn from my throne

I stayed there until everything vanished

it was the time as even the skylords left Nyn

A beautiful time was over I don’t know what to feel

I was grateful for the Times but my heart was damaged


In a Time were I don’t believed BF will return

I got a message that I have too attorne

The game I love will come back

and I have to Repeat my quest

I´ll start from the Bottom but I´ll become the Best

With unmitigated passion I will reclaim my Throne

And bring light to My world as a Skylord reborn


I hope we will see in the forge soon:)

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Hello guys,


some of you, especially the more experienced players might know me as DuellLord or xDuelllordx (shadow smurf). I stayed in the top ten most time the last year (if active) and with my friend xDarkfightx we was rank one in 2v2 but i have too admit there were 3-4 Teams with higher base elo.

The start of my playing was in autumn 2010, when a friend of mine told me something about a game called BattleForge. So I started pretty late. However back then I already played many other games such as „WarRock“, „Urban Rivals“ or „Last Chaos“. But not one of them caught me. This game stood out of the rest because it was a strategygame, a genre I havent touched before. In addittion to that it also consists of some TCG elements which was my favourite genre back then. It was just like the Yu-gi-oh tv series where you played a card and it apeared on the battlefield.

The first step was too choose a name. I couldnt take one of my previous names because they wasn’t really good. I think that I thought DuellLord is a nice name is enough to give you an impression on my previous names :D

First I played with some friends (all of them accommpanied me until the end: xDarkfightx, Powermachine, Koloser) and we mainly played 2 vs 2 sparring matches. Our gameplay and tactics were, as you might guessed, pretty suspect at beginning. However due to this there were some pretty funny situations. Once I ceased fighting all the game until I went T4 before anyone else so I used my Giant Wyrm to decide the match.


Pretty soon I noticed that I wont advance further with the cards I got. From the beginning my main interest laid in the PVP and obviously to get as high as possible ( At this time I wouldnt have dreamed of becoming the first). However BFP were expensiv, you had to pay 50€ for a full deck, Nature and  Shadow were even more pricy. And I was, I dont know why, stingy so I played for points to Upgrade my cards instead of spending money.  Furthermore I traded with some pretty cheap cards, the seed capital was the 1BFP per day.

Still it took very long so a freind of mine lend me some cards too frame myself a accapteable Lost Souls deck that I can play with him. Soon my Deck look like one of the best players and my excuse for loosing against my freinds didn‘t work any longer^^

I started playing ranked games but I got crushed at beginning sometimes because I lacked the knack.

Still I somehow figured it out and started winning.

I worked my way up the rank ladder and then I got stuck in Gold 2. I just had moderate success but I didnt really know what was the difference between me and some pro players. I had the perception that I am not playing bad but in the end I didnt know anything about highranks.

I started studying, I watched youtube videos (for exampleI liked the playing style of DragonDampfi who had a channel there in contrast to most players in community). And I started to notice the small perks that differentiated me from the pros. There had to be some hidden mechanics I didnt know and as I talked to my friends which was studying after the principle of „learning by doing“, I started to browse through the Forums.

Still it took some time for the success too arrive because I didnt play much because of losing sometimes (I am not a good loser…)


Meanwhile I created a second account, xDuelllordx, I know it wasnt very creative but I wanted other people to know that this accounts belong togehter, that I can play more than one element. I also overcame myself and bought some BFP and build myself a shadow deck .

With this deck T1 was still the same but in T2 I had the Harvester, the only XL unit in T2 and the Shadowmage which was a neat counter to all S- and M- units. However I had to learn to keep the enemies away from my walls because I had to play without frostsplashs from now. Not easy for someone like me who prefered playing passive and waited for the enemies too make mistakes.

Still it didnt take long to get to the same level as I was with my main account which I neglected bit .

Now I already saw myself reaching the first goal I set myself. I played myslef in the elistist (like I thought in past) circle of the Top 200 and played both of my decks because I wasnt sure about which suited me the best.

Now starts the time where I was very motivated because I wanted to advance. I rapidly roe with both of my accounts. I started to play around the void manipulation with Furnace of Flesh and Embalmers‘s Shrine even if it took some practice. Sometimes I bet top 20 players and sometimes I lost against total newbies and before I truly understood this tactic it got nerfed and I had to go back to the classic shadow variant.

After some time I finally joined the platin players and I had to notice that I relied too much on the power I had during T2 and started to work on the weak points in T1. I had to handle this before I could advance because players in this level tried to fight me while I was in T1. And as I finally did it I was climbing up again and I realised again that the game was more fun if I learned how the game really worked.

Then I started to create more accounts and I played nearly as succesfull as I played with my other accounts, at least as I used pure fire, nature wasn‘t my strong side. Interesting enough I always played on the same level with my shadow deck as I played with LS. However people still mainly saw me as LS player, maybe because in 2vs2 I nearly every time played with my main account.


In 2vs2 I had some different partners, but mainly I played with xDarkfightx like you even note at beginning of this text. Unfortunately it was really hard to earn ELO at a higher level, because it wasn’t enough to find good opponents and beat them, because some of them was a new team playing together so they had ELO like a beginner Team, so there was no ELO to win, but much to lose :D Nevertheless I liked this mode, the playing in here was much more dynamic as in 1vs1 and no tactical waiting.

In the last year of BF the 3vs3 mode appeared. It had some weaknesses in my opinion, like the definitely too big maps but it was still amusing because matches here developed in a new way. I was very excited because of the 3vs3 tournament, which occurred for some weeks. I remember on some evenings my mates xDarkfightx and Powermachine (we was one team in this tournament) tried to make a 3vs3 sparring, but trying it for some hours wasn’t enough :D At most 2 players took place in the other team and before one more came in, one of the previous players left. Unfortunately the tournament wasn’t such a big success, we lost the last two games and get the third place. Cheering was that we still got a promo Juggernaut for this, so I hadn’t to use a normal Jugger on my fire smurf.


In the last month of the game the number of players went down, nevertheless my motivation to play the game was as high as before even if I thought that more players would make this game even greater than it is/was. In the end of the summer EA announced that the game will be closed. I was very disappointed about this and for some weeks I didn’t play. But in the last days I made one last matches (although we now know that it really wasn’t the last ones J).

In the following month I heard from the project Legacy Reforge, but after some time it was clear that this would go to nothing. In the summer of the last year there was announced a new project called BattleForge Reborn. I was skeptic but happy at the same time, because the plan was to recreate the old BattleForge in its former style. Now, especially since the last days we all see that this project will start in a short time and we can enjoy this great game again.


I think beside the excellent game play the special thing in this game is that there is some contact to other players, at least in the higher ranks players know each other.
I hope to that most of them will play again, of course some new players would be great too.
See you in the forge!

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Hello here´s my story :)


The first time I heard about Battle Forge should have been in one of that emails EA was sending around. "NEW Game Battle Forge in closed beta. Be part of it Now!" or something like this. And Yes, I am one of the closed beta testers :) I was 15 and did know strategy games from Age of Empires (played AoE3 for months before), also i did know Card Games like Pokémon Trading Card Game or Duel Masters, but mainly Yu-Gi-OH. So i wanted to try out this new game wich combines Card game and RTS with so much fantasy parts!! It was awesome.

On my first day i spend hours to play around in the forge, of course. Then i built a deck and started to play. What I didn´t know at that time is that i have to care about monuments and card requirements. So my first deck was a catastrophe like hell :D I started to play and learn about this game. Learning by doing (not coaching, just failing). And i pulled my brother and my best friend to start to play in closed beta too.

When game was officially released, my friend and me travelled to next big city to get the game on first day. It was a sunny day and we chilled some time just sitting in the city and enjoyed the sun while talking. Back at home we started to play. I played alot of pve and loved to hear that voice which reads the story (German client). I liked the story, so i was interested in going on. I played alot and searched for upgrades in pve games. And i loved to play maps/missions I wasn´t able to defeat because THAT´s the challenge! :) okay.. maybe i was just a noob :D but it´s fun to challenge myself. When i got Skylord (pvE rank 12), i was so happy and proud because I was the first skylord I knew.

I played for months or even 2 years like every day. And I ordered a lot of BF points.. soo much money spent and lost.. :D At first i bought in electronic shops these 2000bfp cases for 30 €. Later i found out that i can import a full version with standard cards and 3000 bfp from the UK for 20€ + shipping. so i got more from less money. And I bought more than before... I wanted to have EVERY Card! But.. I had to decide selling some to get better decks.

When Random pve started I was fascinated. When I realized that rpve is the fastest way to get upgrades, i disliked it because i felt like every pvp player got a lvl 120 deck like instant... and it was so much fun to play the maps to get that rare upgrade you needed (^.^) But later i was fine with all this.

At a very late time I started to play pvp. Earlier i didn´t really like it. But later then it was fun because i could build like thousands of different deck types. All with an average level of 40 (xD) or something like that, but it was fun. I played to play <3

At some time it started to be the same again and again and there weren´t as many players as before. And I got into new games like LoL or a digimon MMO which took me in his spell. My love for BF was still there and I was sometimes only, I just played other games. When I heared about EA wants to shut down the server I was sad and started to play again. There were some new cards, low amount of players... it was still fun and a nice time.

After Game was closed i googled like every 2 months for Battle Forge private servers because i really wanted to play this game again. At one point in May 2015 i discovered this project. It was like in the frist 2 weeks of getting this idea into public. So I have been following this from the beginning on. I was hyped and wanted to start playing as soon as possible. Patience.. was the thing I learned for you guys. So now I´m here. Waiting, hoping, hyping and being happy to be part of this. Let me say at this point: THANKS to all the people that make this project alive, to all who will let Battle Forge rise again! :)


Greetings and a wonderful Valentine



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The captain Pinkie-Pie inboard is Corsair class ship The "Pinkiemanea" reading is diary.


Today that dam beast The Withe Juggernaut is conered in a waterfall, Admiral Ravenheart chose my ship and crew for engage that beast for the rest of fleet can have a chance to capture him.
But the weaver is realy a huge storm is coming and the fleet can't sail as good as needed and i say my remark to the Admiral that with the storm is will a suicide for us all to fight in those weather conditions.

While reading those line captaint Pinkie-Pie remember this day like it was yesterday.
The clam before the storm, when we aproach the waterfall, in the middle of the storm, the white beast waiting us to attack, the rain in my face.

Pinkie-Pie:"Admiral we are ready to go and engage !"
Ravenheart:"Go captain, today is the day that beast meet is end !"

I go to my ship and say to my crew the same word that Ravenheart and we start to move and engage the white juggernaut.
As we move toward the beast my second warn me that no ship follow us and it found that strange but I answer him :
Pinkie-Pie:"Don't worry it's a plan of Ravenheart"
I believe in him.

But i was Wrong he betrayed me, no... US!
We go fighting that beast in the middle of the storm,alone against nature and a giant.
We think that our end will come but luckely a gust of wind push our ship away and we start falling in the jungle behind the waterfall, lady luck is with us to survive such a fall.


We start repairing the ship and I propose to do some improvement while we are it since we can no more trush ravenheart, we are alone alone in this fearsome jungle, and the world.


Today ,The repair are still ongoing but we lost some crew in jungle sadly we have no time to cry for them our survival is at stake.


The repair have ended now we can start do some improvement to the ship our revenge need it, we also lost no more crew the jungle transform they way more cunning than any other man now.


It has been two years since we fall in this jungle, the ship is ready to sail and our journey are ready to start.
I prepare a speech for my crew before we go since our goal have change with a new "Pinkiemanea" and a new title, my crew will no more call me captain Pinkie-Pie but Skylord Pinkie-Pie !



PS: Hope you like it and also hope that i don't hurt your eyes to much I'm not that good in english :S.

PSS: I discover this project this years with the same time when i wanted to replay Battleforge but learn it was close sadly, but I search if some people do some private server for it to continue because it was such a good and funny game. Continue your good work and hope to participate in your project and revive this games, see you soon in the FORGE as Skylords.

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Today is the last day of this giveaway! Make sure to submit an entry if you haven't done already before the official close! Good luck to everyone :D moar testers :hype: 

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Hi guys, i hope you like my story (sorry for some bad english terms in advance^^) (sentences with * are marked as thoughts on the story by myself)

So here we go, it's late 2k09, i was almost completly new to online games, and was now playing Aion (P2P MMORPG) (previous games 4story and league of legends, both since 2009)

*You might say 'what are u talking about Aion now' , but lets wait a bit, we are getting to the point you will like, its all part of my story^^*

I found my first guild in Aion, which welcomed me with open arms. I have to admit i was quite young at that time and not very easy to handle. Well, as the lvling went on in Aion, some people of my guild were playing other games as well like league or BATTLEFORGE :D

Once i asked what Battleforge was all about and it seemed quite nice in my ears. I mean ive always been a fan of strategy games (loved Age of Empires, just saying WOLOLOLO) and man trading card games were a great part of my childhood (e.g. Pokemon and YuGiOh). Long story short, i started playing Battleforge in the F2P version since i was a youngster without much money.

*Man if i remember me from that day, i should slap myself for only calling it 'quite nice'. Dont get me wrong here, it was absolutly fantastic!*

So in order to keep the fun at playing video games and not only have the salt of playing Aion and LoL, some rounds of Battleforge were played almost every day. In the F2P version i had only very few cards and tried to get some BFP by trading it with gold, so the 'hard' climb began. When i finally got a Grinder i was litterally the happiest boy on earth (*maybe a bit exaggerated but u get the point :P*) because this card seemed to fit into my deck quite well since i only had that Giant Wyrm back then as good t4 unit.

Time went on and i somehow managed to get kicked out of my Aion guild (*i was a douche to our leader one day, so ...*) and, as expected, the happy times playing Battleforge with them ended aswell. A few days later i found an other guild which became my second great guild in Aion and i invited my new friends there to play some Battleforge with me. And of course they liked the game as much as i did, so the fun at playing Battleforge was still there :).

*now i have to skip some time (it will all make sense soon, i promise) because Aion was getting boring and in order to not have a high blood pressure for the rest of my life i stopped playing league aswell. So only Battleforge was left*

Good thing it was 2013 by now and Final Fantasy XIV was released.

*'ohh c'mon not again a story about an other game but battleforge' ,dont worry , it will all make sense in the end ;)*

A few People of my latest Aion guild (it was still the same) gave FF14 a try aswell but it didnt seem to fit them very well and they stopped quite soon and so we only met in Battleforge then. As expected it didnt hold for too long and i was almost lonely :( playing FF14 and Battleforge. But one day at evening times in FF14, it was raid time, i was invited to a group.

*Maybe i should say here, that i name my character in online games always the same, so you can understand what happens now*

We were waiting for the last group member to come and i was asked if i was the guy with that name from Aion. I wondered and looked up the group list and saw a name that i was familiar with. In my random found raid group in FF14 there were some people of my first Aion guild, better to say people i never had a problem with.

*man that was so ridiculous that we were on the same realm and i was invited to their group*

I was invited to their teamspeak, we had an awesome raid and i became a member of their guild again. And so the happy times playing Battleforge were back online. That was what i thought, but some random EA announcement told us that Battleforge would be shut down soon :(

*we are getting to the end*

So we were left without Battleforge, but yet i was happy since i found my friends from back then again.



*To make this whole story short and maybe u have to give it another read to understand what i was trying to tell you with my story.*

Most games have changed while the years passed by, but Battleforge was the one that i kept playing from when i started with until the hard end.

I am now playing online games with the same people, that i started with.

When me and my friends recieved the news about this project, to make Battleforge great ag... sorry wrong term here, to start Battleforge again as a fan project, we got so hyped.

One of us already has a Beta Key and now im trying to join him so we can play together again.




Even if i dont win an access, i want to thank u guys sooo much for making it possible that Battleforge becomes a thing again. Much love here <3

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When i was 12 years old my uncle told me about a new game that he had heard about at work (he works at DICE so they work a lot with EA). My dad helped me make an account and i tried playing it. I had played games like Red alert 2 and Command & Conquer Generals before so i knew how to play RTS games fairly well, atleast in pve. I really did enjoy the first campaign maps so i told my two best friends about this game and they gave it a try. We played this game every day after school, and every weekend, for several months, probably even a year. At that time we had all gotten nice cards (but we wanted better cards ofcourse :D ) and we had cleared everything on the campaign map except for one that we never managed to get a good enough 3rd teammate for to win. I think the map was called something about dwarves. At that time one of my friends dropped out because he got bored of no new content, but he came back on now and then to play with us. My other friend and i kept playing for maybe one more year, mostly grinding Bad harvest because that was our favorite map for some reason. But even we got bored after a while because EA never relased any new maps... 

We stopped palying but we all always had Battleforge installed on our computers, so we would always log in now and then to check ifthere was any new content, but since EA only seemed to care about making money they didn't add anything to it, but i think most people stopped palying it because they didn't add any new content.

Once we heard that they were going to close the servers down we just felt angry at EA, they dare close our favorite game down because of their lazyness? -_-*


I'm not sure when i found out about this project, but for some reason i really felt like playing Battleforge again and started googling for it and ofcourse there was a lot of links about this project. I joined your facebook group and started following your youtube channel. I ofcourse told my friends about it, and i've also sent the trailer to most of the people in my steam friend's list. I have been watching most of the videos you've put out and i just can't wait for this project to be released again. I can't wait to feel the nostalgia of logging in to the epic musi (again) and fighting through all those campaign maps (again) and try to collect my favorite cards to my fire deck (again). 

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Sooo I don't have such an amazing story to tell but wanted to tell anyway.

For me Battleforge was my first online game ever and my second game on my first and new computer (Back in early 2009).

I accquired my pc at the age of 14. I begged my family to buy this old school pc for 10 euros because I only knew consoles and wanted to have a computer like everyone else.

My first game was Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Outcast (awesome game I must say, still playing from time to time). :gem:
So in my local store I happened to come across the Battleforge CD and told myself to remember it for 'high quality researches' (in short, I google'd it).
I was in awe how this game looked and instantly wanted it.

I scratched all my money together and the same day bought the game.

I put in the CD (oh the nostalgia (using CD's) :')) and installed it.

I loved the game, I really did, but what destroyed it for me where the "need" to pay money to get more good cards.
Like you all should know getting good cards without money was quite a hassle and time consuming.
For the 14 year old me with about 2 hours of playtime per day (for all technic based stuff (pc, consoles, tv and more)) it was kinda impossible.
So a few months later I decided to stop playing the game because I couldn't keep up and only got annoyed by seeing the chat getting spammed with:
selling 'high quality card :mo:' for 'insane amount of money'  


buy :money: with ... euros

For me this was my first experience with Battleforge.

1 to 2 years later I thought lets give it another try maybe something changed.
For me it didn't, chat spammed, still money needed.
So not long after, I stopped again. But I got another idea.
If theres no game for free like this, let's make one.

That's how I got into game development (trough my family I already got in contact with programming).
Obviously I had neither the experience nor the means to pull through.

But at the age of 22 and working as software developer for about 3 years now, I got the Idea to retry my old idea.
I somehow stumbled upon Battleforge Reborn now Skylords Reborn and stopped again.

All I hope for now is to finally play this game again would as well be willing to pay for server costs and stuff (wouldn't be a problem, a really well paid job).


Btw. im EAGERLY awaiting the open beta! :drool:


I hope you folks enjoyed my story.

With regards,


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This contest is now closed !

I'll reply to this topic with all the winners in the upcoming days ! It may take a while to read everything ><

Thank you all for participating to this contest <3

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Hello guys !

It was a really great contest so far, and all of you did really good stories, I've been looking all of them and they were all good. That was really hard to choose winners for this, some of you will be disapointed for sure, but that's the purpose of a giveaway, not everyone can win ;) !

So we have 16 winners for this giveaway, and here's the list :

Congratulation guys ! You won this giveaway, I'll contact you in the upcoming days, to give you your access, if you could please be sure that you're on Discord as well, we'll save time ;) Be sure to PM me there.


We'll do more giveaway in the near future, so even if you didn't win this one, you'll be able to get chance later, don't forget that we'll do giveaways on the forum, discord, facebook, twitter and even twitch ! so be sure to follow and get yourself on all of them ;)

This subjet will be open again for a few days, then, we'll close it again :)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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